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    • Good grief! Between the 'stupid mechanic' that left the lug nuts loose on punch-card's Nautilus and your dealer's advertising of Lincoln 'CONSAIR' models &  'standards' trim levels, it would be no surprise that some might question Lincoln service & sales integrity.
    • I have a 2011 Lincoln MKX. Can someone please confirm if there power window lock control illuminates when driving lights are on. All the power window switches illuminate on the master power window control but my power window lock control does not.   There seems to be some confusion at my Lincoln dealer whether the power window lock on/off control illuminates or not.   I would appreciate if someone could confirm this on there vehicle.    Thanks.
    • Got an email about 10 days ago from my Lincoln Dealer.  It was a President's Day Ad.  I sent an email to the Sales Manager.  She said no one else noticed that issue and thanked me for letting her know!
    • Welcome from a 72 year old hippie.
    • The Chicago Auto Show always has two local news stations record a one hour program about the show.  In previous years, they would go through each Brand of cars present, showing what was new.  They no longer do that, only showing customers playing video games and Jeeps going up and down high "roads" and showing whatever is going on outside with acceleration runs.  Very boring.  Lincoln was there though and one female broadcaster said her favorite car there was a Corsair, but never showed it...
    • have had our 2016 MKX since Oct 2019. It only has 18,960 miles and it is a dream .  I have several unanswered questions. , Took my first trip in Dec 2019. 486 miles. Felt better when I got there than when I left. . . Amazed at the power . Have only a couple of issues, I hope to resolve hear. . I'm 73 years old , and still " Just an old hippie still trying to adjust"
    • This year, Lincoln vehicles were conspicuous by their total absence at the PDX Auto Show, the largest such event in the Pacific Northwest. Last year, Lincoln's display was a faint-hearted, dimly lit attempt to be vaguely present, but at least a Nautilus and a locked pre-production Aviator was on display. Perhaps last year's dispute over the failure of Lincoln Motor Company to gain display space in the 'Luxury Loft' along with Lexus, Jag, BMW, Volvo, Mercedes, etc. contributed to Lincoln's demise this year. On the other hand, Lincoln is not (generally speaking) a hugely popular brand in this corner of the U.S. vis-à-vis Subaru, for example.   The wow-factor was satisfied this year by the Corvette Stingray...WOW! However, I was extremely turned off by the omnipresence of piano black (aka gloss black) film in so many vehicle interiors...an owner's nightmare when detailing. Also, the large upright infotainment displays of some manufacturers were disturbing to me...other brands were attractive, well integrated and less intrusive. And, the wife mentioned an observation that I also concluded early in the show...with a few exceptions, the fit-finish, quality, and features of many economy and popular-priced vehicles are commensurate with what's available on those costing 3X-4X more. And finally, there were as many e-vehicles/hybrids displayed this year across all brands as were the total number of conventional models at auto shows of past decades. But, maybe we would prefer battery power to a buzzing 4-cylinder engine.

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