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2008 MKX, I need factory documentation. Who to contact?

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Hello, I am a Lincoln MKX 2008 owner living in Norway.

I am trying to get the car registered here in Norway, but faced a problem with authorities, claiming that my car, which was sold new in Japan, does not have the documentation needed for it to be registered under the EU or USA specification rules..

So I need some documentation from a 3rd party or Lincoln/Ford directly, that can say that my specific VIN was built with the same specification and legislation as any other US or Canadian MKX from that year. Or possibly some documentation stating complience to a specific set of regulations that these cars were built to back in the day. 

There is no Lincoln dealer here in Norway, but we do have Ford.

I was wondering if anyone could possibly guide me in a direction where I can contact some Lincoln or Ford technical department, and ask for them to supply me with this documentation for my specific vechicle and VIN.


Any help is appreciated.


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