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  1. punch-card

    4g Modem replacement

    Are you having to activate or is dealer doing it?
  2. punch-card

    4g Modem replacement

  3. punch-card

    4g Modem replacement

    I am guessing 100-200 to install, but I can't see $500 for a 6 year old, which is nice to have but not absolutely necessary. Then on top of that you probably have a monthly charge from the cellular carrier....
  4. punch-card

    4g Modem replacement

    Has anyone priced the upgrade from 3g to 4g Modem?
  5. punch-card

    sync 3 to 3.4 update

    If you are trying to update a 2016 mkx, this version (3.4) is not compatible. Check the SYNC forum https://fordsyncforum.com/index.php?/forum/51-ford-sync-3-support-discussion/
  6. punch-card

    Couple issues here all at same time, not sure if related.

    Yes you could hear it as I remember, but I pulled on the very front bottom of the plastic on the door, It seems that most likely it happen because the mirrors were folded and there were some heavy rain. If you don't park in a garage or covered, I probably would agree that it could be either the AC drain or Sun roof. Good Luck.
  7. punch-card

    Couple issues here all at same time, not sure if related.

    Jguff, You might check to see if you have the same issue I had back in 2016. Door Water Leak
  8. punch-card

    Ford Sync Forum Site Update

    FYI ..... "Their Back...." a month later
  9. punch-card

    Ford Sync Forum Site Update

    I think they are just out of "Sync" 😁
  10. punch-card

    Ford Sync Forum Site Update

    I guess "short" is a matter of interpretation 😉
  11. punch-card

    Brake longevity.

    I can say that I just surpassed 100K and the last visit to the dealer for oil change, both the pads and the rotors were in the green, when I get a minute I will see if there were any measurements documented. I will say that probably 80% of my driving is interstate, so as they say "Your mileage may vary"
  12. punch-card

    3 of 4 Brake lines failed within last 12 months

    I had seen the report when it first came out a month or so ago. Which prompted me to go find all my receipts. Now I need to go buy the dealer to see how to make a claim for the lines I have already replaced. Also if you notice the recall is only the front brake lines but after I had first my front two line break, then one of my back lines failed (this thread), that is when I had the shop (not dealer) replace both the broken rear line and the rear line that was sure to fail shortly. I am sure Ford is going to not want to do it, we will see, maybe I will get lucky...
  13. punch-card


    Is this related to the Latch? When it does not work, the tailgate starts to lift (not a lot) then immediately closes? But not all the time, it would work sometimes. If this was the symptoms , then probably the latch has gone bad like mine did. The other week I had to have my latch replaced, fortunately my extending warranty covered the replacement latch. Good Luck
  14. punch-card

    3 of 4 Brake lines failed within last 12 months

    Cosmos, So for some detail, I have about 91K on the MKX. As for as far as environment, I am in the St Louis area, we get some snow, but really not that much as compared to up north. As for the Brake line, it is the part number BRHF213 an what is happening there is a break in the hydraulic line under the shield that I circled in red. Each time it happened the mechanic reported brake fluid coming out from the end of that shield hose. The is nothing as far as leading events, fluid levels were normal, I have the dealer change my oil every time and the do a "21 point inspection" or something like that, so if there was tail tail signs I think they would have flagged it. When it happens it is all the sudden as I am driving and try to brake and then my foot goes all the way to the floor with a minimum of braking happening. The first time it happened I was on the freeway heading home from work going 60+ mph, liked to scared the **** out of me. But I was able to get the vehicle stopped, the second and third time is was in a parking lot going into a parking place, but I could tell immediately what was going on, and grabbed the e-brake as a back up. As for the temp, the first was in April (60+f), the second in June (70-80) and last Saturday is was in the 40's. Oh what topped it off, yesterday after work as I was walking out to my vehicle I just happen to look down at on of my rear wheels (where lines were replaced) and here was one of my lug nuts half the way off. Stupid mechanic did not torque down any of the lug nuts in the rear, I am lucky they did not come off since I drive about 25 miles each way to and from work. So I had driven on the vehicle for 75 miles at least before I discovered the issue. I am going back to the shop and talk to the store manager.... A little ticked to say the least.
  15. Since last April I have had to replace 3 of 4 brake lines (attaching to brake) in my 2016 MKX. In all the years of driving I have never owned a vehicle that I have replaced one of my brake line unless the vehicle was quite a bit older. The first brake line that failed was in April 2019. I took vehicle to dealer thinking it might be covered under the extended warranty or maybe a TSB or recall, but it was not. Then I replaced the next one in June 2019, and the last one this week at a near by auto shop. As a precaution I had the mechanic replace the 4th line because if the other 3 had failed, I figured it would only be a matter of time before the 4th line would failed. The one thing I did this last time I had the mechanic save the old lines. Has anyone else had this issue with their MKX?