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    Unfold mirror setting

    Update: I took it to the dealer for a recall and told them about the mirror issue at the same time. The "idiot" at the desk tried to tell me it was an optional feature that my vehicle didn't have; but on my insistence he put it on the work order. The mechanic was able to find the problem and was able to turn the option on. So now it works and I can shut the mirror unfold feature on and off. However I didn't realize before left that the "Neutral Towing" feature was still not there. Oh well, guess I'll deal with that another time --- "next recall".
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    The moonroof drain might be blocked. I think it runs down the passenger side a pillar. If you’re battery is the original one it’s probably going bad. Have the CCAs checked or just replace it. That can cause strange problems but still allow the car to crank and run.