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  2. Mando_1602

    Lower MKX

    Thinking of changing put my springs to lower my MKX. Anyone on the forum ever do it?
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  4. enigma-2

    Missing sd card

    If it says "info" upper right, theres no navigation. It will read "navigation" if navigation was factory installed. There are online dealers that sell OEM kits to add navigation. The price is around $750 if your interested. (Price inclues an SD card worth around $150 and $50 if you send your old unit back). https://www.4dtech.com/mkx-11-15-navigation-upgrade-for-mylincoln-touch/
  5. enigma-2

    Navigation in my car

    If your Edge doesn't have the navigation standard, there are suppliers online that offer upgrade kits. For example, if you have the 8" screen, you can add navigation for $750. (They include everything you need and program it before shipping). https://www.4dtech.com/products/ford/edge/2013/myford-touch-8/
  6. akirby

    Navigation in my car

    No they did not all come with navigation. What does it say on the upper right of the screen? If it says Info then you don’t have nav and adding the ads card won’t work.
  7. I have a 2011 lincoln mkx. We bought it used from a car salesman. I was curious if I bought an sd card if the navigation would work in my car. It has the sd slot and flash drive slots. Do all the cars come with navigation? If not how do I install one? Thanks
  8. Wendy1985

    Missing sd card

    My 2011 lincoln mkx is the same way. Were you able to find out if it would work or not? Thanks
  9. RonB57

    lincoln MKX.jpg

    American Racing wheels. Was tired of finding curbs with the "Chrome Clad" wheels. Since the change no curbs found. Gave it a custom look too. Old School
  10. I have a 2011 Lincoln MKX and need to purchase an aftermarket backup camera. I have decided on going the aftermarket route as the dealer price is quite costly. After lengthy research online I get the feeling that purchasing an aftermarket backup camera is nothing but a crap shoot. Some people have problems with reliability and installation …. Yet some people have good experiences. Some people get the camera grid/guide lines yet some people don’t get the grid/guide lines and if they do, they lose them soon after the replacement install. So my question is … can anyone suggest and/or recommend a good quality reliable aftermarket camera? Thanks, g. Victoria, BC Canada
  11. Exactly 23k miles on both sets. No cupping and there was some tread left.
  12. I'm running 245/50 R20 Pirelli Scorpion Verde's. No problems so far. (Either car). How many miles until they got noisy? I read in the reviews where owners in the 21" & 22" sizes were only getting 30-35k before replacing. (Got noisy and no tread left). Also in hot climates, such as desert southwest. Driver thought the road asphalt was too hot for the tires. One other driving 22" complained about getting noisy after cupping. That of course is an alignment issue. (Although I know better, it's stupid question time, did you have the alignment checked after installing)?
  13. But do you have the 21” Pirellis? Mine had to be replaced at 23K miles (twice) due to noise.
  14. She let me drive it a couple of times…….
  15. I would imagine that you would be happy with either. I'm running Pirelli's and am well satisfied.
  16. enigma-2

    Tire Wear / Replacing MKX Tires

    Speedometer will be off slightly, but not significantly. The 245/50 is about a inch larger diameter. Comparison: https://www.tacomaworld.com/tirecalc?tires=245-50r20-245-45r20
  17. Nice!!! Really nice. Bet mama is extremely happy. Have you let her drive it yet?
  18. enigma-2


    The build date is on the door jamb label, located on the driver's side front door panel. There's also a build sheet that's sent out with the car which acts as the production traveller. On my 09 MKX it was stuffed under the drivers side on the underhood insulation blanket.
  19. Just picked up this beauty to replace the MKX. Put a deposit on one in transit but they “accidentally” sold it to someone else. But ended up getting a similar one with x plan plus an extra $1K off for the mixup. Ceramic Pearl/Sandstone. 2.0L with massage seats. The seats and the tech are great and the 2.0L is a lot peppier than the MKX 3.7L. Most importantly- mama is happy.
  20. Tofer

    Tire Wear / Replacing MKX Tires

    Here is a question. I am looking to switch out my existing tires for my 16MKX BL ...currently they are sized at the factory 245/50/R20 and I would like to put the Bridgestone Quiet track but they only are sized at 245/45/R20. I am not an aggressive driver and value comfort over performance and the Bridgestone's have an excellent reputation for a quiet ride. Does anyone see or no of any issues with changing to the 45 Aspect ratio?
  21. akirby

    Google Maps directions in HUD?

    Hey Dan. This was already asked and answered on Facebook. There is no HUD on any Nautilus.
  22. I am considering buying a Nautilus and was wondering if when using Android Auto and navigating via Google Maps, do the directions show up in the HUD? If yes, is there a specific year this becomes available? thanks
  23. enigma-2

    Tranny stuck in 5th

    As it started when you had an electrical problem, it may be possible that the TCM got confused. Seen several identical problems over in the F150 forum when battery ran low. Most fixed after battery jumped and restart. Some trannys were fixed by dealer applying a Could always try a Transmission Control Module reset. This website describes how. https://www.replicarclub.com/how-to-reset-ford-transmission/#How_to_Reset_Ford_Transmission This website described a different process. https://cookip.com/reset-transmission-control-module-for-ford/ In either case, its a simple procedure and doesnt take very long to complete.
  24. Q&H

    Tranny stuck in 5th

  25. akirby

    Tranny stuck in 5th

    Sounds like the transmission control module
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