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    2020 Naautulis

    I got the Reserve with AWD, 2.7 twin turbo, Iced Mocha, Class II trailer towing package, Driver Assistance Package, Technology Package, Ultimate Package, 21-Inch Premium-Painted Ultra-Bright Machined-Aluminum Wheels , All-weather floor liners, Cargo Compartment with reversible mat. ultra comfort seats with active motion, Revel Ultima Audio, Adaptive cruise, satin roof rack side rails, . MSRP was well over $65k , I got my Ford employee discount which I cannot disclose. Had my '12 & '16 MKS's which were loaded out and sweet, but this Nautilus is AMAZING !
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    21" Wheels

    What are you doing with the old wheels?
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    First road trip observations

    I haven't driven the Nautilus, but the paramount curiosity I've had about any improvement over my 2016 2.7TT would be road noise and interior quietness. Lincoln has stated that suspension improvements (bushings) and added acoustical materials have led to the nautilus being quieter than previous MKX models. From various sources that has apparently been accomplished. The 2020 models will soon be available and we'll see if there are any further refinements. As to fuel mileage, I regularly exceed the EPA averages of 17/24 mpg (500/700 km per tank) with the great 2.7TT engine. If I reduce my usual 70+ mph freeway speeds to ~55-60 mph, the MKX provides up to 31 mpg. Back in the years of several Oldsmobile & Cadillac ownerships, I would brag on getting 18 mpg highway mileage. Today, with all the improvements/amenities/power/safety of modern vehicles, I am immensely pleased with the perceived value of the MKX-Nautilus.
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    21" Wheels

    When I bought my Nautilus, I just didn't like the Gray Coating on the 21" wheels. Last year when I bought my 2018 Mustang GT convertible those 20" wheels also had a Gray Coating, but not as dark as the Nautilus. I got a set of Chrome 20" wheels for the Mustang from Detroit Wheel and Tire, and love the look on that car. So when I got my Nautilus, I ordered a set from them again. They said it would take 6-10 weeks to get them, since they had quite a few orders. After 10 weeks, I contacted them for an update, and they said a Ford/Lincoln Dealer caused a serious problem by returning a set of Nautilus 19" wheels instead of the contract they had to return Nautilus 21" wheels. So, I said I would wait 4 more weeks and contact them again, and as of Monday, they still had not found a set, so I sent them a photo of my '16 MKX with the 21" Polished Aluminium wheels and asked if they had those in stock, and they did, except for the black "Fan Blade" center look, which was fine with me. Only took two days to get here, and my Lincoln Dealer made the switch this morning. Now I like the look much better. Some people may not, and like Gray Coated wheels, but not me!
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    Gas gauge

    Non-digital fuel? Need to switch to Top Tier.