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  1. CARR142

    2011 MKX antenna

  2. CARR142

    MKX awd

    Welcome! No way that I'm aware of.
  3. That Should be fine; call dealer parts dept. for a price, go with whatever is convenient for you, and ask them to match the Amazon price if they want more $ for the part.
  4. CARR142


  5. CARR142

    Is there a Time OUT on the Power Liftgate?

    PDX97229, I have notice when I leave it open for sometime on a hot day, the hatch is more difficult to manual close. The struts get hotter than normal. I always manually close the hatch if I'm at the rear of the vehicle to save the stress on the lift/close motor. But that's just me! Best Wishes, JEC
  6. Hi, Before I purchase one from a vendor , 2011 MKx Smart Keyless entry Remote does anyone have one that they would like to sell? Tia, JEC
  7. CARR142

    Coin caddy?

    I have one in my center console.
  8. CARR142

    Power seat and mirrors not working

    Disconnect; (Negative Battery cable), wait 20 minutes, in that time, Check Fuses, Reconnect Battery cable. Best Wishes!
  9. CARR142

    Shifter assembly

  10. I Check today and that switch does not light.
  11. CARR142

    New from Middle Tennessee

    Welcome from a 72 year old hippie.