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  1. akirby

    Navigation in my car

    No they did not all come with navigation. What does it say on the upper right of the screen? If it says Info then you don’t have nav and adding the ads card won’t work.
  2. Exactly 23k miles on both sets. No cupping and there was some tread left.
  3. But do you have the 21” Pirellis? Mine had to be replaced at 23K miles (twice) due to noise.
  4. She let me drive it a couple of times…….
  5. Just picked up this beauty to replace the MKX. Put a deposit on one in transit but they “accidentally” sold it to someone else. But ended up getting a similar one with x plan plus an extra $1K off for the mixup. Ceramic Pearl/Sandstone. 2.0L with massage seats. The seats and the tech are great and the 2.0L is a lot peppier than the MKX 3.7L. Most importantly- mama is happy.
  6. akirby

    Google Maps directions in HUD?

    Hey Dan. This was already asked and answered on Facebook. There is no HUD on any Nautilus.
  7. akirby

    Tranny stuck in 5th

    Sounds like the transmission control module
  8. Pretty sure the 2017 used a 3g modem which ATT recently shut down. You’d have to upgrade the modem.
  9. akirby

    2018 MKX tailgate issues

    Use the key
  10. akirby

    Transmission Fluid Change

    Officially it’s “lifetime” which is 150k miles. Unofficially somewhere between 30k and 60k.
  11. Could be the tranny TSS OSS sensors, Google mact edge tss oss.
  12. Nothing is illuminated while it’s in remote start mode. You have to either put the key in or hit the start button to actually turn on the vehicle. Think about it - why do you need any controls if there is nobody in the vehicle?
  13. akirby

    4g Modem replacement

    Damn that’s over 8 hours labor - ridiculous!
  14. akirby

    4g Modem replacement

    No monthly charge unless you want a data plan.