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  3. Does anyone know where I can buy a bug deflector for a 2013 Lincoln MKX? Would a 2013 Ford Edge bug deflector work or are the hoods different?
  4. Darrell


    Hello my name is Darrell Charlton I am a retired Air Force Disabled Veteran. Worked on RC135 Aircraft for 33 years. Moved from Offutt A.F.B Nebraska to Bethlehem West Virginia 2 years ago. Been married 35 years to the love of my life Lori.
  5. It is also recommended that an AWD MKX be put in 'towing neutral mode' when going through a carwash.
  6. Yeah - I am a little worried as I don't this a new battery should be dead after three weeks. I charged it and started it this morning. so we'll see how it goes. Forgot to mention that when the battery was replaced a few months ago, I had a perfect reason why the design of the glove box is so dumb. I had to get the car towed, and the tow truck driver couldn't figure out how to put the car in neutral. Could have really used the manual - but it was locked in the glove box! Fortunately, we were able to look it up on our phones, but if I was in a place with no cell service, I would have been screwed.
  7. If it's dead after 3 weeks you have other issues besides the glove box. 😀 On ours, the glove box is opened when we get new registration/insurance cards and at annual state inspection.
  8. I guess it's dead because I haven't driven the car in 3 weeks because of this quarantine stuff. It's connected to a charger now, so hopefully that works. If not, I'll call Lincoln for a free tow. Still under warranty and just got the battery replaced a few months ago. I'm actually surprised to find it dead already
  9. Yeah, poor design. State Trooper: "Why are you pulled over on the side of the road?" You: "My battery is dead" State Trooper: "I'll need to see your registration and proof of insurance" You: "Well, funny thing officer, they're in my glove box..." Can you borrow a battery? If you hook up jumper cables, the other car will supply power. A re-chargeable jumper will do the same. You list your car as 2016-2018. Are you still under warranty? Call Lincoln road service.
  10. How do I open the damn glove box when the battery is dead? I was watching a YouTube video Lincoln put out with instructions on how to open the give box (duh) and it even says in subtitles "will not operate when battery is dead". Great engineering. Luckily I'm at home with a dead battery but God forbid I was not and needed something in the glove box. Is there an override somewhere to do it manually?
  11. akirby

    Brand new - pre-owned 2017 MKX

    They screwed up when the middle managers ignored the engineers who told them it wouldn’t work before it was even built. Because they needed to make their cost targets. Hopefully those idiots are gone.
  12. sean_p_lynch

    Brand new - pre-owned 2017 MKX

    You're right. I should have described it as 'foot dragging' instead of a cover up. The fiesta was a low profit car, and the cost of repairs would reflect badly on the bottom line. However, after the law suits and settlements ended up making it even worse financially. Addressing the issue quickly would have saved more money in the long run. I didn't think the focus was effected as well. At least we benefit for a few years, the company is responding quickly to issues after learning the hard way.
  13. akirby

    Brand new - pre-owned 2017 MKX

    There was no coverup. Transmissions were fixed under warranty. They extended the TCM warranty to 100k miles early on and extended the tranny warranty later. We traded a 2012 Focus in 2016 - didn’t affect the trade in price. Where they screwed up is not switching to the regular tranny here when they did it in Europe.
  14. sean_p_lynch

    Brand new - pre-owned 2017 MKX

    Car manufacturers have to fix recalls, regardless of warranty. I think it is a good sign when the manufacturer is pro-active and doesn't drag their feet. Ford tried covering up the transmission problems on their 3 cylinder Fiestas for a couple of years, and now they owe a ton of money to everyone. If they had admitted it, fixed it and moved on, it would have been a nothing burger. Right now Ford seems to be paying attention to flaws and getting it fixed quickly. A good time to own one.
  15. MKXMark

    Need a cargo net hook for a 2017

    There are a bunch of them at this link. https://parts.ford.com/shop/SearchDisplay?langId=-1&storeId=1405&catalogId=251&categoryId=&sType=SimpleSearch&resultCatEntryType=2&showResultsPage=true&searchSource=Q&pageView=&searchTerm=cargo+hook&searchType=&beginIndex=&pageSize=12&pageNumber=1
  16. MKXMark

    Need a cargo net hook for a 2017

    This hook broke off when loading bags in the back. I think this is the part, as we have the cappuccino leather. I'm hoping it's grey since they don't specify the color. Anyone know? https://parts.ford.com/shop/en/us/body/bumpers/hook-assy-8682185-1#sectionId:4346182
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  18. Right Person

    Brand new - pre-owned 2017 MKX

    Thanks for the reply, I already bought 2.7 twin turbo black label trim, it is a CPO by Lincoln and I also bought 3rd party warranty. Now I am thinking I should keep it or not...
  19. sean_p_lynch

    Brand new - pre-owned 2017 MKX

    It's been trouble free. just about to reach the one year mark since we bought it. I had one flat from a screw in the tire, but no issues. I've been on three long road trips. This car loves the highway. There is a slight noise around 75mph plus. Like some kind of wind noise. might be related to the following: https://www.carcomplaints.com/Lincoln/MKX/2017/tsbs/tsb-ssm-47814.shtml I'm going to mention it on my next service visit. There is a recall on the MKX right now. wiring harness fire hazard. Lincoln/Ford contacted vial mail and email. The Lincoln Way app popped up a warning, and the dealer got in touch with us. I'm waiting for the dealer to get the parts in, for the fix. Make sure you ask if yours has been fixed yet. Enjoy the 2.7L. I haven't had any regrets with the 3.7. It has 305 HP, a 1962 continental only had 140 HP. Check the car history, get a mechanic to check it over with a scan tool, and get a good deal.
  20. Right Person

    Brand new - pre-owned 2017 MKX

    HI sean_p_lynch How is your experience with 2017 MKX so far, I bought 2.7L turbo 2017 MKX BL last weekend, want to hear from others about the car, thanks
  21. Right Person

    New member. Have MKX for 4 years!

    Hi LeoC2, so all these issue were covered by the $1800 ext warranty?
  22. Right Person

    New Owner from Dallas, TX

    Hi, I purchased the same model last weekend. How is experience so far with 2017 MKX? Pls share....
  23. Right Person

    New Owner from Dallas, TX

    Hi, I purchased the same model last weekend. How is experience so far with 2017 MKX? Pls share....
  24. Right Person

    2017 MKX Black Label

    Hi Contributors I bought 2017 MKX black label last weekend, it had Approx 42K miles, it is Lincoln CPO. I also purchased MPP Platinum CPO wrap warranty. Now my questions, did anybody buy this MPP warranty? Are they good warranty company? Also I would like to know from the forum contributors how is this 2017 MKX in general, is it a good reliable car? Thanks so much!
  25. Hi! Does anyone know if I can upgrade my 2008 mkx to have factory navigation instead of just radio?
  26. mrriverajr

    20180924 122803

  27. How do I replace this hose ? How does the cowl come off to access the other side of the hose
  28. mrriverajr

    2016 MKX 2.7

    Thanks for the Ad Here's my 16 MKX
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