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  1. Optional 2.7TT engine? Has the 20S42 brake hose line recall been performed? Keep it maintained with premium synthetic oil and enjoy.
  2. Your 2012 low mileage MKX looks sharp and well maintained. Keep it healthy with a premium synthetic oil and enjoy.
  3. When considering the purchase of the 22 way seat for the same reason as noted by Zumkopf, my comparison testing of the two options (22 way vs standard seating) led me to the same observations of jkoleh, i.e. the slight increase of the premium seat's cushion does not offer any significant improvement over the standard seat (which remains too short & too narrow).
  4. So...perhaps the final 2+ model years on the CD4 platform at Oakville?
  5. Cosmos36

    New to me '16 MKX Reserve in Tennessee

    ChunkyTownUSA...your forum pseudonym and your registered region (U.S. Southern Atlantic) finally provided a nexus for identifying your residence as the community of Chunky Mississippi. As a student of early American and Civil War history and a former resident of Indiana raised within walking distance of the Shawnee Prophetstown/Battle of Tippecanoe/Chief Tecumseh scenario (the latter rallying a confederacy of tribes in the Chunky locale of Mississippi), along with my many years of travels amongst the Civil War encounters in areas surrounding Chunky, I did some recent (like yesterday) research on Chunky history which revealed the 'Great Train Wreck' involving CSA troops heading to Vicksburg. The next time I'm passing through the Jackson-Meridian vicinity, I'll pause long enough to appreciate the local historical culture.
  6. Cosmos36

    New to me '16 MKX Reserve in Tennessee

    Great engine in a fine car...enjoy.
  7. Cosmos36

    New to me '16 MKX Reserve in Tennessee

    What engine...how many miles? Has the brake line recall (20S42) been performed yet?
  8. Congrats on your '17 MKX purchase. Yes, the 2000 lb towing specs are somewhat miniscule if you have serious towing objectives. Initially, i ordered my '16 MKX with the towing option but cancelled it later since it was really irrelevant to me. What engine...2.7L or 3.7L? There's an immense difference in so many ways. Back in the day, I owned both Cadillac and Maverick vehicles, both serving entirely different objectives, of course. My fondest memory associated with the latter is the 93,000 I got out of the Michelin tires...amazing! They were European-sourced & Ford factory installed during the '70s tire shortage due to tire manufacturer strikes in the US. I can't comment on your other post re: 17" tires.
  9. Cosmos36

    Hey from Florida

    Tofer...if your 2016 MKX has been loved & self-maintained as well as my '16 MKX, you'll be delighted with it for a long while, especially the unique 2.7 TT engine. While at only 41,000 miles, I recently dismissed any idea of selling it and purchasing a Nautilus. I consider the '16 MKX to still be one of the best looking SUVs on the road and I am an admirer of the 'Wing' grill. Keep the engine healthy with synthetic oil & don't forget the current brake hose replacement recall (if it hasn't been performed yet).
  10. Cosmos36

    Hello From Mexico!

    enigma-2...you never heard of a Ford Clear coolant? Hmmm! Back in the day at my favorite bayside Cabo San Lucas cantina (run by an ex-pat) where I often enjoyed straight mescal shots-with-lime-juice-licked-off-the back-of-the-hand, I noted one day when watching the bartender that the ordered shots were poured out of a 1 gallon TEXACO ANTI-FREEZE can from under the bar. A TRUE STORY about a 'clear coolant'. An August 2020 backward compatibility Ford Bulletin approved the use of YELLOW (Spec. WSS-M97B57A1 or A2) as a replacement for the factory-fill ORANGE (Spec. WSS-M97B44-D2) listed on page 378 of our 2016 MKX Owner's Manual.
  11. Cosmos36

    2018 MkX strong musty odor

    Related issues? Probably! The windshield washer & rear hatch window washer functions are, of course, related since they both acquire washer fluid from the same source albeit separate pump outlets.
  12. A somewhat off-topic anecdote regarding dealer trustworthiness: Several years ago, I became suspicious that an auto dealer in SW Oregon was charging for services that were not performed. I took my vehicle in for an oil & filter change, parking the car on a gravel surfaced lot with a small stone (painted with a dot of fingernail polish) lodged under one of the tires. When informed that the service was finished I first checked the vehicle's location and noted that the car had never been moved and then confronted the dealership's management with a refusal to pay. I collected my keys and departed without payment, never to return again. Shortly thereafter, I moved from the vicinity to another state. However, I read a newspaper article months later relating that the same dealer had relocated to the Seattle vicinity, was busted for defrauding customers, and forced into bankruptcy.
  13. Cosmos36

    Center console door

    I would be surprised if there is any source that lists a part number for an individual component (e.g. sliding door) of a larger assembly (e.g. lower center console) that your inquiry seeks. Perhaps your best alternative would be a used parts vendor selling the entire assembly albeit at a hefty price.
  14. Cosmos36

    2.7 engine bay mystery box

    Back in the day when I flew with a Navy maritime patrol squadron in the western Pacific locale (e.g. Marshall Islands, etc.) our aircraft were rapidly succumbing to corrosion, especially around bomb bay door rivets. We engaged in a project using various means to inhibit the devastation, including liquid sprays, paints, primers, and electronic devices (such as the subject 'engine bay mystery box') and other technologies. In summary, the absolute most worthless, least effective means were the electronic approaches to the issue.
  15. Cosmos36

    2.7 engine bay mystery box

    A patent on a product provides absolutely NO warranty, guarantee, or assurance that the product has any functional worth or utility whatsoever. I can well recall the patented 'superchargers' of yesteryear (small spinning fan blades installed in the throats of carburetors) accompanied by the claims of vast horsepower increases, all at a minimal price to attract the gullible. "...very profitable" as a dealer add-on is the paramount worth of the subject item.