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    2011 MKX start button fell into dash

    Does anyone know how to remove the upper dash area to access the push to start button hole? The lower dash under the steering column is easy as is the radio etc. The problem is the button is on the upper dash portion and accessibility is impossible without removing upper dash. Or... is the bezel that holds the button easy to pry out without breaking it from the face of the dash? Can't find a video or instruction on this anywhere. I've spent days searching. Thanks for any help/guidance.
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    Oil pressure sensor location 2016 mkx 2.7

    Perhaps you are referring to the Oil Pressure Control Solenoid, the red-circled Item #1, shown in the below illustrations?... If so, this Service Procedure should be helpful to you: Oil Pressure Control Solenoid - Removal and Installation - 2016 MKX Workshop Manual.pdf (Download Link) Good luck!
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    Dave Slusarczyk

    Proud owner of a 2009 MKX

    I have owned my 2008 MKX for approximately 1.5 years. I truly enjoy the vehicle! I have owned quite a few vehicles in my 60 years and this may go down as my favorite thus far! Time will tell ! Ask me in three years and my opinion may change! :)
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    Diane Nichols

    Love my Nautilus!

    Good Morning! I am happy to be in this group. I got my 2020 Nautilus Reserve 2 months ago. Even though it was considered used when I bought it, I was still the first owner of it since it was only driven by the financial manager while it was waiting to be sold. My previous cars have always been base models but I was looking for my retirement travel car and wanted to be comfortable while traveling around the US. Little did I know that this was my dream car!! It is fully loaded and I'm still trying to get used to everything!
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    Love my Nautilus!

    Love my 2019 Nautilus that we leased and was expecting to turn in next month. Since the buyback is $10k below current value I will be keeping it for at least a while. Given the current market I don’t think it makes any sense to lease any car. The Nautilus has been flawless over the past 3 years and is a beautiful car. I do have a recent issue with the transmission shift bogging or slipping between 3rd to 4th. It goes into the Ford dealer Monday. I did find a TSB about the transmission along with a class action lawsuit
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    Diane Nichols

    Love my Nautilus!

    I have the 2.7 V6. My son is impressed with it!