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  1. NOTMY911

    2016 mkx headlight replacement

    My first question to the "dealer" would be, why it's not cover by the warranty?
  2. You can really se the face of the dog when you look at it from an angle +/- 45 degrees
  3. NOTMY911

    mkx cat rotten egg smell

    You could try a different gas supplier.
  4. NOTMY911

    mkx cat rotten egg smell

    How old is the MKX?
  5. Just like the original socket, some cables does not support CarPlay.
  6. Look like a stylized cat on it...
  7. NOTMY911

    Back hatch

    Had this problem twice (one under warranty). Both time it was the strut. I posted the part # in another thread. I'll see if I can find it.
  8. Any insight into the changes?
  9. NOTMY911

    2018 MkX strong musty odor

    Smell like your 2 problems could be related...
  10. NOTMY911

    2.7 engine bay mystery box

    Sacrificial Anodes work well on Submarine or below the water line on Ship but but not so good when exposed to Air. https://www.marineinsight.com/tech/understanding-sacrificial-anodes-on-ships/
  11. NOTMY911

    2016-2018 MKX brake hose recall update.

    Bonne chance but If you made an appointment for the 20 of May, odds are it will not happened.
  12. NOTMY911

    2.7 engine bay mystery box

    Might want to ask the wife... Just saying 😁
  13. NOTMY911

    Double Beep!

    End of story...
  14. NOTMY911

    Mystery problem

    Maybe the new battery is bad. How was it tested? Borrow one just to make sure before you go down the tracing down what bad sensor could it be route.
  15. NOTMY911

    2021 Nautilus

    Well a week later thanks to Covid... I did a test drive and while the display is huge, it does not impede the view. My ex-salesmen is at lost to explain why every Lincoln got the HUD except for the 2021 Nautilus. Also the whole organization seem screw-up. They receive 3 2021 Nautilus without any warning. They just got the 2021 order book form but they are getting info on the 2022... I'll pass it on as soon as I get them. There is a chance that they will mis the boat unless they don't announce the 2022 early. BMW X3 is getting a LCI for 2022, the new MDX 2022 will have a S version with 3l TT and the GV70 is on pre-order.