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    2022 Nautilus Reserve I

    Just picked up this beauty to replace the MKX. Put a deposit on one in transit but they “accidentally” sold it to someone else. But ended up getting a similar one with x plan plus an extra $1K off for the mixup. Ceramic Pearl/Sandstone. 2.0L with massage seats. The seats and the tech are great and the 2.0L is a lot peppier than the MKX 3.7L. Most importantly- mama is happy.
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    Tranny stuck in 5th

    As it started when you had an electrical problem, it may be possible that the TCM got confused. Seen several identical problems over in the F150 forum when battery ran low. Most fixed after battery jumped and restart. Some trannys were fixed by dealer applying a Could always try a Transmission Control Module reset. This website describes how. https://www.replicarclub.com/how-to-reset-ford-transmission/#How_to_Reset_Ford_Transmission This website described a different process. https://cookip.com/reset-transmission-control-module-for-ford/ In either case, its a simple procedure and doesnt take very long to complete.
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    Pretty sure the 2017 used a 3g modem which ATT recently shut down. You’d have to upgrade the modem.