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  3. Hello. We bought a 2018 Black Label MKX. After three days the audio went out and nothing would change the volume. Let set for an hour started and it was working. Happened again 2 days later. Audion goes out suddenly volume shows 9 but will not change. So far it hasn't come back on yet. Did soft reset twice (Power & FF). Haven't done hard reset. Anyone have an idea? Need more info? Thanks, William
  4. Hi I'm Tom from Toronto. My 2016 MKX side mirror blind spot sensors are suddenly on constantly and not blinking. What could be the problem here?
  5. chrisrod59

    '17 MKX - 2.jpg

    Nice clean MKX!
  6. Had my BLIS System checked at the Lincoln dealership on why my amber light is out in the mirror when a car is approaching me from behind on the drivers side. The dealer informed that the system is good, that the sensors on the drivers are working so they told me the harness from the drivers side mirror to the module needs to be replaced. Price for the harness without labor $2000.00. This is insane how expensive the parts are for the MKX. My MKX 2016 MKX just turned 90k miles. I replaced the 2 front struts and the 2 rear shocks, price for parts and labor $3200.00. It has the Continuous Control Damping Electronically controlled suspension. Wanted to replace my from LED headlamps, some scratches and one has a slight crack. Best price for two new OEM lens is $2500.00. I have seen the new headlamps for up to $4000 per side. Who in their right mind would pay $8000 to replace the LED headlamps. I can't believe the prices, they are crazily insane. Either that or a lot of scammers selling these Lincoln OEM parts.
  7. Dugornot

    Will 17” Edge rims fit a β€˜17 MKX?

    Any luck? Looking to do the same
  8. Dugornot

    Cabin air filter 🌬️

    I'll tell you what, when I replace mine it's like "oh wow, fresh air again". So satisfying. K&N makes a more breathable and reusable version.
  9. Dugornot

    For Anyone Contemplating Lincoln Mudflaps

    Great color. Installed flaps too via eBay. Great callπŸ€™
  10. Any luck? I'm looking to do something similar 2016 MKX.
  11. enigma-2

    WTB OEM 2011 MKX wheel

    You're need to be more specific. Specific model of MKX, base, limited, premium. Color of wheel. Heated or non-heated, Speed control or adaptive speed control. Production date. Ford parts giant lists 18 different steering wheels for the 2011. All are either leather, or wood/leather. None show aluminum spokes. (Doesn't meant that one or more may have them, only they dont show up up in the Ford description). If this is a replacement for your existing steering wheel, try looking up your car using your VIN. If this is a modification you're looking to make, may have to try your local Ford parts department.
  12. enigma-2

    Steering wheel

    You named your steering wheel ? Wierd. I named my septic tank ......... 😊
  13. acm

    Steering wheel

    My wife calls ours "Sid" because, well, Ice Age...
  14. acm

    Hi From Calgary

    That is absolutely a Calgary-winter-dust before picture.
  15. southspark

    Hello from the Gulf of Mexico

    Thanks for the input. Does Edge have the same horn location as MKX ? I've already bought and assembled a custom mounting bracket for Cadillac Fleetwood 4 note horns. Have the same under the hood of my Lesabre and they sure get the attention of people looking at their phones when the light is green!!
  16. Hello from SW Virginia. Proud owner of 2019 Nautilus. Love this CUV / SUV. Here to learn more about the Nautilus.
  17. akirby

    Hello from the Gulf of Mexico

    They switched from dual to single horns. Lots of DIY dual upgrades on Edges. Do a forum or Google search
  18. Cosmos36

    Hello from the Gulf of Mexico

    I'm wondering if there is a difference between the MKX 2016 and 2018 horns. I have always considered the former to be most comparable to the fantastic 1950s Cadillac horns which I owned 'back in the day'. Perhaps the horn in your 2018 is of lesser stature.
  19. recent buyer of '18 mkx black label. Underwhelmed by horn. Looking for info on how to access the horn for upgrade. Thanks.
  20. enigma-2

    Seat Heater

    Tell us a little more. Does your car have heated seats or heated and a/c cooled seats? (Different designs and guts).
  21. XBRN Auto Trim Removal Tool Kit,13 Pcs Car Panel Door Window Tools Kit,Auto Clip Fastener Remover Pry Tool Set https://a.co/d/65RiNaO
  22. Thanks for the tips...sorry but I don't know what the panel tool is to pry out the panel...any images I can look at?
  23. Can confirm - for me when I open the door during the daytime my ambient lighting turns on, onto the custom setting set in MFT. Not white. When it does this - everything functions the same (doors are blue, everything else is the custom set Purple). I reached out to the previous owner, and he said this just randomly started happening once. He just set his ambient color to Blue and never thought about it again. Should have a USB to OBD wire in tomorrow, and water pump done by Thursday. Will then get into Forscan and see what's set there for the lighting.
  24. Rebecca Mayeux


    Just bought a 2017 MKX the rattle/noise sounds like hail hitting the car, with this being said for a luxury vehicle or any vehicle is not acceptable, I brought my car back to the dealer 5 times its a major issues and clearly one many are having. the dealer just tells you bullshit and the mechanics have no clue, I am about to get a attorney and go on Social media for a class action law suit. I have read many issues with these vehicles. It needs to be rectified asap and no one is doing anything. Horrible customer service from Bay Lincoln Deal PCB FL, and no help from Lincoln because they know its a defect.
  25. Thank you so much for this. This is definitely a starting point to try to narrow things down. I can comment that when it's night time, my ambient lighting does not react to the door being opened/closed. However when it is daytime, and I open a door, my ambient lighting turns on and then turns off. I will have to confirm, but I believe it turns on using the setting in MFT, and not default white. Will need to play with it. I also wonder if it has anything to do with the car having only a MyKey, and no Admin Keys currently. Have to go get new keys programmed after the water pump and see if that changes any behavior.
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