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    Will 17” Edge rims fit a ‘17 MKX?

    I have an unused set of Goodyear 17” snows with the right diameter for the 2017 MKX. 18” wheels are standard for the Lincoln, 17” wheels for the sibling Ford Edge. Offset and bolt circle are the same. Will 17” Edge rims give enough clearance for the brakes? Thanks for advice, Z
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    Lincoln makes mudflaps for the 2016 MKX. No drilling is needed and the existing plastic fasteners are used. I thought they might help keep the dirt from accumulating so much on my MKX. The Allure Blue is a beautiful color, but I find it shows the dirt. http://accessories.lincoln.com/exterior/splash-guards/kit-mudflap-11301.html http://accessories.lincoln.com/exterior/splash-guards/kit-mudflap-11302.html I wrote down the model number and found them for 20% off on Ebay. Lincoln wanted $20 a wheel to install the mudflaps. I saw from the instructions that they install with a single tool to extract the existing plastic fasteners. I had one of these tools that I used on my motorcycle panels, so I thought I would do the job myself. I'm happy to report the plastic fasteners pulled out and the wheels didn't have to be removed. Be aware that the rear mudflaps did require one screw each on the bottom, which is already on the car. Each mudflap installed with five fasteners too and they used the existing plastic fasteners. They do seem to keep the sides cleaner and the rear gate is also kept cleaner. Overall, I'm quite happy with them and how easy they were to install. It took me between five and ten minutes per tire. Here is the link of the place where I ordered. 99.88 for all four mudflaps and free shipping. (without the 20% code from Ebay) http://www.ebay.com/itm/191818106707?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
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    I have a set of unused 17" snow tires from my outgoing VW Touareg that I would like to use on the new-ish 2017 MKX if possible. The standard wheel on the MKX is of course the 18", and Tire Rack does not list a 17" ("minus-one") substitute. But I did notice that the contemporary Ford Fusion -- which the Edge/MKX is based on -- has exactly the same bolt circle (5x108mm), center bore (63.4mm), and offset, and does have a 17" wheel fitment. Has anyone tried to put a set of those on a '16 - up MKX or Nautilus? Does it work?
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    Hello from the Gulf of Mexico

    Thanks for the input. Does Edge have the same horn location as MKX ? I've already bought and assembled a custom mounting bracket for Cadillac Fleetwood 4 note horns. Have the same under the hood of my Lesabre and they sure get the attention of people looking at their phones when the light is green!!
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    John Wikstrom

    Thanks for admission to forum

    Hello from SW Virginia. Proud owner of 2019 Nautilus. Love this CUV / SUV. Here to learn more about the Nautilus.
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    2022 Nautilus Reserve I

    Just picked up this beauty to replace the MKX. Put a deposit on one in transit but they “accidentally” sold it to someone else. But ended up getting a similar one with x plan plus an extra $1K off for the mixup. Ceramic Pearl/Sandstone. 2.0L with massage seats. The seats and the tech are great and the 2.0L is a lot peppier than the MKX 3.7L. Most importantly- mama is happy.
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    According to current Consumer Reports, Lincoln branded vehicles reliability rankings "...have been disastrous, ranking dead last amongst all manufacturers." That has not been my experience comparing my 2016 MKX to various branded vehicles over many decades of purchases.
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    Steering wheel

    To think that E.T. has been staring at me for 117,000 miles in my 2012 & 2015 MKXs -- and I didn't notice -- is embarrassing. On the other hand, I have always wondered why, after I pushed the Talk button, Sync's first action offer to me has been "Phone Home?" Owners of 2007-2010 MKXs are greeted by a downright jovial face... Good luck!
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    First Photo Shoot - "The Eagle"

    A great day for a photo shoot and fairly close to home. This car we have named "The Eagle", because of the look of the headlight and grille section. I was hooked on the Iced Mocha colour and the wheels at first sight. Liking this car more each day. Jacob