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    MyFord App and Lincoln?

    ??? Just "lincoln way" works!

    MyFord App and Lincoln?

    Hi. Yes, that was me. In the past I've used the Myford app & Alexa with my 2016 MKX, but now (and I don't know when they added this skill) we can use the Lincoln Way app with Alexa.
  3. You're very welcome Ruby. I really like starting the car with amazon echo and my smartwatch through the myford app. If you have either you should give it a shot.
  4. Hi Cosmos36. I believe it's called global something or other. If you double press (HOLD the 2nd press 2 seconds) the lock button they all close if they're open. If you double press (again HOLD the 2nd press for 2 seconds) the unlock button on your fob all windows open. I'm guessing that the re positioning and the striking of the fob while in your pants pocket initiated these actions. If this indeed is what happened to you then you are not alone for many (myself included) & even those with different makes have found this "feature?" the hard way. This happened to me on an MKZ. On that on car the sunroof would also open and close (just the windows on ours). My friend hit the right (wrong?) combination on her new Mercedes last year during a petty bad snowstorm! She was able to roll them back up of course (traditional method), but not before she went into panic mode while thinking she had electrical issues. I guess many vehicles have this function, but just not that many folks use it. I could see it being useful to cool off a hot vehicle before you enter. Or close them up if someones left one or more down and you've already made your exit.
  5. Hi Ruby, Yes, you actually can't control the windows from the the myford app. That'd be nice. You can only monitor them. I actually found by a mistake when left my windows cracked because the temp was approaching a 100 degrees. I was at work and was getting ready to start my car and noticed that the status showed the driver side and front passenger side windows open. At first I was like what the heck and then I remembered that I had left them slightly open because of the heat. This is one nice feature that the my lincoln way app doesn't have. And like I mentioned before I like the fingerprint scanner better than punching a code in. Taylor
  6. Well as they say "position determines perspective". The lincoln app is practically worthless ATM. The remote access app is much more reliable and as I'm not as fortunate as you (I'm almost always parked outside and far enough away to where my remote won't work). And I get the $50/a year issue, but that pales in comparison to what I spent to own the car itself! And to the other guy. I don't drink much, but I do gamble in Vegas a few times a year. And yep, I can drop hundreds in one hand or on one roll of the dice (not much to you big spenders out there) or indulge in a big fat calorie laden meal any day of the week so $50 a year to be sure my vehicle is heated or cooled when want it to be is a far better use and a gamble that's payed off for me!
  7. I've been trying it out for about a week and find it useful in combination with the other Lincoln apps (Remote Access & Lincoln Way). Even though the Myford Mobile app is for the ford electric cars I find about half the features useful so it's worth in my case. I'll use it until a proper app for our vehicles drops. Things I can do with the myford app that I can't do with the Lincoln app: 1 I can start my car with the companion on my watch (I use to have to use an app called Tasker on android to achieve this before) 2 It will report the state of my windows (up or down) 3 It'll link to Amazon Echo to enable start, stop, check odometer and a few other functions by voice 4 I can use the fingerprint scanner to unlock the app immediately + And I'm at the screen to start, lock & unlock your car (unlike the Lincoln Way app) as soon as you unlock the app Caveats -I can't find a way to schedule on this (probably because it wasn't meant for this type of vehicle) therefore I still keep the Lincoln Way app onboard for this purpose alone. -Most of the features are for the Ford electric cars

    Approach light not working

    Same here, but mine light on every approach (even in the garage) unless... (A) it's unlocked or ( I have the other fob in the car