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    The final diagnosis for my MKX was the wire harness for the drive control was compromised by a little creature, probably a ground squirrel, as I do have a population of those on my property. The harness is beneath the vehicle and near each wheel and I was told that the wire harness insulation is made from a soy based material so the ground squirrel saw it as food. Typically my MKX is in the garage so it is exempt from critter chew but I had a 3 week period that my garage was being used to store some items so my car sat outside for that period of time. I hope this helps.
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    2011 MKX start button fell into dash

    So I figured out a much faster and easier trick to pop it back into place. I stuck a piece of gorilla tape to the side of the button and was able to use it to pull it back into space. No dash board unassembly needed.