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    Nautilus and Edge may be dropped

    There was an article on Google today from "The Detroit Bureau". It was basically saying Ford wanted to drop Canadian production and in a few years will drop these two models. They think Lincoln will do fine with the Corsair and Aviator and don't need the mid-size SUV. This definitely would not be my choice.
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    Window Shattered

    The problem is that you can't replace just the triangle window!! You buy the entire door window gasket assembly which happens to also include the small window....... $465 plus labor if it comes out of my pocket.....
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    Jay D

    CPO 2016 MKX Reserve

    We have already owned our CPO vehicle for a couple of weeks and we are glad with the purchase. It has a 3.7L, the base Revel system, panoramic roof, 22's and other options. I've detailed the engine bay to perfection and now wondering if it is going to be ceramic coated. I am looking forward to future discussions and more interactions with all of you. This will be my daily driver, as the wife will be getting a Corsair next month.
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    2021 Nautilus

    Funny story about the Chicago plant. When I first started working in high schools, we could take students on local factory trips. I took a group there in the early 70's. As we were watching the cars come off the line, there was one car that just dropped the entire front bumper and had to be quickly moved out of the way. You all probably remember how big those early 70's bumpers were.