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    • My wife and I have owned our 2009 since about 2012, and our ownership experience has been very good.  I'm a DIYer and performed most maintenance.  She likes the size, comfort and features.  We will be upgrading soon, we're pushing 140k!
    • I am also a DIYer. I also have used synthetics from new, interestingly enough (and I actually never considered it) my usual oil of choice met the GF6 standard. Im also a "jeeper" and pre-ignition is a major issue in my motor. I was leary to take the advice about switching to thinner oil (because of how it uses oil) but I used the gf6 0-20 and its a huge difference. I will admit to have wasted more than a few hours on the bobistheoilguy forums. TBH when ford brought the Bronco back and I saw the Sasquatch model I felt my Jeep allegiance waiver (just bit Lol) The weird thing is I'm only a DIYer if I really like the vehicle. If I'm ambivalent I'd just as soon let the shop do it.    
    • I have a 2008 Lincoln MKX and im wondering where the speaker is physically located. thanks
    • This week, with summer temps daily, I changed oil, inspected the MKX underside mechanicals, detailed the interior, exterior, & under the hood, then washed the car with Meguiar's fantastic carnuba wash & wax followed by applying Meguiar's Gold Class carnuba Wax Plus. At 40,000 miles, mechanically perfect, and appearing like show room new, I made my decision, i.e this car is too satisfying to sell for a newer model. I'm gonna exercise constraint and wait it out to see what Lincoln brings forth in future vehicles. In a few days, the wife & I will be at our coast condo enjoying surf n sand (and fresh cracked crab) while overlooking that fine MKX  in the lot with smiles on our faces. We're sure the car appreciates our decision too.
    • Your 206,000 km almost matches my record of 219,000 km on a 1991 3.0L V6 Ford Ranger used for commuting 180 km daily for a few years. I also had timing chain concerns with that engine, but it was still purring on the day I sold it. Today, as a DIY oil changer I've switched to the new ILSAC GF-6 synthetic oil which lessens concerns about chain wear & LSPI albeit Low Speed Pre-Ignition is primarily an issue with 4 cylinder engines, not so with the incredible 2.7L-3.0L V6 ecoboost engines.   PS...the wife offers sound advice. LOL
    • Appreciate the info a ton. I actually have 3.5 ecoboost from 2010 in my current car and all the forum talk raised my anxiety a ton about this motors timing chain failing and the motor exploding. Well its 2021 now and its got 206000kms on it and I have not had even one motor issue. In fact its just been maintenance stuff (tie rods etc) Glad to hear you're having a good experience with the MKX.  Its like my wife says "chomping at the bit isnt improving my negotiating position so at the very least keep it to myself and stop harassing the dealer!"
    • Graftman...I hear your anxiety over wanting a particular vehicle and confronting the obstacle that it isn't available for some reason or another. Fortunately, in my several decades of ordering new vehicles the only issue I've ever faced was the frustration of awaiting the production/delivery times involved. A spouse's new vehicle in 2010 was the only vehicle ever purchased from existing dealer inventory.   It is my understanding that the recall issue involves a possible fluid leak at the brake line's joint where crimped metal joins the non-metallic hose. Your info is likely correct that the issue is gradual loss of fluid and not immediate brake failure. So, hopefully any caution exercised by keeping an eye on the reservoir is warranted.   Good luck securing what you are wanting to purchase. I consider my 2016 MKX the best vehicle I have ever owned in a lifetime. It is why I continue to own & maintain it after five years/40,000+ miles.    

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