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    New to this forum...

    I have the fob with me and the vehicle off when the wife gets out and it gives the double beep. Good advice about changing the coolant every two years, will do. Thank you JL
  2. jlsala

    New to this forum...

    Purchased a 2013 Lincoln MKX with 48,000 Km. We live up in Winnipeg (Canada), home of the Jets. I am still learning about all the features of this vehicle. This 3.7 L engine is the smoothest idling engine I have ever had. I read one worrisome item about this engine however, when they redesigned it for transverse mount they stuck the water pump inside the engine. I sincerely hope this is a "permanent" water pump because if it leaks you have coolant in your oil. Plus replacing it would be prohibitively expensive. Does anyone have experience with water pump issues or is this something that only comes up in high mileage cases ? This is the only vehicle I have owned that you can't pop the transmission into Neutral from Drive by simply pushing the stick, you need to first squeeze the release. Up here with slippery conditions you sometimes need to quickly bop it into Neutral to help shorten the stopping distance. When I am sitting in the vehicle and turn the engine off and my wife gets out of the vehicle it gives a double beep. Any way to prevent this ? The vehicle body and interior is in fantastic condition as it was a one meticulous owner who kept it in the garage and babied it. Every thing is perfect except the wheel rims which look like they have ebola. Looks like some kind of corrosion issue. Any advice on this? Looking forward to all comments. Thank you JL