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  1. gags

    Rain-sensing wipers

    Both controls are set to “0”.
  2. gags

    Rain-sensing wipers

    Thanks for the reply. The wiper stalk in my vehicle does not click into any position (moving the stock up and down). It allows you to move it down for a single wipe but doesn’t click into any position. Now the intermittent control, turns from “0” to the highest intermittent speed by turning the the end of the stalk towards the window and away from the window. I again tried to disable the rain-sensing wiper feature and the wiper turns on at the low intermittent speed when the end of the stock is set to “0”. It will only turn off when I enable the rain-sensing wiper feature. I’ve included a picture of the wiper stalk in my vehicle. I’m completely stumped. thanks, g.
  3. gags

    Rain-sensing wipers

    I have a 2011 Lincoln MKX with the rain-sensing wipers feature. I’m having the following problem: If I disable the rain-sensing wipers feature on the message center vehicle options, the wipers will intermittently come on and won’t turn off. If I enable this feature, the wipers don’t come on intermittently and everything is fine. Am I missing something here? Also, the manual for this model year says if your vehicle is equipped with the rain-sensing wipers feature there are no intermittent wipe settings. So, if you disable the the rain-sensing wipers feature you have no intermittent wipers at all? I would appreciate any feedback. Thanks, g. Victoria, BC, Canada