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  1. CARR142

    Is there a Time OUT on the Power Liftgate?

    PDX97229, I have notice when I leave it open for sometime on a hot day, the hatch is more difficult to manual close. The struts get hotter than normal. I always manually close the hatch if I'm at the rear of the vehicle to save the stress on the lift/close motor. But that's just me! Best Wishes, JEC
  2. Hi, Before I purchase one from a vendor , 2011 MKx Smart Keyless entry Remote does anyone have one that they would like to sell? Tia, JEC
  3. CARR142

    Coin caddy?

    I have one in my center console.
  4. CARR142

    Power seat and mirrors not working

    Disconnect; (Negative Battery cable), wait 20 minutes, in that time, Check Fuses, Reconnect Battery cable. Best Wishes!
  5. CARR142

    Shifter assembly

  6. I Check today and that switch does not light.
  7. CARR142

    New from Middle Tennessee

    Welcome from a 72 year old hippie.
  8. CARR142

    Rain-sensing wipers

    gads, My 11 MKX doesn't do what you have explained. Sorry not able to help. JEC
  9. CARR142

    Sunroof needs Replaced

    Youtube: (ford edge sunroof repair kit )
  10. CARR142

    2016 Auto Windshield Wipers Going Spastic

    What say you all to; Glass Cooktop Cleaner & polish? Just a thought, haven't tried it yet.
  11. Hi JoehIO, I have had the same issue since 2011. 3 apim and many visits to the dealer, calls to Ford tech line by service tech. I was advised to just live with it. I notice when there was snow on the windshield the auto feature would work. I was going to cover the light sensor to mimic this condition. Never got around to test that out. I "learned to live with it." Best of luck.
  12. fyi From: MyFord Touch Consumer Litigation Notice Administrator <administrator@myfordtouchclassaction.com> Sent: Wednesday, December 20, 2017 10:07 PM To: carrj142@xxxxx.com Subject: Legal Notice Regarding MyFord Touch and MyLincoln Touch – Important Deadline Legal Notice Regarding MyFord Touch and MyLincoln Touch Legal Notice Regarding MyFord Touch and MyLincoln Touch - Important Deadline IF YOU PURCHASED OR LEASED A MYFORD TOUCH-EQUIPPED FORD OR MYLINCOLN TOUCH-EQUIPPED LINCOLN VEHICLE FROM A FORD OR LINCOLN DEALERSHIP BEFORE AUGUST 9, 2013, A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT MAY AFFECT YOUR RIGHTS TO EXCLUDE YOURSELF FROM THE CASE, YOU MUST TAKE ACTION BY February 5, 2018. INSTRUCTIONS ARE BELOW. A court authorized this notice. It is not a solicitation from a lawyer. You are receiving this notice because you have been identified as a potential class member in a class action lawsuit pending in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California. The case is called In re MyFord Touch Consumer Litigation, and the docket number is 3:13-cv-03072-EMC. Plaintiffs purchased or leased a Ford or Lincoln vehicle equipped with an in-vehicle information and entertainment system called MyFord Touch or MyLincoln Touch system ("MFT") from a Ford or Lincoln dealer before August 9, 2013. MFT is an in-vehicle information and entertainment system. The defendant in the lawsuit is Ford Motor Company. The class action may affect your rights. You must decide whether to remain in the lawsuit as a class member or to exclude yourself. Your options are summarized below. Plaintiffs allege that MFTs on these vehicles are defective because, among other things, they will not respond to voice commands; do not connect to the owner's mobile device; provide inaccurate directions and/or misread the location of the vehicle; and/or freeze up or crash altogether. Plaintiffs allege that when MFT freezes or crashes the driver cannot operate any of the features connected to MFT including the navigation technology, the radio, and the rearview camera or defroster. Plaintiffs further allege that Ford charged a premium price for MFT. Plaintiffs seek only economic damages and are not pursuing claims for personal injuries. Ford denies that it did anything wrong and denies that MFT is defective. The Court has not yet decided whether Ford did anything wrong. There are no benefits available at this time. However, your legal rights are affected. In a series of orders issued on September 14, 2016 and November 22, 2016, the Court granted Plaintiffs' motion to certify classes consisting of individuals and entities from certain states that purchased or leased a Ford or Lincoln vehicle equipped with MFT from a Ford or Lincoln dealer before August 9, 2013. The Court's order only includes persons and entities who purchased or leased one of these vehicles in the following eight states: California, Colorado, Massachusetts, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Virginia, and Washington. The Court also appointed the four law firms below as class counsel. You may contact these attorneys if you have questions about this notice or about this case. You may enter an appearance in this case through another attorney, at your expense, if you desire. Please do not contact the court. Court Appointed Class Counsel STEVE W. BERMAN CATHERINE Y.N. GANNON TYLER WEAVER CRAIG SPIEGEL HAGENS BERMAN SOBOL SHAPIRO LLP 1918 Eighth Avenue, Suite 3300 Seattle, Washington 98101 Telephone: (206) 623-7292 steve@hbsslaw.com catherineg@hbsslaw.com tyler@hbsslaw.com craigs@hbsslaw.com ADAM J. LEVITT JOHN E. TANGREN DICELLO LEVITT & CASEY LLC Ten North Dearborn Street Eleventh Floor Chicago, Illinois 60602 Telephone: (312) 214-7900 alevitt@dlcfirm.com ROLAND TELLIS MARK PIFKO BARON & BUDD, P.C. 15910 Ventura Boulevard, Suite 1600 Encino, California 91436 Telephone: (818) 839-2320 rtellis@baronbudd.com mpifko@baronbudd.com NICHOLAS E. CHIMICLES BENJAMIN F. JOHNS CHIMICLES & TIKELLIS LLP One Haverford Centre 361 West Lancaster Avenue Haverford, Pennsylvania 19041 Telephone: (610) 642-8500 nick@chimicles.com bfj@chimicles.com How To Exclude Yourself The future proceedings and rulings in this lawsuit, whether favorable or unfavorable, will be binding on all members of the class who do not timely exclude themselves. If there is a settlement, however, you will have another chance to opt-out. 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