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    New SYNC 3 upgrade available.

    Follow up on my earlier post. Was going to give the upgrade a try, and when I went to insert the USB I had a waiting notification that it had upgraded itself over the air! And seems to work fine. As noted before, only discernible change was that speed on Waze is correct now.
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    I use windex, then a degreaser ( Chemical Guys No Nonsense invisible super cleaner), then clay bar the glass,(I use Mothers California Gold clay kit), then polish it with Meguiar''s Gold Class Carnauba paste wax. Then buff with a microfiber towel. Windshield stays clean and rain beads better than Rain-x for at least 6 months. And I go through the car wash every week.
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    I started this topic a while back and thought to share a pic of my 2016 MKX with the Thule rooftop cargo box attached. This is the box available as an accessory through Lincoln. It is actually a Thule Force - Medium if anyone wishes to research on the Thule website. My better half thinks it looks cool. If she's happy, I'm happy... Timmer