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  1. elijahbird7

    Door/Handle Touch Unlock

    Actually did that 2 days ago. I emailed the Lincoln Service Manager about what experiences I had with it today, expecting he would reply tomorrow, but he emailed me right back. At some point he wants me to bring it in. We decided to wait awhile to see where this "virus" situation goes since it's not something that needs to be fixed in high priority. He said it could be a module or an issue with an electrical connection somewhere in that door. Time will tell.
  2. elijahbird7

    Door/Handle Touch Unlock

    Nothing else electronic on me except for my phone that has always been with me and is connected to the Nautilus. I even went out later today and got another new Key Fob battery just in case the other new one had an issue. I played around with that rear door handle many times. Sometimes if it wouldn't unlock from putting my hand in the handle from the top, then if I tried from the bottom, it would unlock. Then if I tried from the bottom and it wouldn't unlock, then from the top it would...really crazy. Also many times pushing that lock area on top of the handle, and about half the time it would lock and half wouldn't.... I am almost thinking the rear handle either has an electrical connection issue or just needs replacing. That would be very odd, since the left rear door handle had to be replaced on my '16 MKX after causing the alarm to go off for no reason. I took it in 5 times before they figured out it was causing the alarm to go off and then replaced it.
  3. elijahbird7

    Door/Handle Touch Unlock

    Went out today, touched the rear door handle, and did not unlock. Touched both door handles on passenger side, and didn't unlock. Went to a gas station, and touched the rear driver's side handle and it did unlock. Tried it 4 other times running errands and it never unlocked, so changing the Key Fob battery was not helping at all.
  4. elijahbird7

    Door/Handle Touch Unlock

    Well, since I only weigh 160lbs, don't think so. I contacted the Service Manager again this morning by email. He suggested I change the battery in the Key Fob to see if that could be an issue even though I haven't gotten a notice on the dash to replace it. Of course the Owner's Manual does not tell you anywhere what the battery number is. You have to take the Key Fob apart to get the number which is 2450. I did replace it and he said to check the voltage on the original battery, which was showing 2.5W. The new one will be 3.0W, so who knows if that was low enough on the original battery to cause this issue. My Nautilus was only 1 year old on March 1st. And of course this morning when I was going out to get the new battery, touching the rear door handle it did unlock.
  5. elijahbird7

    Door/Handle Touch Unlock

    Had to go back out for dinner. Rear door did not unlock again. I tried the interior lock/unlock like I did before, and this time it did nothing. When I got to the restaurant, I tried it again and still did not work. Came back out to go home, and still would not unlock. Got home, touched the rear door handle and it did unlock, so have no idea what is causing this issue.
  6. elijahbird7

    Door/Handle Touch Unlock

    To verify, I was using the inside on/off switch, not the door handle outside.
  7. elijahbird7

    Door/Handle Touch Unlock

    It has been working every time until today when I was headed out to lunch. Driver's side rear door would not unlock, same for both doors on the passenger side. I had thought of a couple things to try. First was to use the key fob to open and close the rear hatch. That did not make any difference. Then stopped at lunch, pushed the inside door lock, shut the driver's door and then touched the rear door handle, and again would not unlock. Drove home, tried it again, and still would not unlock from the rear handle. Tried my second idea which was to push the lock and unlock switch on the driver's door about 5 times, leaving it in the lock position. Closed the door, touched the rear door handle, and it then worked! So next time it doesn't work, I will try this again and see if that is the answer.
  8. elijahbird7

    Door/Handle Touch Unlock

    So, it's March 1st, and it is still working every time I touch the rear door. Time will tell I guess.
  9. elijahbird7

    Auto Start Stop.

    There have been a few times I have forgotten to push the off Start/Stop switch, and for some reason it stays off for about 5 starts before it goes back on again. The first time I noticed it was when I didn't turn it off and came up to a train crossing stop. I assumed the engine would stop since I forgot to turn it off, but it didn't. So I just shut it off myself. Then ran a few errands and didn't turn it off, and about 5 starts it stayed off, but eventually it did turn itself back on.. I found that kind of strange...
  10. elijahbird7

    Auto Start Stop.

    I always turn the Start/Stop off.. it's quite easy to remember to push the off switch just after pushing the Start switch. I do this because I live in a suburban area and never drive during rush hour. The 2.7 V/6 seems smooth though the few times I have forgotten to turn it off.
  11. elijahbird7

    Sad Ad

    Got an email about 10 days ago from my Lincoln Dealer. It was a President's Day Ad. I sent an email to the Sales Manager. She said no one else noticed that issue and thanked me for letting her know!
  12. elijahbird7

    Lincoln a no-show at Portland International Auto Show

    The Chicago Auto Show always has two local news stations record a one hour program about the show. In previous years, they would go through each Brand of cars present, showing what was new. They no longer do that, only showing customers playing video games and Jeeps going up and down high "roads" and showing whatever is going on outside with acceleration runs. Very boring. Lincoln was there though and one female broadcaster said her favorite car there was a Corsair, but never showed it...
  13. elijahbird7

    Door/Handle Touch Unlock

    And, my Driver's Door always unlocks.
  14. elijahbird7

    Door/Handle Touch Unlock

    Someone else mentioned the battery in the Key Fob, but I tried my 2nd Key Fob that has never been used and it made no difference. I will have had the Nautilus 1 year on March 1st and just passed 4,000 miles. If I remember correctly, on my 2016 MKX Reserve, there is a notice that comes up somewhere that tells you when to replace the Key Fob Battery. Don't remember if the notice was on the Dash or Sync3 though.
  15. elijahbird7

    Door/Handle Touch Unlock

    Where the battery's Negative Cable connection is on the Nautilus is very hard to get at. I have always only disconnected the Negative Cable before the Positive Cable on any car. I am also pretty sure the battery was disconnected when they did the transmission software update since the Sync3 background had gone back to the basic Gold color, my phone was no longer connected, and stereo was no longer set to USB. So, if that has to be done, the dealer will be my choice to do it. I am going to email the Service Manager about it happening again and see what he figures out, but will likely wait until spring since it's not a real big issue.