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    When replacing the rear wiper blade on my 2016 MKX, I too pondered the limited visibility available to align the replacement blade's notch with the arm's bar. Similarly, I considered taping a mirror under the wiper arm as you suggested. Then, it occurred to me that a better view of the alignment/installation was possible if I just opened the liftgate and viewed the installation from below looking up through the liftgate glass as I aligned the new blade's notch & arm's bar. It took only seconds to complete.
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    Just bought the MKX

    Today I bought this beautiful 2016 MKX Reserve FULLY loaded with options I didn't even know I needed. I got it from a Lincoln dealer so it is certified and comes with the 100,000 mile warranty extension. I pick it up on Monday. 2d920c71d93e2d891b928bf1c13a8a5ex.jpg.jp2
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    2016 Used MKX Choices

    I just bought my 2016 with 41,000 miles from a Lincoln dealership. It is a "certified" vehicle that comes with an extended warranty that goes to end of 2021. Vehicle looks like it came off the factory floor, it was flawless. That all being said I would recommend you check out Lincoln certified used because the prices are about the same as other off lease dealers (Autotrader, Carvana, OffLeaseOnly, etc.) and you get a whole lot more. I even opted for more coverage and paid to have the warranty go to the end of 2025! I paid $24,000 (not including the extra warranty) which I feel was a very good deal.
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    Thanks for you help, I found it real easy to remove the old blade, but I struggled getting the new blade on until I taped a little mirror under the wiper arm. In the first image I outlined (in red) the frame (box) around where the clip snaps in. The second is an example of the mirror. My issue was the left and right side of the "box" that would surround the clip, I was trying to snap the blade on the sides of the "box" instead of in the center of the "box".
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    Sean, Thanks that is the first GEN 3 MKX I have seen, All I would get was a GEN 2 video, I will give it a shot tonight when I get home! Mike
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    towing advice needed

    Here an aftermarket hitch on our 2017. It's only used for a bike rack.
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    towing advice needed

    Thanks guys for the info. Well it seems like there are multiple opinions out there as is usually the case on auto forums. I should have added that I don't really tow great distances, usually less than 10 miles and only about 10 times during the season. It's by no means a lot but it is important. There are so many coming off lease I'm sure I'll find the right one for my needs.
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    towing advice needed

    I’m not sure about the turbo having extra heat while towing. The advantage of the turbo is that it has more torque at lower RPM so you don’t have to rev it as high. My F150 3.5LEB carried 2K lbs of mulch and barely broke 2K rpm even going uphill. Ecoboosts are designed to handle towing.
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    New member from Long Island

    Hi all! I'm actively searching for the just right MKX for me. There are so many coming off lease there are plenty to choose from. I'll have lots of questions before I buy so hopefully you all can be of great help.My biggest concern is towing and which engine is better, I posted in the towing forum my questions. I'm a long time Lincoln owner, I'm on my third Mark VIII, a 1997 that I used to show in many car shows. It's now my daily driver but old "Moose" is beginning to show his age. Shhh.. don't tell him he's being replaced by an MKX. I produce car shows here on Long Island during the warmer months, check us out at www.nyautofest.com I look forward to becoming properly educated on the MKX! Leo
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    Pic of the Day from BC: 2019/07/25

    Another image from our recent 1st MKX photo shoot.... .....near our preferred park. Jacob
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    tire pressures

    I have the 21" wheels and have the pressure set at 35 lbs cold, so after warming up, they show between 37 and 38 lbs. I know there have been a lot of comments about this size tire riding stiff, but I keep mine set in the Comfort Mode and it rides great in my opinion. I had the 22" option on my 2016, which did not have adaptive suspension, and it was slightly more noticeable, but still not uncomfortable at all.
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    Best wax

    My kids don't do anything I have to get them everything and one is already 2 the other 1. Jerks.
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    17th huh. Ya gotta love statistics. Speaking of statistics, I remember reading about an American Army Air Corps bombing mission that took off from England on August 14, 1943 and bombed Hamburg, Germany. 116 aircraft took part. And thanks to the genius of the Norton Bombsite, a Top Secret optical wonder on each of the bombers, a full 100% of all of the bombs dropped that day, hit the ground. It's TRUE, 100%. So much for 17th place.
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    For that last time, nobody here has prevented anybody from documenting problems or poor dealer experiences. I guarantee that. And we're not going to start. But what you're doing is coming to this forum and starting arguments and fights with anyone who dares to disagree with you, then you start attacking both me and the regular members. You're adding nothing constructive to these discussions and you're disrupting so many topics and you don't even own a MKX. It's not about whether Lincoln has problems or not it's about your behavior towards other members and the moderator.
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    Door water leak

    You should name the dealer so others will be aware of their incompetent service.
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    2016 MKX vs 2017 & 3.7 vs 2.7 question

    With no intent to appear confrontational, I suspect many common folks would feel that the 0-60 time difference of 0.5 seconds and 1/4 time difference of 0.3 seconds (Car & Driver) between the 2016 Acura MDX with a 9-speed tranny and the previous model with a 6-speed tranny to be something less than a "significant performance improvement".