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  1. NOTMY911

    Replacement wheel

    Check with a wheel refurnishing shop to see if it can be salvage.
  2. NOTMY911

    Fusion wheels will fit on a 2016 MKX!

    On the the 1st Day of Christmas... Quick Jack 7000 down to $1200 Cdn ($900 USD), delivered @ Costco :https://www.costco.ca/quickjack-bl-7000slx-3182-kg-(7000-lb.)-portable-car-lifting-system.product.100485193.html
  3. NOTMY911

    Fusion wheels will fit on a 2016 MKX!

    Probably a Quick Jack. Costco Canada is the best price. They just had a $100 off a couple of weeks ago https://www.costco.ca/quickjack-bl-5000slx-2273-kg-(5000-lb.)-portable-car-lifting-system.product.100401764.html
  4. NOTMY911

    Ford Sync Forum Site

    It is, thanks AK
  5. NOTMY911

    Ford Sync Forum Site

    All of a sudden just when time change last week-end I'm getting this on a MacPro: "This Connection is not private" warning. It mention that their Certificate has expired. Anybody else getting that and what is the fix?
  6. NOTMY911

    Front Seat Cooling

    OK back to check if the buttons thermo-electric device are getting power
  7. NOTMY911

    Front Seat Cooling

    Re-reading you post, if both front seats got the same problem (no heat/cooling but the fans work) I doubt that the problem is with the seats. More likely what control the power to the TED. I'm guessing that neither TED are getting power.
  8. NOTMY911

    Front Seat Cooling

    From enigma-2 diagram (post # 10 above).
  9. NOTMY911

    Front Seat Cooling

    Check if the thermo-electric device getting power
  10. NOTMY911

    Fusion wheels will fit on a 2016 MKX!

    Probably my next set when I get my next Nautilus (waiting for next generation).
  11. NOTMY911

    Fusion wheels will fit on a 2016 MKX!

    My best winter tire ever were Share on FacebookShare on TwitterShare on PinterestEmail Page to a Friend ICEGUARD IG51V
  12. NOTMY911

    New SYNC 3 upgrade available.

    I did my update yesterday from the Lincoln site, JR3T--14G381-AS.zip. After it finish as per p-c mention, when I check the Build it was it 19205. As usual there is something that does not work. This time I could not confirm my successful update on the Lincoln site. If that happened they mention you need to do a manual confirmation by using this link. Of course the link did not work, I got the "Looks like we've hit a roadblock" message... If you do not see the Confirm Update button, you may need to manually report your SYNC software version. Visit the software report page :( https://owner.lincoln.com/tools/account/how-tos/keep-your-sync-up-to-date/report-software-version.html ) and follow the on screen instructions. Call this morning and after 10 minutes of back in forth, she told me that yes it was confirmed!!!
  13. NOTMY911


    I'm waiting...
  14. NOTMY911

    2007 MKX won't remote start

    Read through these 37 posts, it might help https://www.f150forum.com/f38/remote-start-one-horn-beep-120264/index4/