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  1. What is outside temperature is displayed on the Instrument control panel, when the features don't function? Thinking maybe a defective outside temperature sensor, or, inside temperature sensor.
  2. My 2011 is the same, with the features working. I'm assuming that is the way the engineered plan is No control of HVAC until you take control by bypassing remote start feature's.
  3. CARR142

    Michelin CrossContact2 Tires

  4. CARR142

    Michelin CrossContact2 Tires

    I had 4 Tires installed and alignment done. Very pleased with the ride and handling.
  5. CARR142

    New Tires for our '07 MKX

  6. CARR142

    2012 reflection on driver window

    Plastic dip it. Easy to remove from dash. I know what you mean, did mine years ago. 1st mode that I did on 2011 MKX. Best Wishes.
  7. https://tineye.com/search/a9dfb530e742ee71e121d61f65b9cd60a1127f60?sort=score&order=desc&page=1 0 matches TinEye searched over 47.8 billion images but didn't find any matches for your search image. That's probably because we have yet to crawl any pages where this image appears.
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    2011 MKX antenna

  9. CARR142

    MKX awd

    Welcome! No way that I'm aware of.
  10. That Should be fine; call dealer parts dept. for a price, go with whatever is convenient for you, and ask them to match the Amazon price if they want more $ for the part.
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  12. CARR142

    Is there a Time OUT on the Power Liftgate?

    PDX97229, I have notice when I leave it open for sometime on a hot day, the hatch is more difficult to manual close. The struts get hotter than normal. I always manually close the hatch if I'm at the rear of the vehicle to save the stress on the lift/close motor. But that's just me! Best Wishes, JEC