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  1. punch-card

    Update to Android Auto with Sync3

    If you use Android Auto, check this posting out on the Sync Forum. The new menu is nice, and maybe I just imaging it seems to be faster at least when I start up Waze. https://fordsyncforum.com/index.php?/topic/7003-new-version-of-android-auto-now-works-with-sync3/
  2. punch-card

    New guy with a key fob question

    I wonder if the fob was for another vehicle like mkc or some other, and it half programmed, or the fob doesn't send exactly the correct signal for the vehicle a MKX. Maybe look at the part numbers inside the FOB... Just a thought....
  3. punch-card

    Headlight INOP

    almost $3900 for me (or should I say my insurance) in 2016..... Check my post from May 2016
  4. punch-card

    Setting for "Unfold Mirrors"

    Checked mine over the weekend.. Mine is still there....
  5. punch-card

    Door water leak

    DebC, Do what I did, First make sure that you can repeat the door leaking like my video. If I remember correctly someone was guessing that the folded mirrors were causing the leaks, so you might test that theory by taking the MKX through a car wash with the mirrors folded. Then when you are pretty sure the case exists, take the car in to the dealer, and have the service manager pull the plastic under the speaker like in my video. What was funny when I took my MKX in to the the service manager said "oh that was just a one time occurrence", and it just so happened that it had rained heavily the night before and also the Service Manager had taken home an MKX, and he said "Watch this, I left the car out and I did not have any problems," then we went to the car and he pull the passenger door and it started draining water, He never argued with me any more. He ended up totally covering the door frame with a 3m sealing membrane. I look to see if I have the receipt where he did the repair. Good Luck, Mike
  6. punch-card

    Lincoln Way

    Turned out Lastpass was trying to write to password field and cause app to crash, disable password setting for the lincoln app and then it did not crash.
  7. punch-card

    Lincoln Way

    I have the opposite issue, I logged out of the app per suggestion, and now I enter my email address, click on the password field and the app crashes... I tried 5+ times same results... Oh well... maybe there will be an another update soon...
  8. punch-card

    2018 Recall

    Another recall invoking small number of vehicles. https://media.ford.com/content/fordmedia/fna/us/en/news/2018/09/13/ford-issues-safety-recall-in-north-america-for-select-2018-ford-.html Ford Issues Safety Recall in North America for Select 2018 Ford Edge and Lincoln MKX Vehicles for Door Striker BoltsDEARBORN, Mich., Sept. 13, 2018 – Ford is issuing a recall for approximately 555 select 2018 Ford Edge and Lincoln MKX vehicles in North America to replace door striker bolts in all four doors. In affected vehicles, some door striker bolts may be 5 millimeters shorter than the required length. In the event of a crash, a shorter bolt may allow the door to open, increasing the risk of injury. Dealers will replace door striker bolts in all four doors at no cost to customers. Ford is not aware of any reports of accident or injury as a result of this condition. Affected vehicles include 2018 Ford Edge and 2018 Lincoln MKX vehicles built at Oakville Assembly Plant, July 27-31, 2018. There are approximately 555 vehicles in North America relating to this concern, with 503 vehicles in the United States and its federalized territories, 51 in Canada and one in Mexico. The Ford reference number for this recall is 18C06.
  9. punch-card

    Sync3 update 18093

    When I looked at general --> apps this weekend, the Lincoln App was the only phone app listed, there was a Sirius icon. I don't think you are alone with this.
  10. punch-card

    Sync3 update 18093

    Downloaded from owner.lincoln.com, official. https://owner.lincoln.com/tools/account/how-tos/keep-your-sync-up-to-date.html
  11. punch-card

    Sync3 update 18093

    Just update my Sync3 from 18025 to 18093, it took about 5 minutes once thumb drive was plugged into MKX. Not sure what was fixed, but here is what they are reporting on the Sync Forum https://fordsyncforum.com/index.php?/topic/6533-sync-3-30-build-18093;-seems-to-have-fixed-a-couple-of-my-issues;-what-have-you-seen/ I did find that waze on IOS has been updated. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mvFrDYlOrto Now if it only Waze on Applink would start working for Android, I can wish, can't I?
  12. punch-card

    2018 Recall

    Select 2018 Ford Edge, 2019 Ford Flex, 2018 Lincoln MKX and 2019 Lincoln MKT vehicles for improperly secured power supply cable fasteners Ford is issuing a recall for approximately 100 2018 Ford Edge, 2019 Ford Flex, 2018 Lincoln MKX and 2019 Lincoln MKT vehicles that may not have the power supply cable fastener properly secured to the alternator or to the starter motor. In the affected vehicles, if the nut used to fasten the power supply cable to the starter motor or alternator is not fully tightened or is cross threaded, the interface may not provide a secure connection. An improperly fastened power supply cable increases the potential for an electrical surge, which could lead to a fire. Ford is not aware of any fires, accidents or injuries related to this condition. Affected vehicles include 2018 Ford Edge, 2019 Ford Flex, 2018 Lincoln MKX and 2019 Lincoln MKT vehicles built at Oakville Assembly Plant on May 29, 2018. There are approximately 87 vehicles in the United States and seven in Canada. The Ford reference number for this recall is 18S25. Dealers will inspect the alternator and starter motor power supply cable nuts and studs for cross threading or damage and verify that the nuts are properly torqued using a torque wrench, at no charge to the customer. REF: https://media.ford.com/content/fordmedia/fna/us/en/news/2018/08/22/ford-issues-two-safety-recalls-in-north-america.html
  13. punch-card

    110V Outlet Use?

    The one time I tried to use mine, I found that it does not work unless the ignition is on, unlike the USB that say on for a period of time.
  14. punch-card

    SYNC Update from 2.3 to 3.0

    Funny you should post, the past couple of weeks I have been seeing the same things, and want to get a screen capture so I could post the same. Although my pop-up is only occasionally.
  15. punch-card

    Cooled seats and...

    Try doing a detailed search, standard search limit the posting to 2 years I have found http://lincolnmkxforum.com/index.php?app=core&module=search&section=search&do=search&fromsearch=1 Make sure to select the correct "Find in Forum" and check "Display results as post", and I used the word "cooling"