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  1. Cosmos36

    Hello from the Gulf of Mexico

    I'm wondering if there is a difference between the MKX 2016 and 2018 horns. I have always considered the former to be most comparable to the fantastic 1950s Cadillac horns which I owned 'back in the day'. Perhaps the horn in your 2018 is of lesser stature.
  2. Cosmos36

    Drone at idle, trans gear not matter

    Your description closely describes the 'drone' commonly experienced by owners of recent vintage MKX owners (mine with the 2.7 turbo) when a cold engine is first fired off and running for the next minute or two until the ECM adjusts fuel mixtures & engine timing. It's all intentional to address emissions at startup, but some owners have admitted to being embarrassed when they were showing/demonstrating their new MKXs. Perhaps your 3.7 ECM is mimicking the more recent vintage MKXs.
  3. Cosmos36

    Drone at idle, trans gear not matter

    I would suspect that some function (or functions) of the Engine Control Unit/Module (ECU aka ECM) affecting ignition timing, air-fuel mixture, variable valve timing, etc may be influencing engine sounds, especially during idling prior to engine warmup.
  4. Cosmos36

    Hello All

    Welcome to the forum. Even after 7+ years of ownership, I'm still so satisfied with my twin turbo MKX that I won't consider parting with it. It remains one of the finest performing & best appearing vehicles on the road. Enjoy.
  5. Cosmos36

    Misfire bank2

    Bank one is next to the firewall...bank 2 in next to the radiator.
  6. On some vehicles, even of recent vintages, that are not garaged in coastal areas and subject to salt corrosion commonly confront such issues in western Oregon seaports. I wonder if JFD resides in such an environment per his Southern Atlantic regional location.
  7. Cosmos36

    New Member

    Welcome to the forum jeepdoc. Congrats on being active at your age even though some members here might consider you a youngster since they can clearly recall the bombing of Pearl Harbor. And, some of those folks may still maintain their vehicles just as you described. Fair winds and pleasant sailing to you.
  8. Cosmos36

    Tire recommendations

    In some locales, it may be difficult to find a retailer that will install differing tires at front or rear-only axels, especially snow tires. In Oregon a lawsuit involving installation of snow tires only on the front of a FWD vehicle that was involved in a fatal crash spooked tire retailers.
  9. Cosmos36

    2017 MKX Black Label

    The "...typical life of brake pads" varies by media source and a plethora of conditions & caveats, but 45,000 miles commonly appears. My MKX is at that number now with plenty of pad left. Some years ago (the '70s), a Maverick was given to a family member with 93,000 miles on both the original brakes & Michelin tires. Your mileage is exceptional and likely reflects both your topography (no mountain driving), freeway vs suburban driving, and disciplined driving manners. I cringe at the poor driving manners of some others on the road who drag their brakes down hills, racing from stoplight to stoplight, braking constantly while tailgating, etc. Incidentally, thanks for not referring to your vehicle's 'breaks'. And, welcome to the forum.
  10. I have never experienced this issue with my MKX (or any other vehicle), but I'm wondering why your post did not mention any alert of a BLIS malfunction in your vehicle's information display. I assume that you inspected the sensor area for any debris or damage that could be influencing the BLIS function.
  11. Cosmos36


    Hmmm...just wondering if there is any possible connection to recall #20S37 re: seat wiring harness issue affecting air bag?
  12. During model years 2009-2010 Ford produced in excess of 77,000 vehicles with EcoBoost (EB) engines. By the fall of 2013 Ford had produced a total of 2 million EB-equipped vehicles and hit the 5 million mark in March 2015. The domestic & global records for annual and total EB production have continued for each subsequent year. Since the introduction of Ford EBs, many individual owner's EB engines have exceeded 250,000 accumulated miles. Granted, some of those owners have surely experienced a variety of issues with the several generations of EB motors. However, my 2.7L EB has had no problems in over 6 years of self-maintained ownership and I don't anticipate any in the foreseeable future. As to the future of current combustion engines, the global EV30@30 campaign promotes a goal of 30% electric vehicles on the world's roads by the year 2030. That includes hybrid & fuel cell vehicles...it will certainly provide room for continued production of some EcoBoost engines with continuing refinements.
  13. The OP's use of '2.T' confuses the inquiry when reference is later made to 2.7 & 3.7 engine reliability. The MKX never had a 2.0 ecoboost engine. It arrived in the 2019 Nautilus with direct injection. It can be assumed that the OP is referring to a 2.7L turbo V6 in a 2016-2018 MKX.
  14. I have the 2.7TT engine in a 2016 Select with 45,000+ carefree miles. The novel engineering, performance (especially torque), and fuel mileage (22 mpg suburban, 27 mpg @ 70 mph/lazy 2,000 rpm) of the "nano" EcoBoost engine enhance its fine reputation. It is especially suited for both freeways and mountainous driving.
  15. Cosmos36


    According to current Consumer Reports, Lincoln branded vehicles reliability rankings "...have been disastrous, ranking dead last amongst all manufacturers." That has not been my experience comparing my 2016 MKX to various branded vehicles over many decades of purchases.