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Found 25 results

  1. I recently purchased a 2011 Lincoln MKX with the MyLincoln Touch and the 2nd generation SYNC 2 Services & App system. The mobile device I’m using is an iPhone 8 with the most recent IOS (IOS version 13.3.1). When I receive incoming calls I DO NOT get the iPhone, Speaker, SYNC on-screen pop-up option on my mobile device (please see attached/posted picture). It works fine on outgoing calls, I dial the number and the on-screen pop-up option is displayed on my mobile device. Correct me if I’m wrong - When your mobile device is connected to your vehicle system ... the SYNC option is the default setting on both incoming and outgoing calls (the SYNC option is confirmed by a check mark - see attached/posted picture). At times, incoming calls will connect via SYNC, at other times it will connect via iPhone. It will also connect via iPhone then after a second or two, automatically go to SYNC. There is no consistency and no on-screen pop-up option at all. When I initially set-up my mobile device, this option always popped up on BOTH incoming and outgoing calls. Something changed, be it, an incompatible iPhone update or a setting on either my iPhone device or in car SYNC system. I am baffled and can’t figure it out. I’ve tried: Master reset on in car SYNC system. Disconnecting my iPhone from the in car SYNC system and reconnecting on numerous occasions. Please note, my in car SYNC system has not been updated for years. I contacted Lincoln and they indicated that because the SYNC in car system hasn’t been updated for a number of years (multiple updates), I must go to the dealership to update all the previous updates individually as previous updates are not available online. I’m told that I’m not able to go from an old, old, old version (last updated in 2013) to the current update (version 3.10). I’m not sure how accurate or correct this information is. My Lincoln dealer was not aware of this version update process. They believed that the current update could be updated on the vehicle’s SYNC system regardless of what version was currently on the system. I’ve yet to try the current version 3.10 update on my SYNC system that currently has a version from 2013. Regardless, I’m not sure whether a SYNC in car system update will fix the problem I’ve noted-above. Like I previously mentioned, the on screen pop-up option did display on my mobile device when I originally set up my mobile device. Something happened thereafter. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks, g. Victoria , BC, Canada
  2. Hello, I was in an accident back in July of this year. My 2011 MKX has been at the collision shop since. Finally today they told me that the only thing they are waiting for is my headlight assemblies (Right & Left), but they are on a Nationwide Backorder list with no ETA. This is all going through insurance by the way. When I talked to my claims rep they stated there was nothing they could do. I still owe $9000 on this vehicle and would like to have it back. Can you help me locate Headlight Assemblies on both left and right sides for a 2011 - Lincoln MKX? I appreciate everyone's help! Solid
  3. I have a 2013 MKX with a back up camera that is intermittent. It has been doing this coming on and not coming on for years. When it goes out it shows that message on the display screen to contact a dealer. I would like to check the wiring of the camera first to see if that is the problem before purchasing a new camera. There are numerous videos out there of people changing the cameras on their Ford Edge...but the lift gate is different on the outside where the camera is mounted on the MKX. I'd like to check the wiring on my MKX camera to see if that is the problem but I need to know how to access. Does anyone know of a video that shows how to change out a 2013 MKX back up camera? If so can you please share it with me. Thanks. RT PS - I've seen the video on this thread before but it is for a Ford Edge not the MKX.
  4. My MKX has started to jerk sometimes when shifting gears. Doesn't seem to happen if I turn off over drive. Any suggestions?
  5. Aquadoc

