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    Door/Handle Touch Unlock

    The battery in my early production (September 2015) MKX 2.7 was sounding a bit weak at starting the engine on recent cold mornings, so I decided to replace it as a preemptive measure at ~ 38,000 miles. As a DIY owner, I examined the battery removal scenario, reviewed some online videos, etc. and decided to let the shop do the replacement for $19 instead of my messing with it. The issue with the rear terminal and the fact that I hate working on freezing cold mechanical details prompted my decision. A discussion with the mechanic confirmed that the MKX battery location offers some obstacles, but it helps a lot to remove the air filter so that the battery can be slid forward rather than awkwardly lifting it up-and-over the filter housing at an angle.
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    Apple Car play usb upgrade, 2016 MKX

    I'm going the expensive way... 2021 with Sync 4 and finally wireless CarPlay.
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    Every other car I've ever been in (including every Ford and Lincoln) has the glove box lock as a simple button on the glovebox lid. Does the job and is simple and reliable. Lincoln decided that, in the MKX, they'd be different and move the button to the dash. I've had non stop problems with mine since I bought the vehicle. It constantly fails. Sometimes the glovebox locks and wont' open, other times it springs open randomly. Each time I bring it to the dealer they "adjust it" - it then works fine for a week before it fails again. I called the service manager today and they agreed to replace the entire switch. The MKX is probably the only car on the planet that has a glove box lock that can fail so spectacularly. Its also just a dumb location because it takes up hyper valuable dash real estate for a feature that gets used once ever few months. Sometimes the simply solution is the sensible one. This reminds me of my last vehicle (BMW 3-series). Instead of having a normal cupholder like the MKX it had these cool looking things that slide out of the dashboard. Predictably, half the friends I know with a 3-series had them fail. Over engineering always comes back to bite the owner in the butt.