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  1. Cosmos36

    Factory Recall

    My 2016 MKX came through the production process with no flaws, but there were several early VIN models that never left the factory due to faulty fit & finish. At 40,000+ miles and DIY maintenance, my MKX has not yet been to a dealer for any issues or service, but a recall visit for brake line replacement is pending when parts become available. The recall on your 2019 was to prevent airbag deployment/failure due to wiring interference when reclining the seats (note: info added to inform readers who may have wondered what your dealer visit entailed).
  2. Cosmos36

    2021 Nautilus

    Edit of the above: With all the advantages offered by inline-6 configurations, especially smoothness/balance, torque, I would choose an inline 6 over a V6 on any occasion.
  3. Cosmos36

    2021 Nautilus

    With all the advantages offered by V6 configurations, especially smoothness/balance/torque, I would choose an inline 6 over a V6 on any occasion. The advent of twin turbos has diminished one of the inline issues, i.e. long induction plumbing.
  4. Cosmos36

    2021 Nautilus

    I'm very disappointed that the superb 2.7 V6 turbo isn't available in the Nautilus base model anymore ( e.g. as in my Select model)...a deal-breaker for me since I'm not interested in all the expensive additional features of the other trim levels. Over several years my experiences with busy-bee four cylinder engines has not been satisfying.
  5. Sooooo! Fuel cell engineers, listen up. It appears that a solution has been found to the huge issue of fuel cells discharging H2O (instead of noxious fumes) into the nation's environments...just evaporate the nasty fuel cell exhaust.
  6. It's easy to check the sunroof drainage...just open the sunroof, pour a small, steady stream of water on the forward passenger side drainage, and watch for the water's exit onto the pavement below the A-pillar. If plugged, use a commercially sourced product for clearing the drain canal or use a stiff wire to do the job.
  7. Back in August 2020 Ford issued a notice by letter of a recall (# 20S42) concerning rupturing brake hoses on MKXs manufactured between 11/11/2014 & 12/21/17. The letter stated that dealers would be notifying MKX owners of parts availability at a later date. Since I've heard nothing further since , today I checked Ford's website: it stated that the recall was "incomplete, remedy not yet available". So, I called my dealer's service to confirm. They said that Ford recently provided notice that parts availability had been altered from 4th QTR 2020 to 1st QTR 2021. I've marked my calendar to keep track of this important service.
  8. Cosmos36

    2021 Nautilus

    AK...As a spouse married for 61 years (two marriages separated by a 4 year recovery period), I had a refreshing chuckle reading-rereading your above post at least four times. Aarrgghhh! describes the angst as well as the levity of the marital scenario well. LOL.
  9. Cosmos36

    A toast.

    Offering a toast to the new year 2021 with a fervent wish for diminished chaos and an abundance of love, tenderness, and macaroons. Cheers!
  10. Cosmos36

    Front storage compartment lid won't lock open

    During the early years of my MKX ownership I repeatedly closed the lid to the storage area incorrectly as described in your post. Eventually I noted my error and breathed a sign of relief that I hadn't damaged the mechanism. In more recent years, I noted the spouse also incorrectly closing the storage area lid improperly and corrected her prior to any damage occurring. I suppose there is a detent of some sort that could be damaged, but I've never determined the details of the mechanism involved, so regretfully, I am at a loss to offer any assistance.
  11. Cosmos36

    2021 Nautilus

    Congrats...if that Bimmer 3.0L inline six cylinder (with perfect primary-secondary balancing) is as smooth as the inline 6 barrel Toyota Crown I owned in 1968, you'll be very pleased with the X3 powertrain. Back 'in the day' I won several bets by balancing a nickel on the idling engine of that superb (and rare) Japanese import.
  12. Cosmos36

    2021 Nautilus

    The V6 2.7L is a unique premium engine. I can't imagine myself ever owning a four cylinder vehicle again after previous disappointing experiences with them.
  13. Cosmos36

    2021 Nautilus

    My observations were based on sitting in the driver's seat of a 2020 Aviator.
  14. Cosmos36

    2021 Nautilus

    I'm seeing a very intrusive driver's line-of-sight view of the 2021 Nautilus starboard bow caused by the height of the navi/info screen. I suppose Lincoln's marketing would rationalize the obstructed view with the argument that the height provides road level viewing equivalent to HUD, which it appears is not available yet as an option. To me it's like driving with a patch over my right eye...very disconcerting. Too often, I've been unable to see a curbside pedestrian due to the A-pillar: I don't need additional restrictions of my forward or quarter vision, especially that of, say, a child on a tricycle.
  15. Cosmos36

    Power Liftgate stop working

    A few days ago a shop replaced my battery which caused a few new colors & displays to appear on the dash. Yesterday, a CEL appeared during a road trip. I haven't checked out the source of the CEL yet, but I'll bet it's related to the removal of the air filter (to facilitate the battery removal) in some way (e.g. mass air flow). I'm not a fan of modern vehicle computers/sensors being so sensitive to interruptions. Bah! Sorry to digress.