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  1. Aight. Need some direction here. Have a 2009 mkx. Car will crank and run great, but after a few miles every light will flash on the dash and the headlights will go out. It will keep running but if you stop and turn it off, it will not crank till around 24hrs later. You can put key in ignition and turn it, all dash lights will be normal, radio and everything will work but it won't turn over or even click. I've put a new battery on it and yes I had it tested. Have a trusted mechanic look at it and he put a new tested instrument cluster in it. Neither fixed the issue. He is thinking a bad sensor but tracing it down will be long and costly. Only work done other than standard maintenance is back passenger tire had a wheel bearing start to go out so had a mechanic fix it. The starting problem started right before he replaced the bearing. Aight what do y'all think. Suggestions.. thanks