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  1. Awesome. Got it. Thanks ! Looks like I can just pop the panel off. No screws. The link is for an Edge/MKX. Depicts edge more so but I'm sure it would apply to the MKX just as well. Very valuable schematic for the arsenal. Thanks again. Much obliged. I'll post back if its as easy as that lol.
  2. link didnt work. Thanks for trying though. Cheers
  3. says I need to request access. Guess I'll see if its granted. The 2011 has the start button on the UPPER portion of the dash that encases the instrument cluster. No idea what a 2013 layout is other than they have push button tranny
  4. Does anyone know how to remove the upper dash area to access the push to start button hole? The lower dash under the steering column is easy as is the radio etc. The problem is the button is on the upper dash portion and accessibility is impossible without removing upper dash. Or... is the bezel that holds the button easy to pry out without breaking it from the face of the dash? Can't find a video or instruction on this anywhere. I've spent days searching. Thanks for any help/guidance.