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  1. Cosmos36


    Pdl...it figures that a module gremlin was the underlying cause of the issue, not some mechanical part. Thanks for your update.
  2. Cosmos36


    Occasionally over the past four years, my early build 2016 tailgate will misbehave, e.g. refuse commands to close, repeat open-close cycles, but nothing so serious as to trigger a battery drain or as mysterious as seemingly being related to oil changes (which I perform myself).
  3. Cosmos36

    Nautilus and Edge may be dropped

    Yes, at least for now purportedly due to the pandemic. I had to chuckle when earlier this week I noted two online media releases from Car & Driver mag (caranddriver.com), both dated April 28, 2020; one headline stated "Lincoln Mark E, a Rivian-based SUV, Coming in 2022", the other declaring "Lincoln Cancels Plans for Rivian-Based Electric Vehicle. I included mention of the Rivian-Lincoln in my earlier post in recognition of the rapid changes re: auto forecasting.
  4. Cosmos36

    Nautilus and Edge may be dropped

    The significance of the UNIFOR contract (collective agreement of September 2020) will be what it reveals of Ford-Lincoln's future product allocation, i.e. mix of models & production locations over the next four years. Amidst current rumors and Ford's contradictory and/or constantly altered future model mix & production plans, e.g. code-named CDX 746 & 747 vehicles, the Rivian-Lincoln 2023 E-SUV, Mustang-Lincoln E-Mach on a 117 inch wheelbase, etc., it is difficult to ascertain whether Nautilus will survive past 2023. One thing seems certain...Ford-Lincoln will not abandon the ~ 112 inch wheelbase in their future vehicle plans. At this time we just can't be certain of where it will be assembled or whether it will be named 'Nautilus'. It certainly will not be a Bronco.
  5. Cosmos36

    Nautilus and Edge may be dropped

    That's encouraging...let's hope it works out for all concerned.
  6. Cosmos36

    Nautilus and Edge may be dropped

    In reading the Detroit Bureau article, the referral to the Explorer as a midsize SUV caused me to pause and give some thought to my viewing of that vehicle at the Portland International Auto show last February...that vehicle struck me (and most people viewing it) as huge. And, many folks walked away muttering about their preference for a more diminutive midsize two-row like Edge or Nautilus. I haven't compared the published dimensions of the Explorer vs the Nautilus...perhaps the svelte lines of the Nautilus cause it to appear less visually intimidating than the Explorer. For those who have no need for a 3-row, an option of a less expensive 2-row Explorer might attract buyers. While on the subject...what's coming from China? And, am I hearing some rumors of poor quality Explorers?
  7. Cosmos36

    2021 Nautilus

    Is the standard model 2.5T without AWD going to be available in Canada?
  8. Cosmos36

    2021 Nautilus

    Within a price range of ~ $49K-72K including 10 trim levels, 2 drivetrain choices, and a 3rd-row option, it'll be fun pricing a GV80 for purchase. Genesis has earned top level dependability and service awards with prices well below Mercedes (who used to own shares of the Korean company).
  9. Cosmos36

    2021 Nautilus

    One of the primary incentives that encouraged me to purchase the MKX was the superb (and exclusive) engineering technology featured in the 2.7L 'nano' engine. Although Lincoln's 3.0L is largely a bored & stroked clone of the 2.7L, it differs significantly with its aluminum block. My vote goes to the smaller engine's compacted graphite iron block.
  10. Cosmos36

    2021 Nautilus

    Eight model years (2016-2023) of the MKX cum Nautilus with only a new front end (basically) to distinguish them? That would make Lincoln's midsize 2-row more than just a little long in the tooth. Even with my fondness of my early MKX, I could lose patience waiting until late 2022 for a fresh replacement.
  11. Cosmos36

    2021 Nautilus

    The only recent news that I considered to be substantive re: the '21 Nautilus was a photo of a model displayed for the Chinese market with a modified lower front fascia and a few remarks indicating that there were few if any interior changes. Details relating to possible options, e.g. wheels, etc., were absent.
  12. Cosmos36

    Channel clogging on moonroof

    Is the moonroof drain hole clogged and blocking the channel drainage? If so, compressed air and/or a fine wire/drain kit may clear the drain line if it hasn't been damaged, e.g. where it exits under the vehicle. Pour a small amount of water down the drain hole to determine if it's functioning or blocked and note where the hose exit is located. If your problem is caused by debris constantly accumulating around the moonroof gasket and plugging the drain, take steps to avoid the debris buildup, e.g. periodic cleaning of channel & drain hose, replace gasket, park in a different location, etc. Google has additional recommendations, videos, drain hose ads, drain cleaning kits, etc.
  13. Cosmos36

    Fuel Filler Door Loose - 2016 MKX

    I would be surprised if you received any constructive recommendations re: fixing the loose access door. A cursory exam of my door indicated to me that access to the hinge attachment would be awkward & time consuming, possibly requiring entry via an interior/wheel well panel removal. Perhaps all that's required is patience, thus the expense. Your resolution of the matter in a future post would be helpful.
  14. Please keep us updated on the diagnosis/fix for your issue...odd that some combo of things worked while others didn't. Must be a module problem since the battery (not TOTALLY dead) was still able to power dash icons & running lights.
  15. It is also recommended that an AWD MKX be put in 'towing neutral mode' when going through a carwash.