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    What parts needed besides OEM tow hitch?

    Good choice going with the factory hitch with its higher-mounted receiver tube, compared to aftermarkets that are typically rated at higher capacities that exceed the MKX's chassis capabilities. Ford offers a trailer hitch wiring harness, FT1Z-15A416-A, that requires wire splicing and is recommended for installation by dealership technicians only. I have attached Ford's installation instructions for the Edge model, to provide you a sense of the technical complexity involved. For true plug and play experience, you may want to view this comparison of two aftermarket kits, and the individual product listings that include videos of MKX-specific installations. Based on your earlier Forum posts, I expect you will enjoy the simplicity of the aftermarket kits over the Ford splice-in harness, if you are planning a do-it-yourself installation. You may already be aware that the factory-installed Tow Package provides upgrades only to the engine cooling system (larger radiator and cooling fans) and AdvanceTrac Trailer Sway Control logic, which are costly dealer-installed additions (I know, I've paid for them) that your trailer weight may not require. If you eventually tow more frequently, adding a transmission cooler can be a good 'insurance' item, this one being a good choice with its tubing size that matches MKX transmission lines, and remember to change drivetrain fluids about twice as often as the normal service schedule. As you mentioned in an earlier post, your MKX's 2.7L Ecoboost will affect your trailering experience. Good luck! Ford Trailer Tow Wiring Kit - FT1Z15A416A - 2015-2018 Edge Installation Instructions.pdf
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    2017 lincoln mkx reserve

    I just recently picked up a 2017 MKX Black Label, also fully loaded. I was coming from an older MKZ, but wanted something with a bit more comfort and cargo space. Luckily, the MKX has all that in spades! Really the only thing I don't like about the car is the gas milage. I've only had a few months now, but i'm only averaging 18-20MPG. Honestly, not too big of a deal unless gas prices start to creep back up to 2008 prices, but also I came from a MKZ Hybrid getting almost double that, so its a bigger change for me. I could probably push it up 2-3+MPG, if my foot wasn't so heavy with that 2.7 twin turbo power 😎. Once they release a Hybrid Nautilus, that'll probably be my next after this one. So far I've been very happy with the drive comfort and overall quality and feel of everything. I think the car is beautiful and elegant both inside and out. I also checked out the Lexus RX, but was not a fan of the harsh lines and thought the interior was way too complex and boxy. Plus, its nice driving a car that not everyone else is driving. These cars are diamonds in the rough, and definitely the best luxury value for the money especially used/CPO. This is my third CPO Lincoln, and have been happy with the quality of their products for years now.
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    What parts needed besides OEM tow hitch?

    Our 2015 MKX cooling system upgrade was done using dealer-sourced Motorcraft radiator ($213) & cooling fans ($328) to gain the 2-year parts and labor warranty on those components, and I supplied the above-referenced transmission fluid cooler ($54), 1/2" ID transmission cooler hose ($40/8 ft), and cooler mounts ($5). Installation labor for all that and a wiring upgrade for the higher-amp cooling fans was 7 hours ($700). Because the 26,000 miles MKX is new-to-me, and I want to maximize life of its original internal water pump, I also had them flush and refill with new engine coolant. Including a few minor parts (hose clamps, connector, fuse), but not including sales tax, the total bill was just over $1,300. I'm fortunate that a prior owner paid to have the Motorcraft hitch bar ($210)and trailer wiring kit ($92) installed by his dealership (labor cost unknown), and all this demonstrates the bargain that a factory-installed Tow Package ($510 in 2015) represents. Good luck!
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    Richard Maccini

    Performance Options???

    I know this is an old thread. I just picked up a 2016 2.7eb with 33k mi on it. Want a custom tune. Has anyone tried the Livernois tune and have reviews or results?
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    Oerheat Incident

    You are not the only one that is old school, saying that maybe we are the minority today. That is why everyone except Lincoln is chasing BMW and selling so much more. All my friends and relatives drive German and Japanese, my wife included. They all ask me why I drive an old mans brand. My answer is that I like to drive and not hear the engine , or feel all the potholes. Give me sheer comfort and quiet any day.
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    Performance Options???

    https://www.livernoismotorsports.com/product/LPP631147 I'm considering this. Has anyone tried it yet?