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  1. KS49

    Door/Handle Touch Unlock

    I have a 2016 MKX and live in Wisconsin. It is about 16 degrees here today and my rear doors will not unlock by touch either. It's been intermittent the past couple of months but the driver's door almost always unlocks. I'm chalking it up to the cold weather, it just must be finicky. Hopefully with spring coming soon it will not be an issue.
  2. KS49

    Update to Android Auto with Sync3

    PC- quick question about waze. My 16 mkx no longer recognizes waze thus will not put it in the app list. When i looked on Lincoln's site at what apps are supported by sync3, Waze is no longer there. Are you still able to use Waze on your navi?
  3. I tried the Nonsense Invisible cleaner and i must say it is terrific! By far the best interior cleaner i have ever used. Thank you so much enigma for the recommendation. I also used the Chemical Guy's polish as well as the Butter Wax and the shine is out of this world. Im starting to get really impressed with the Chemical Guys line of products. Thanks again enigma!👍
  4. Does anyone have any recommendations for what to use on the interior parts that are plastic that does not streak or leave an oily residue? Having difficulty finding a good product. Thanks!
  5. KS49

    Nautilus headlight/wiper stalks

    It was actually really simple. I am not a mechanic by any means. You just need a T10 and T20 Torx as well as a 7 mm socket. There is one T20 screw underneath the steering column as well as a 7 mm bolt underneath the steering column. Take those two out unsnap the top by lifting it up. The bottom piece will then drop down. By each stalk there are 2 10mm Torx screws that you take out. If you have power telescoping steering wheel you'll need to take one more screw out for that. Pull out the unit and push the new unit in. It is literally that simple. There is a YouTube video on how to do it but it is for a 2015 Ford Focus I believe. But it's the exact same procedure. Before putting the new unit in on the turn signal arm you just need to snip the white plastic piece that you will see sticking out to the same length as the one you took out. Both arms took me a total of 10 minutes to do. And yes thisguy they do still feel relatively cheap but they look so much nicer and to me that was important! To each their own😉
  6. KS49

    Short Drivers side floor mats

    Yes indeed. They also raise up on the sides a few inches which offers greater protection, like the weather tech and husky, but without the plastic!
  7. KS49

    Nautilus headlight/wiper stalks

    So I did replace my 2016 MKX wiper and turn signal stalks with the same type that are in the newer Lincolns. Total cost of $110 and 15 minutes of my time. Nice to not have look at the cheap gray plastic ones anymore as that for some reason really bothered me! Imo definitely worth a few bucks. Parts were ordered from Tasca Auto Parts. Had to order 2109 Navigator stalks as the Nautilus is too new and did not yet have any parts available. The only thing I had to modify was the white plastic tab that turns the signal off after you turn. A simple snip to the same size as the original. Super simple.
  8. KS49

    Short Drivers side floor mats

    I ordered a form fitting pair for the front on Amazon for $65 from MAXpider. They look just like weather tech but are fabric. They fit like a glove and so far over the past couple of months have held up great. Super easy to clean as well. Here's the link if anyone is interested. You have to choose the ones for the Edge as there is not one specific for the MKX but they are an exact fit. 3D MAXpider Black Ford Edge... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01HEUSUKU?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share
  9. Also will it do mph or kph? I saw on another post that it will only do kph.
  10. KS49

    Nautilus headlight/wiper stalks

    I would be able to do the install myself so it would be the cost of the parts only. As to why? That is the only part of the MKX that looks cheap to me and I think that putting the nicer stalks in would dress up the interior. I spend a lot of time in my car so those type of things are important to me!
  11. This is a question for those of you that have had an MKX and are currently driving a Nautilus. I was looking at the interior of the Nautilus and was drawn to the upgrade of the wiper and headlight stalks. The ones in the the MKX are so cheap looking at plasticy. Do you think the stalks from a nautilus could be installed in an MKX? It looks like the functionality is the same. Just a thought on a way to upgrade the interior look of the MKX.
  12. KS49

    Seat Comfort

    It took me a few weeks to get the seats at the correct settings for me. Im 6' so my legs do stick out over the bottom seat cushion quite a bit. I do wish the seats were another 2-3" deeper, i think that would give enough support all around. Wierd how on such a beautiful vehicle they seem to have come up a little short on the seats. I hope you can get comfy time2go and enjoying your MKX so far!
  13. Hey everybody! New MKX owner and new to The Forum. So far I absolutely love the mkx. But I'm interested in changing out the stock hid headlamps with a 6000k bulb. However it looks like it is a bit of a hassle to change out a headlamp. Does anybody have any tips? Is this something that requires taking the front fascia off to get to? I appreciate any insight you all can offer!