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  2. jak508

    Transmission shift between 2nd and 3rd

    Sounds good, I will mention to my dealer when I take it in before the end of the month. Let us know how it goes.
  3. I am curious if anyone out there has done a factory xenon to factory led head light upgrade. I’m rebuilding a 18 MKX and would like to put in the full led headlights. The wire plugs are the same but the wires are in diff positions. I know there’s gotta b a way to do it just wondering if anyone has. I cannot find any wire diagrams anywhere. Any help/advice is appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Gurgeh

    Transmission shift between 2nd and 3rd

    Sounds like there is good news. I called my Lincoln dealer today to set up my first service appointment and talked to the service manager. He said that they were just informed that there was a fix for this known issue and that he would be sure that it is done when my car is in for servicing. My guess is that it's a software update.
  5. akirby

    Mileage on Pirelli Scorpion Verdes?

    We have the 21" Pirellis and had to replace them around 22K due to noise. Still had a little bit of tread left but not a lot. I usually get 25K-35K regardless. I think weather and road surfaces plays a bigger role than driving style.
  6. Our '17 MKX has the 18" Pirellis and they are about done at 30K miles. This is with normal, not aggressive driving. What kind of lifespan are others getting on these tires?
  7. Judgre

    Console storage

    I’ve lost money in between the cubby lid and console between the front seats. Anyone experience this?
  8. wbferrara

    New SYNC 3 upgrade available.

    Follow up on my earlier post. Was going to give the upgrade a try, and when I went to insert the USB I had a waiting notification that it had upgraded itself over the air! And seems to work fine. As noted before, only discernible change was that speed on Waze is correct now.
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  10. RRivera

    New SYNC 3 upgrade available.

    Noticed anything different? All I saw that was fixed was the Waze speed bug.
  11. NOTMY911

    New SYNC 3 upgrade available.

    I did my update yesterday from the Lincoln site, JR3T--14G381-AS.zip. After it finish as per p-c mention, when I check the Build it was it 19205. As usual there is something that does not work. This time I could not confirm my successful update on the Lincoln site. If that happened they mention you need to do a manual confirmation by using this link. Of course the link did not work, I got the "Looks like we've hit a roadblock" message... If you do not see the Confirm Update button, you may need to manually report your SYNC software version. Visit the software report page :( https://owner.lincoln.com/tools/account/how-tos/keep-your-sync-up-to-date/report-software-version.html ) and follow the on screen instructions. Call this morning and after 10 minutes of back in forth, she told me that yes it was confirmed!!!
  12. punch-card

    New SYNC 3 upgrade available.

    What is your version of Sync, maybe you updated Sync along with the maps? 19205 is the update number of Sync 3. The other thing you could look at, is what files are on the USB, if they are different, then you are probably updating different parts of Sync 3
  13. wbferrara

    New SYNC 3 upgrade available.

    Curious-about a month ago I did the NAV map update. The download file was JR3T-14G424. The Lincoln site says I have an update available for Sync 3 download file was JR3T--14G381-AS. The car says it still has the older build for Sync 3. Am I going to mess things up installing this update, or is it totally separate from the NAVY update?
  14. Hmm... I thought that one click on the fob gave you perimeter only and two clicks (that produces the beep) gave you all alarmed.
  15. Is it baby reminder ie you open the back door on the way in don't do it on the way out it reminds you?
  16. Yes. When we select "perimeter only" the vehicle defaults back to "all alarmed" the next time it is started up.
  17. He might have been referring to Alexa in the car.
  18. If you check the owner’s manual it appears there is an alarm setting in the menu, Have you tried that?
  19. My wife just took delivery of her Nautilus and LOVES it. However, whenever she takes the dog along with her the alarm goes off when she leaves him inside for a few minutes. I assume this is due to some sort of motion sensor. Is there a way to "adjust" the alarm? thanks
  20. I tried sending direction from Alexa this weekend and couldn't get it to show up in the nav so maybe I was doing something different. I'll have to research this more.
  21. Not exactly what the OP was asking, but I have asked Alexa (using the Lincoln-Alexa app in the car) for directions and the request is handed off to the navigation system nicely: Some other commands available here: https://blog.mapbox.com/alexa-auto-maps-e8c0d8507092
  22. RRivera

    New SYNC 3 upgrade available.

    Funny thing is I saw this update show up when I pulled into my garage and it said it started to download the system update. So looked it up online two days ago and went to install it with a thumb drive when it showed that the vehicle had managed to update itself. Nice. So far, the only thing I've noticed that's different is that the Waze speed discrepancy bug has been fixed.
  23. punch-card

    New SYNC 3 upgrade available.

    version 19205 is now available from owner.lincoln.com, for other postings see Sync forum below. https://fordsyncforum.com/index.php?/topic/7066-92819-new-sync-3-upgrade-available/ Mike
  24. gags

    Power window child safety

    Could someone please check there power window child lock to see if it lights up?
  25. Expressively designed and effortlessly nimble, the all-new Lincoln Corsair arrives as a spacious two-row SUV that combines refined power and a confident, whisper-quiet ride in a luxurious sanctuary that is uniquely Lincoln. View the full article
  26. RRivera

    2016 Lincoln MKX Stealth Edition

    Love it! Looks great.
  27. Val Huckbee

    Check engine light

    has some had the check engine light come on numerous times. 2019. Purge valve replace and it still came back on
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