    Loud whining noise

    Hey guys thanks for letting me in. We need a support support group for sure. I have a question. ..... With my AC or heat on, i accelerate and there is a terrible winding or whining sound until i hit cruising speed. Kinda sounds like an old siren winding up. Doesnt do this with climate control off. 2 years its been doing this. Any ideas? I jave a video of the noise but cant figure out how to post it here. Thank you.
  6. Hello - I was in an accident back in July of this year. My 2011 MKX has been at the collision shop since. Finally today they told me that the only thing they are waiting for is my headlight assemblies (Right & Left), but they are on a Nationwide Backorder list with no ETA. This is all going through insurance by the way. When I talked to my claims rep they stated there was nothing they could do. I still owe $9000 on this vehicle and would like to have it back. Can you help me locate Headlight Assemblies on both left and right sides for a 2011 - Lincoln MKX? I appreciate everyone's help! Solid
  7. Hey gang, been having a problem with my 2011 MKX and the My Lincoln Touch THXll Sync entertainment, phone, climate, and navigation display. It's been more than a year ago I had my first incident with the system just quitting on me. Would not come on at all, no logo nothing. Then it wasn't too long afterward it just suddenly came back to life. This happened a couple of more times for no reason, I could not tell that anything specific was causing the problem so I just put up with the problem. I did however check the fuse for the system and it was fine. Now, at the beginning of this spring 2022 about April when the weather began to get really hot, it then up and quit again, only this time it stayed off for the entire summer right up until last week or let's say the 1st of Oct, 2022 when the weather began to cool. So I then had this great idea that maybe the heat had something to do with the problem. I am quite sure this is true, but I can't be positive because I have no idea how to check for a hot and cold test that's reliable. Another issue came up once the system started working again which was just last week or so when the weather here began to cool off and that issue " I think" is, for some reason after only driving the vehicle from home to work which is around only a 15-minute city drive and leaving the vehicle to sit for 8 hours, I go leave for home and the battery then does not have enough power to start the vehicle. Of course, now I'm thinking that there is definitely some type of electrical problem, maybe while the vehicle is running and or when it is not. Real head-scratcher. I have no idea where to begin to check and test, do I begin with the battery? checking for an unwanted draw on the system? Or focus on the SYNC system itself? Please, anyone who has had similar problems or simply just knows what might be going on, could you reply with your best opinion or answer? And no I have not taken it into a service center to be looked at as I'm hoping that I might be able to fix the problem without costing upwards of $1000, as I believe a new or even a refurbished My Lincoln Touch Sync THXll system is quite expensive to replace. Thanks all for any help in advance.
  8. Well, here I am again. My last attempt to procure information from this site had me reading old men arguing about the over engineering of glove boxes on European cars. NOW, I am here trying to find out the EXACT location of the outside ambient air temperature sensor and I'm reading about how fast one must drive to reset the temp sensor. I guess I missed the whole part about where it's located on the 2016 MKX.?? Anywho, I have a check engine light on and a temperature reading on the dash display that is not even close to what the outside temperature is. I have the code pulled and it's a P0073. The cost of the sensor is minimal however I'm just not sure where it's located?? Some say the front fascia must come off, others say it doesn't. Some say you can access the sensor by pulling the top cover where the radiator is but that is only for those who have a sensor on the top passenger side behind the grille. Some say the sensor is on the driver's side toward the bottom of the condenser?? 😵 Ahh, the inconsistency of internet data!! .
  9. Looking to purchase a lease return or from private seller. I live in Louisville Kentucky.
  10. Mssjss89

    Drivers side carpet mat

    I recently acquired a 2016 Lincoln MKX and it is missing the front driver side factory carpeted mat and has embroidered logo. I was wondering if anyone knew where to find a replacement or if anybody was selling a set of mats for a decent price? I’d really like to keep the carpet at once if I could find the one I’m missing!
  11. I have a 2008 Lincoln MKX and im wondering where the speaker is physically located. thanks
  12. Last time I filled up I noticed that the fuel filler door is loose. It was the first time that this happened. It seems that it's loose from inside the 1/4 panel where the hinge is attached. Has this happened to anyone? Is there an easy fix? I spoke to my advisor at Lincoln service and he said it happens from time to time and cost a couple of hundred dollars to fix. If there is a DIY that can save me the money, I'm going that way, otherwise it's going in. Thanx!
  13. We just bought a new (to us) Certified Pre-Owned Lincoln MKX reserve this month and look forward to many happy years together. We traded in our 15 year old Toyota 8 passenger Sienna Minivan and got a sweet deal on a 2 year old Lincoln that just came off lease.
  14. We recently purchased a used 2016 MKX from a non Lincoln dealer. The dealer wouldn't/couldn't contact the previous owner to get the keyless entry code, so I could then change to a code of my liking. There was also no owner card in the vehicle owners manual. On previous Ford/Lincolns, there was a hidden tag somewhere that gave the factory master code. Did they do this for the 2016 MKX, or am I going to need to go to a dealer to get it reset?
  15. I have a 2016 MKX that I believe has a bad rear mirror motor. I have purchased the new motor, but need advice removing the mirror glass to access the mirror motor. I have searched everywhere, but have only found a video that essentially forces the mirror off by reaching behind it and pulling on some clips. I can't really get my fingers behind the mirror glass, and am afraid to force it off the clips for fear of breaking the glass, which is available but very expensive. Does anyone have advice on how to remove the mirror glass to get access to the motor?
  16. I also posted this in the Facebook group, "Everything Lincoln." (And BTW, I am exactly the kind of potential MKX/Nautilus client I ponder about in the 9th para...) ----------------- Ford's press release today (see link below) on May vehicle sales brings together several threads of information I've been thinking about in recent weeks. The results are (modestly) good for Ford in general, with overall North American sales up 0.7% from May of last year. The overall numbers for Lincoln at first glance seem a lot worse, down 5.2%. Ok, well they *are* worse, but they ironically come (in part) from otherwise positive developments. But first, the numbers. Pulling apart the individual numbers, the big positive news is the continuing surge in sales for the Lincoln Navigator, up a whopping 122.4% from last May and up 85% for the year to date (so you can see that sales continue to accelerate, and Lincoln would have sold even more of them if they had the manufacturing capacity, which they are busy putting in place). And 84% are being sold in the Reserve or Black Label trim, which generate massive profits to the company. Cadillac is so worried about this trend that it is increasing its promotions for the competing Escalade to try to stem brand switchers. Lincoln's only other good number is for the MKC, which saw its May sales increase a respectable 6.1%, leading it to surpass the MKX (for the first time?), which dropped 5.5%. The MKC has now become Lincoln's volume leader, including not just SUVs but sedans. And sedan sales in North America continue to swoon, with MKZ and Continental sales down 35% and 38%, respectively. That's particularly disappointing news for the Continental, still a pretty new and well reviewed car. So, putting aside the good news on the Navigator and the unalloyed bad news on the sedans, why is some of the bad news actually the result of "otherwise positive developments?" Well, three shadows from good tidings loom over the drop in MKX and MKT sales (the latter down 35% to a mere 246 units sold). They are, probably in ascending importance: - Lincoln's reduction in fleet sales to protect resale value and improve brand perception. - The imminent arrival of the refreshed and rebadged Nautilus (née MKX). - And most significant, an expected early arrival next year of the all-new Aviator, which has received astonishingly good reviews and will sit in-between the refreshed MKX/Nautilus and redesigned Navigator. So, if one is a potential MKX client, do you buy now or wait to see how much improved the Nautilus will be (in performance and fuel efficiency with its new transmission)? And once the Nautilus is in showrooms, do you then buy it or possibly wait even further (now that the next wave of pre-production Aviators are out and are getting strong road test reviews) to see if it will be something you can afford and isn't too big even if you don't need the third row? My guess is that at least for the next few months and possibly into early next year when the Aviator is out we'll continue to see these seemingly paradoxical trends in mid-level SUV sales. When the Nautilus is out I expect sales of the SUV Formerly Known as MKX will once again nudge above the MKC. But when the Aviator is out, possibly only a few months later, watch out. https://media.ford.com/content/fordmedia/fna/us/en/news/2018/06/01/18-may-sales.html
  17. Hi, After way too many hours researching, I plan to order a 2017 MKX Reserve in the next week or two. I recently drove a well equipped Reserve model with base sound system. I thought it was ok. Not the worst I've heard, not the best, but certainly adequate. I don't want to blow the $4K for the Luxury package to get the Revel Ultima sound system and I'm not sure about the 13-speaker Revel Audio option that costs $1,155 in my area. Has anyone listened to both the base and 13-speaker Revel Audio versions enough to render an opinion on how much better it sounds? I realize it is very subjective, but just was curious what the folks on the forum thought about the sound system options. Thanks! JB
  18. Pzehler

