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  1. thisguy159


    One of the worst subject lines ever. Might as well be Re:
  2. I had the issue as well and asked the dealer to help me out when I did the oil change. They just pulled out the existing usb and I did the rest they didn't charge me.
  3. thisguy159

    2017 Lincoln mkx

    I don't have that issue even when drinking dow i80 or 39 in the Midwest.
  4. thisguy159

    Panoramic roof operation

    2016 work as you described starting with 2017 they partially close
  5. thisguy159

    Panoramic roof operation

  6. https://fordauthority.com/2020/09/heavily-revised-2021-lincoln-nautilus-interior-leaked-in-new-photo/
  7. Is it baby reminder ie you open the back door on the way in don't do it on the way out it reminds you?
  8. thisguy159

    Poor sound quality from Satellite Radio

    Us Android auto to change stations and no satellite reception in the forest /buildings where otherwise cell reception is...we can keep going in circles or argue about things that 99% of people will not experience 99% of times
  9. thisguy159

    Poor sound quality from Satellite Radio

    Pay extra 15 dollars on your phone bill cancel Sirius stream everything including music and move on.
  10. thisguy159

    Poor sound quality from Satellite Radio

    Can somebody move this to the Sirius forum. Ty
  11. I had two separate ears confirm that the sounds systems is pretty fantastic. I do acknowledge your might be broken or you listen to satellite radio and expect cd quality
  12. thisguy159

    Update to Android Auto with Sync3

    Whoops sorry I totally misread that in that case nothing applink related works for me