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  1. Ty...likely backorder for who knows how long.
  2. thisguy159

    Thoughts on nautilus parts fitting mkx

    Hey I did end up getting a replacement bezel from the Nautilus for my 2016 mkx (the plastic piece that goes around cup holders and into the center console.) Happy to report it works and fits just fine.
  3. Hey All, My 2016 mkx reserve is at the dealer getting the recall done on the brake hose 68k. However I also got a check engine light that lead to a faulty catalytic converter. My question is what is the warranty on catalytic converters and is it dependent on state. I'm in IL. Thanks for the help,
  4. Looking to replace my console cup holder bezel because one of the clips in the front has broken off and now I'm getting squeaking. Would like to use nautilus part since it has the retractable um...adjustors? not sure what to call it but basically as opposed to the MKX's rubber. Has anybody had any experience with it and do you think that woudl be a part that got modified as interior change was relatively minor.
  5. thisguy159

    Double Beep!

    It's silly to you not me and others that complain about it. Again defending a poor implementation. Your response should be limited to "I don't share your opinion but I understand why you may not like it.".
  6. thisguy159

    Cup holder assembly.

    Hi looking to replace the cup holder assembly in my 16 mkx. I believe the 17 has a newer version of the cupholder? 16s have a rubber bump and I think the 17s and up have a retractable buttons that or whatever you would call it. Can somebody confirm that on a 17 or up. I want to replace because I'm getting some squeaking and one of the tabs that hold it in place is broken. Any idea how to go about getting.just that part. Pics attached.
  7. thisguy159

    Double Beep!

    This is the worst argument akriby...is it really that big of a deal to crank a handle to open a window? Nobody here says it's not needed the implantation is crap. I keep a key in my packet forgot something in the house BEEP BEEP. Run into 7-11 leave car running BEEP BEEP. Every other company has a nicer implementation followed by ford modifying theirs. Not sure why this is being defended as complaints keep coming.
  8. thisguy159

    Double Beep!

    This is completely wrong its the worst thing on the car absolutely awful design.
  9. thisguy159


    One of the worst subject lines ever. Might as well be Re:
  10. I had the issue as well and asked the dealer to help me out when I did the oil change. They just pulled out the existing usb and I did the rest they didn't charge me.
  11. thisguy159

    2017 Lincoln mkx

    I don't have that issue even when drinking dow i80 or 39 in the Midwest.
  12. thisguy159

    Panoramic roof operation

    2016 work as you described starting with 2017 they partially close
  13. thisguy159

    Panoramic roof operation