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Found 4 results

  1. Ruby

    Update to Lincoln iPhone App

    I have installed the latest update that was pushed out to the Lincoln App on the iPhone. The what's new description includes information that says it will now enable the MKX to become a mobile hotspot, that it will provide a tire pressure gauge and distance-to-empty information. I have not been able to "see" any of the new features on the app. Has anyone else used the updated app? If so, where can the new features be found?
  2. I have read at least two articles which said that the hardware update to Apple CarPlay 'excludes' the 2016 MKX. Has anyone else read anything about this and can you point me to the correct answer. I saw the USB hardware module on the internet and would like to know if it will work with my 2016 Lincoln MKX. I have already upgraded my SYNC 3 to the newest version 3 2.2. Thank you for any replies. I think the following is the USB Interface needed (GJ7Z-19A387-.
  3. New Lincoln MKX 2017 is a worthy competitor on the market. It goes hand in hand with such segments as Audi Q5, Lexus RX, and others!!! So you can read full description here) http://lovethesecars.com/lincoln-mkx-2017
  4. Been an interesting two weeks which tested the patience of my Lincoln dealership. I currently am leasing a Ruby Red 2013 Cadillac SRX. That lease is up in a few months. Stopped in at my local Lincoln dealership two weeks ago to start talking price on a 2016 MKX lease. I wanted a loaded vehicle. That's with Ecoboost, Reserve Group, Climate/Technology and Luxury Packages, Security and 22-way seat adjust. I have been in and out of the dealership, changing my mind about options almost on a daily basis. Just over the past two days I changed my mind 3 times on exterior color alone. Today I placed my final order: Exterior: Platinum Dune Interion: Ebony Originally I wanted Ruby Red, but I have owned a red vehicle for years. I then wanted Black. However, a friend advised me he had a black vehicle and would never get another because it was so difficult to keep clean. The Platinum Dune is nearly $700 extra. However, my dealership is anticipating lease incentives to kick in when my car is delivered in 4-6 weeks. Really need to thank Jeff, Matt and Bob over at George Wall. They handled my indecisiveness with flying colors.