    Squeal when putting in gear

    I have a 2007 MKX. For the first time ever today, had my foot on the brake and was putting into gear, I heard a high pitch squeal. It sounded like it was coming from the shifter itself. It squealed the entire time I had my foot on the brake and shifting. No other unusual noises or issues when driving. Any clues? Thanks up front for advice!
  19. New Lincoln MKX 2017 is a worthy competitor on the market. It goes hand in hand with such segments as Audi Q5, Lexus RX, and others!!! So you can read full description here) http://lovethesecars.com/lincoln-mkx-2017
  20. Bo Thompson

    Jerks when shifting.

    Every so often my 2008 MKX will jerk when it is changing gears. It seems to not do it at all if I turn off the over drive.
  21. Been an interesting two weeks which tested the patience of my Lincoln dealership. I currently am leasing a Ruby Red 2013 Cadillac SRX. That lease is up in a few months. Stopped in at my local Lincoln dealership two weeks ago to start talking price on a 2016 MKX lease. I wanted a loaded vehicle. That's with Ecoboost, Reserve Group, Climate/Technology and Luxury Packages, Security and 22-way seat adjust. I have been in and out of the dealership, changing my mind about options almost on a daily basis. Just over the past two days I changed my mind 3 times on exterior color alone. Today I placed my final order: Exterior: Platinum Dune Interion: Ebony Originally I wanted Ruby Red, but I have owned a red vehicle for years. I then wanted Black. However, a friend advised me he had a black vehicle and would never get another because it was so difficult to keep clean. The Platinum Dune is nearly $700 extra. However, my dealership is anticipating lease incentives to kick in when my car is delivered in 4-6 weeks. Really need to thank Jeff, Matt and Bob over at George Wall. They handled my indecisiveness with flying colors.
  22. ELation

    They look very alike

    I put this together just to see how similar they look. A number of times I've mistaken an MKC for an MKX thinking it's out on the road. It will be very difficult to distinguish these two vehicles from distance at a glance. The biggest difference is the rear hatch. The MKC opens up its whole rear end, and the MKX leaves the outter taillights where they are.
  23. boilerhawk14

    Build & Price Online!

    You can now build and price a 2016 MKX online! http://bp3.lincoln.com/2016-Lincoln-MKXBase#/Models/ Note: The Black Label "Configurator" does not seem to be available yet for the MKX.
  24. Just joined the forum to have some feedback and discussion about my new MKX
  25. Just purchased new 2013 MKX Limited Edition last week. Great SUV. Outstanding features, interior and exterior.