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    Hello my name is Darrell Charlton I am a retired Air Force Disabled Veteran. Worked on RC135 Aircraft for 33 years. Moved from Offutt A.F.B Nebraska to Bethlehem West Virginia 2 years ago. Been married 35 years to the love of my life Lori.
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    Yeah - I am a little worried as I don't this a new battery should be dead after three weeks. I charged it and started it this morning. so we'll see how it goes. Forgot to mention that when the battery was replaced a few months ago, I had a perfect reason why the design of the glove box is so dumb. I had to get the car towed, and the tow truck driver couldn't figure out how to put the car in neutral. Could have really used the manual - but it was locked in the glove box! Fortunately, we were able to look it up on our phones, but if I was in a place with no cell service, I would have been screwed.
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    If it's dead after 3 weeks you have other issues besides the glove box. 😀 On ours, the glove box is opened when we get new registration/insurance cards and at annual state inspection.
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    I guess it's dead because I haven't driven the car in 3 weeks because of this quarantine stuff. It's connected to a charger now, so hopefully that works. If not, I'll call Lincoln for a free tow. Still under warranty and just got the battery replaced a few months ago. I'm actually surprised to find it dead already
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    Brand new - pre-owned 2017 MKX

    They screwed up when the middle managers ignored the engineers who told them it wouldn’t work before it was even built. Because they needed to make their cost targets. Hopefully those idiots are gone.
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    Brand new - pre-owned 2017 MKX

    There was no coverup. Transmissions were fixed under warranty. They extended the TCM warranty to 100k miles early on and extended the tranny warranty later. We traded a 2012 Focus in 2016 - didn’t affect the trade in price. Where they screwed up is not switching to the regular tranny here when they did it in Europe.