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  1. NOTMY911

    Rear Lift Gate Support Struts

    Aren't you under warranty? Might be different North of the 48th parallel as we got 4 years bumper to bumper.
  2. NOTMY911

    window controls my mirror

    That was punishment for # 2...
  3. NOTMY911

    Does fuel access door lock?

    I did a lot of bad thing in my life which I regret but the "sugar thing" in the tank never cross my mind as its a myth... 😀 https://auto.howstuffworks.com/fuel-efficiency/fuel-consumption/sugar-in-gas-tank.htm
  4. Seriously, a tad hard on someone that got 1 post.
  5. NOTMY911

    Door/Handle Touch Unlock

    It work with the other fob, probably time to change the battery.
  6. NOTMY911

    Door/Handle Touch Unlock

    Funny mine did the same today...
  7. NOTMY911

    New member. Have MKX for 4 years!

    I hope not... Mine will be out of warranty in about 100Km (exactly 20K Km a year). I bought a 3dr Party Extended Warranty (Ensurall Canada) for more than 70% off what Lincoln wanted.
  8. NOTMY911

    Lincoln Way App

    Just notice the same...
  9. From another forum (no year given): I had to find this for my mkx when I purchased it used. The dealership wanted to charge me bigtime. I found this. Lie with your head in the driver side foot area. Look to the side and there is a fuse box. Using a flashlight, there is a sticker with a 5 digit code stuck within the area, (may have a letter after it, disregard this) That is your door entry code.
  10. NOTMY911

    Replacement wheel

    Check with a wheel refurnishing shop to see if it can be salvage.
  11. NOTMY911

    Fusion wheels will fit on a 2016 MKX!

    On the the 1st Day of Christmas... Quick Jack 7000 down to $1200 Cdn ($900 USD), delivered @ Costco :https://www.costco.ca/quickjack-bl-7000slx-3182-kg-(7000-lb.)-portable-car-lifting-system.product.100485193.html
  12. NOTMY911

    Fusion wheels will fit on a 2016 MKX!

    Probably a Quick Jack. Costco Canada is the best price. They just had a $100 off a couple of weeks ago https://www.costco.ca/quickjack-bl-5000slx-2273-kg-(5000-lb.)-portable-car-lifting-system.product.100401764.html
  13. NOTMY911

    Ford Sync Forum Site

    It is, thanks AK
  14. NOTMY911

    Ford Sync Forum Site

    All of a sudden just when time change last week-end I'm getting this on a MacPro: "This Connection is not private" warning. It mention that their Certificate has expired. Anybody else getting that and what is the fix?
  15. NOTMY911

    Front Seat Cooling

    OK back to check if the buttons thermo-electric device are getting power