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    • Repair done everything good. Now I will be able to register and get Florida tags when we go down in a few months.Cheers!
    • Tofer...if your 2016 MKX has been loved & self-maintained as well as my '16 MKX, you'll be delighted with it for a long while, especially the unique 2.7 TT engine. While at only 41,000 miles, I recently dismissed any idea of selling it and purchasing a Nautilus. I consider the '16 MKX to still be one of the best looking SUVs on the road and I am an admirer of the 'Wing' grill. Keep the engine healthy with synthetic oil & don't forget the current brake hose replacement recall (if it hasn't been performed yet).
    • Proud owner of new to me MKX.  Ford was my first car back in the day and I’m coming out of a titanium Escape a great little car that made we want more.  So I pulled the trigger on a preowned 16 MKX BL Heritage 40k miles! This is a beautiful vehicle , in and out and drives like any lux You can get, I looked and drove what I could afford new and none could hold a candle to this beauty I couldn’t touch this car new, and i know I’m  really spoiling myself here. It’s used but has all the records  and I can see me having this for the long term.  The engine is the 2.7 TT , I loved my 2.0 Ecoboost but the 2.7 is the bomb. We will see how it holds up, I know how I treated my Escape , it’s the preowned market. Will let you know! Maintenance , maintence, maintenance 
    • All add to this, got a load of bad gas. (Back in the 80's).   Took the car to local Chevy dealer. He had to drop tank and clean it out, all the way to the carb. Think he charged me in  the neighborhood of $600, mostly labor but new filters ect. (Gas station killed several cars and the owner closed and moved away, never to be seen again).    Anyway, got the car back and it stalled while driving around town. Tried to restart and battery dead. (Fairly new battery).   Called and talked to the service manager and he told me to have it towed in and the would take a look at it. I was boiling. I told him that either he told me what he did to stop the battery from charging or I would come down there and kick the ×÷=/ outta him, all over his service department.   Long silence, then he told me to look under a specific clamp where the charge wire had almost been cut through. And there it was, still connected by two strands, enough to pass a little charge, but not enough to keep the battery charged. Called a friend and he came with wire crimps, strippers, and tape. After the jump it ran ok. Told everyone I could and several told me they also had been cheated by this dealer.    As for the current Ford dealer where I go, few years ago I had a new service representative check my car in and immediately go and check the tires. (They were like new). Checked the wiper blades (they were new, two days). But he miraculously discovered that my rear wiper blade was worn and needed replacing. (Two days old). I smiled and told him no, and then talked to the owner.   The service rep wasn't there the next time I went in. Poor guy had no idea how to hustle customers.    Point is, EVER dealer looks to upcharge. It our responsibility to know what to watch for. (Love the stone trick. Ingenious).      
    • I was getting this error several times a year. Dealer retrained once, but its not a permanent fix. The batteries in the senders have limited life (think it's ten years). Using my OBD2 and cell phone, it was two different senders triggering to fault. So I wanted new tires and decided to install new senders. Dealer quoted Chinese aftermarket, I refused and stated Motorcraft.... They had to special order them! None in stock, said because of cost, they only stock Chineese aftermarket. 2016 is a little to soon for an exhausted battery, but anything is possible. Perhaps it was originally trained at a warm temperature and the cold threw off the setting. Retraining would work under these conditions.   
    • Call Lincoln.  Your regional Client Service manager can sign you up for updates by email as soon as they have the VIN   I tracked my 2017 MKX during the build and shipping.  You can now track your Ford but NO LONGER your Lincoln.
    • I ordered my Nautilus Reserve 2 with 2.6L V6 AWD, 22way seats, Class II trailer tow, Ice Mocha exterior and I forget what else. Order date Saturday 3-13-21 It was released for production sometime before my email from Lincoln on 3-24-21 Delivered to dealer 4-20-21 I drove off in it 4-21-21   Dealer fell off his chair.  He had never seen that kind of turn around on an order. It took longer to get it to the dealer than get it off the production line.   I too am IMPRESSED!   Lincoln and the Ontario plant did what I would have listed as impossible!

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