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  1. sdonaghey

    Transmission Clunking

    Well we will see what the dealership's service papers say after the work is done. Once I get the work done, I'll post on here what the description says of the work done.
  2. sdonaghey

    Transmission Clunking

    I heard back from the dealership today who heard back from the Ford engineers. The dealership was told the problem is caused by a throttle body in the transmission. Never knew there was a throttle body it the transmission. They are ordering a replacement and hopefully have it sometime next week. Hopefully that fixes it.
  3. sdonaghey

    Transmission Clunking

    I have the noise documented on my phone now. Over the holidays the wife got out and stood next to the car while I shift the car from R to D a few times. Hopefully the dealership will be able to hear it..lol. I am going to make an appointment this week to get it picked up and looked at. I'll probably stop by this week and talk to a service advisor first and show them the video.
  4. sdonaghey

    Transmission Clunking

    Anybody here experiencing the transmission clunking when shifting from reverse to D? Yesterday while parking it was doing it really bad. I would go into reverse, stop fully and shift into D and when I released the brake the transmission would clunk hard and loudly. It did it many times, then I just turned off the car and went into work. When I came out later and tested it out doing the exact same procedure it didn't do it anymore. Almost like a software glitch. I'll have to keep an eye on it, but just wondering if anyone has had this issue, since the 8spd transmission is new for 19.
  5. sdonaghey

    Complete Sync3 Upgrade Kit

    I did it myself actually. I can step you through the whole process. There is only a couple things that are a little difficult to pop out. When I removed it from my 16 the night before trading it in, it took me about 2.5 hours start to finish to unscrew/remove what was needed to be removed and then pop in the new unit and put everything back together. I can write up the steps needed to install it, as it is fresh in my head I did take some pictures one time, but I just need to find them. Let me know if you are interested Sean
  6. I got my Nautilus last week. I traded in my 16 MKX for it and have noticed some changes Lincoln did and wondering if it happens to others. On my 16 and even the 18 MKX loaner I had recently, whenever you locked and unlocked the doors using the outside door handle it always chirped. I noticed for some reason the Nautilus now does not have this feature anymore. I have checked all the settings in the settings and everything is enabled that I can enable. Just wondering if anyone else has it working on theirs? If not I wonder if using Forscan if there is a way to enable the chirps?
  7. If anyone here is interested in swapping out their Sync 2 for a Sync 3 with navigation unit, let me know. I just removed my Sync 3 unit from my 16 MKX before trading it in. Car originally came with Sync2 (just for clarification). It is in perfect condition and I have the Apple Car Play usb port, and GPS antenna to go along with it. Sync 3 is running the latest v3.0 operating system. It is programmed with all factory options enabled (22w seats, cameras...) Asking $725 + shipping
  8. sdonaghey

    Sync 3 Stuck CD

    Reoccurring oil leak. After the 4th time, Ford determined that the block was warped and replaced the short block. Just picked it up this afternoon from the dealership.
  9. sdonaghey

    Sync 3 Stuck CD

    That didn't work, but some banging on the face of the radio while hitting the eject button did work!
  10. sdonaghey

    Sync 3 Stuck CD

    Does anyone have any tips or tricks to get a stuck CD removed from a Sync 3 unit? I have had a loaner now for over a month while my 16 gets a new engine and today I am to bring back the car and realized that a CD I put in a week or so ago wont eject. Just wondering if there is a quick solution to the problem, or I have to wait for them to service the unit.
  11. Is there anyone here that works for a dealership or Lincoln Financial server that can confirm something about Lincoln loyalty rate reduction on new leases. At first I was told that since I have a 2016 Lincoln MKX, i am eligible for a 1% lease rate reduction on getting my new 2019 Nautilus. Then our sales guy comes back from the sales manager and tells us that since our 2016 was used (but Certified Pre-owned), I am not eligible for the 1% rate reduction. It only applies if I purchased the car brand new. To me its complete BS, as a loyalty plan should be that I own a Lincoln and I am getting a new one. Has anyone come across this? Sean
  12. sdonaghey

    Oil Leak?

    Well it is official. Dealership has now said the block is warped and is ordering a new block to fix this oil leak issue. They have had it in the shop since last Thursday waiting for direction from Ford on how to proceed with the work. Well at least I have a new Lincoln loaner to drive around.
  13. This is a question for anyone who currently owns a Rhapsody Blue MKX. What is your opinion of the color? Is it truly blue or does it have hints of purple in the color? I have seen some pictures but not the car in person and I am looking at getting one (albeit a Nautilus), but not 100% sure of the color.
  14. sdonaghey

    Nautilus arrivals at dealers.

    Just came back from my dealership this morning and there is a 2019 Nautilus sitting out front. Just came in. Not bad looking.