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  1. Has anyone had an issue with their tailgate not closing properly and killing the battery???
  2. Vanessa S

    Steering wheel

    I love it!!! Now you will always think of E.T. whenever you look at your steering wheel..and yes the 2007 to 2010 do look jovial.😎
  3. Vanessa S

    Steering wheel

    This may sound a bit silly...but I can look at my steering wheel and smile because it looks like it she is smiling, has anyone else ever thought that? My husband says it reminds him of E.T. ...lol
  4. Vanessa S

    Hello From Ohio

    Thank you, and she has a 2.7...
  5. Vanessa S

    Hello From Ohio

    I recently purchased the 2018 MKX, can I just say I am in love!!!!