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  1. Timmer

    21" Wheels

    Those chrome wheels really look sharp!
  2. Timmer

    My final week as a Lincoln owner

    Congrats Walkabout! While I'm not a fan of China's Geely and wish you had again bought American, (At least American owned) you've got to do what you've got to do... I leased a 1989 Volvo 780 Turbo Bertone back in the day... It was a looker for sure... Fun to drive and I received lots double-takes and compliments on it. I liked it so much that I bought it from Volvo Finance at the end of the lease. Timmer
  3. Timmer

    Stupid Me

    Sounds like something I'd do....?
  4. Timmer

    Window sticker came up. Wrong build options

    You'll likely be happy to have the OEM hitch, shoeguy. As others have said, even if you never use it, it will help the resale / trade-in value... The roof side rails will dress up the vehicle a bit, IMO... They cannot be added post-production by the dealer, so if you ever want to use a cargo box or other rooftop accessory I think you'll be happy to have them as well... Timmer
  5. Timmer

    Tech details, specs, re: Nautilus 2.7T AWD

    Cool site! Thanks for posting, Cosmos...
  6. Timmer

    Oerheat Incident

    So glad to learn all worked out... This could have been much, much worse. I owned a Volvo 780 Turbo Bertone back in the day. It was driven overheated without coolant after a hose failure, causing several thousand dollars of corrective repair... After this incident, the car never ran the same again. A short time later I traded the car in on my first Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer. Eventually the driver was traded in as well... ?
  7. Timmer

    Blue Diamond

  8. Timmer

    What made you decide on Nautilus vs. Edge

    How about Lincoln's 4-Year 50K bumper to bumper warranty versus Ford's 3-Year 36K? The longer Lincoln warrany is a definite value-added plus in my book., Especially considering all of the super expensive MKX/Nautilus electronics and gizmos...
  9. Timmer

    It finally arrived.

    Beautiful car... Congrats!
  10. Timmer

    Picked up my 2019 Nautilus Reserve this week

    Congrats on the new Nautilus! Timmer
  11. Took a road trip for a long weekend of golf and R&R recently. We drove my friend's new Range Rover Velar HSE as my MKX Black Label was having window tinting applied. The drive was about 4 hours each way and a combination of interstate and hilly/mountainous two-lane, winding side-road driving. The Velar had about 4,000 miles on it. She recently traded her problematic Range Rover Evoque in for the new Velar. No in-depth analysis here... Just a few observations: The Velar was very cool, very powerful and fun to drive. Especially impressive were the three (3) high-def infotainment system screens. Two in the middle dash between the driver and passenger, and a third as part of the instrument cluster in front of the driver. After driving the Range Rover Velar, I'm even more impressed with how whisper-quiet the interior cabin of my MKX is. Compared to the MKX, the Velar's interior was downright loud. The ride, handling and road-hugging of my MKX is far superior to the Velar. Frankly, it wasn't even close to the MKX. The Velar felt like I was driving a truck, similar to the Ford Explorers I've previously owned. Lastly, I like the understated luxury of my MKX. The Range Rover felt a little bit show-offy. But then again. I'm from Minnesota where we think putting peas in tuna macaroni salad is show-offy... ? My $0.02 Timmer
  12. Timmer

    Transmission Clunking

    I guess I've been blessed with my 2016 MKX Reserve and 2018 MKX Black Label. (Knock on wood) Last month I drove the 2018 Black Label from the Upper Midwest to Southern California on the annual snowbird pilgrimage out of the Great White North. I had zero issues along the way... The MKX is such a pleasure to drive! The adaptive cruise control, 22-way massaging seats and Revel Ultima sound system were icing on the road-trip cake... If a Lincoln Dealer / Service Advisor ever told me a loudly clunking, poorly shifting transmission was "normal" for an MKKX, I'd be looking for a different dealer... Timmer
  13. Timmer

    AWD Malfunction

    Doug - Congrats on your new Nautilus! Sorry this happened out of the blocks... Keep us posted on getting this matter resolved... Timmer