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  1. NOTMY911

    Beware Michelin Guardian wiper blades.

    No needs for hope... They take everything back. I returned Organic coffee that tasted like $hit, almost end of the roll (650') of aluminium paper that kept ripping on the edge and so on, full refund every time. The 4 years warranty must be different North of the 54th Parallel because they change mine for free just about every year.
  2. NOTMY911

    Replacing cabin filter in 2016- MKX

    I hear you, the last time an "expert" that touch my 911 was 10 years ago... I guess I'm pretty lucky my dealership is half way to my work, so I drop it in the morning and drive off with the loaner.
  3. NOTMY911

    Replacing cabin filter in 2016- MKX

    I'm surprise that you had to pay for it. They change mine at 24 months as well as the wipers for free every time I told them that they were noisy or leaved streaks.
  4. They more than likely screw-up the wheel bearing replacement.
  5. NOTMY911

    Lincoln MKX Forum - Move To Dedicated Server

    Thanks for the warning...
  6. NOTMY911

    2016 MKX vs 2017 & 3.7 vs 2.7 question

    MKX with a 3.7 twin turbo! Must be the only one they ever made...
  7. NOTMY911

    First road trip observations

    That is the only option that I would not get again. Even in the low setting, I find it too rough.
  8. NOTMY911

    Lincoln Paint Protection / Coating

  9. NOTMY911

    Sync Card

    If you got Sync3, stop looking as you would not ave one.
  10. I guess their Google guy was on vacation...
  11. NOTMY911

    Battery dies while towing behind RV

    You might be surprise, like we use to say in the Navy; "engineer can calculate the square root of a pickle jar, but unfortunatlely can't get the lid off"
  12. NOTMY911

    New Member - ThatMikeGuy

    Enjoy, I got 3.7 version with all options/packages (except for the overprice 21 speakers audio systems) and love it. Had a 2013 and waiting for the next design to trade my 2016.
  13. Maybe its just me but if the news is about their new audio system maybe they should show something related as oppose to what the Aviator outside look-like... Something like they did a while back for the MKX THX.
  14. I guess they could not even show a sketch of it...
  15. NOTMY911

    Battery dies while towing behind RV

    Could not tell you for sure. Did you go through A Kirby links above? Maybe a question for your dealership. Hard to believe that Ford would not have think of that.