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  1. Was at dealers last week. So far they had gotten two Nautilus in. (Both were fully loaded $60+) and both sold same day they arrived. One more scheduled to arrive 30+ on order. It wouldn't surprise me if they pushed back the 2022 due to deep lag time on the 2021.
  2. No question it would be expensive, probably thousands if you buy retail. If I were you, I'd try something like this first. Inexpensive and gives a good feel if you would want to go further (with a more expensive, electric version). https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07Y6T2WS3/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_glt_fabc_SYT0BDABFN1B6B8TDJ34?psc=1
  3. enigma-2

    Radio reset?

    Sounds like the mechanic disconnected the battery and screwed up sync. HARD RESET (complete reset, erases all user data). 1. Press the PHONE hard button. 2. Select the ‘Settings’ tab on the touchscreen. 3. Select ‘Advanced’. 4. Scroll using the seek buttons on the touchscreen and select ‘Master Reset’. 5. SYNC will ask you to confirm. Press 'YES' to continue. 6. SYNC will confirm when the master reset is complete. SOFT RESET Press the radio power and FF buttons at the same time until the screen goes blank. It will then restart.
  4. enigma-2

    Back hatch

    Wasn't certain about your year, hence the question marks for fuse no. 7 (earlier model year). On a 2016 it's fuse #76, 30 amp. "Power liftgate module". It's in the engine compartment, lower tier. See owners manual for instructions on how to access.
  5. enigma-2

    Access to the interior fuse panel

    How about taping off the interior mirror. (Thats what I did by using a BlendMount harness). https://blendmount.com/mirrortap
  6. All add to this, got a load of bad gas. (Back in the 80's). Took the car to local Chevy dealer. He had to drop tank and clean it out, all the way to the carb. Think he charged me in the neighborhood of $600, mostly labor but new filters ect. (Gas station killed several cars and the owner closed and moved away, never to be seen again). Anyway, got the car back and it stalled while driving around town. Tried to restart and battery dead. (Fairly new battery). Called and talked to the service manager and he told me to have it towed in and the would take a look at it. I was boiling. I told him that either he told me what he did to stop the battery from charging or I would come down there and kick the ×÷=/ outta him, all over his service department. Long silence, then he told me to look under a specific clamp where the charge wire had almost been cut through. And there it was, still connected by two strands, enough to pass a little charge, but not enough to keep the battery charged. Called a friend and he came with wire crimps, strippers, and tape. After the jump it ran ok. Told everyone I could and several told me they also had been cheated by this dealer. As for the current Ford dealer where I go, few years ago I had a new service representative check my car in and immediately go and check the tires. (They were like new). Checked the wiper blades (they were new, two days). But he miraculously discovered that my rear wiper blade was worn and needed replacing. (Two days old). I smiled and told him no, and then talked to the owner. The service rep wasn't there the next time I went in. Poor guy had no idea how to hustle customers. Point is, EVER dealer looks to upcharge. It our responsibility to know what to watch for. (Love the stone trick. Ingenious).
  7. enigma-2

    Tire Pressure Monitor Fault

    I was getting this error several times a year. Dealer retrained once, but its not a permanent fix. The batteries in the senders have limited life (think it's ten years). Using my OBD2 and cell phone, it was two different senders triggering to fault. So I wanted new tires and decided to install new senders. Dealer quoted Chinese aftermarket, I refused and stated Motorcraft.... They had to special order them! None in stock, said because of cost, they only stock Chineese aftermarket. 2016 is a little to soon for an exhausted battery, but anything is possible. Perhaps it was originally trained at a warm temperature and the cold threw off the setting. Retraining would work under these conditions.
  8. What got serviced? (Do you trust your dealer)?
  9. enigma-2

    Hello From Mexico!

    According to my local Lincoln dealer, Ford is only recommending the new yellow ( which is actually light green) coolant. (For all Ford products). My dealer told me they no longer have the older coolants and can't even order the gold that my car was factory equipped with. (Questionable, but I was do for a change). I ok'ed the change to the new yellow, but required a full flush in the process. (They said it wasn't required but I didn't buy it. Better safe than sorry...). Is it better? Yup. Probably. Possibly. I'd assume it has new qualities that are required for the new engine alloys and not bad for older engines. Just remember that some older coolants, such as gold, cannot be mixed with other types of coolants. Causes blockages in the heater core. (So full flush if you had gold or dark green, not flush needed if you had orange). Flull flush can't hurt so why not? Never heard of a Ford Clear coolant. Sounds like he was referring to water. :Snicker:
  10. enigma-2

    2.7 engine bay mystery box

    They were independently tested.
  11. enigma-2

    2.7 engine bay mystery box

    It's known as an electromagnetic corrosion protection module. It sends radio-frequency, pulse-wave surface currents over the steel body of the car. From what I've read, it works by breaking the zinc oxide formation allowing the zinc to protect the break. As I understand it, a scratch or stone chip exposes the steel, and the galvanizing sacrifices itself to protect the steel and slow the corrosion process. However moisture in the atmosphere causes the zinc to form zinc oxide. Zinc oxide slow or prevents the zinc from closing the wound. The module generate radio waves which reacts to the zinc oxide and helps break it done. It's been proven to work, but the degree of effectiveness is related to many variables. Its most effective on fixed structures like steel tanks. Your hear alot of naysayers, but its patented and has a lot of engineering behind it. Pretty rare to find a car that has one. Can be removed and put on your next car. (Some models have a push button to test of working or not). I looked up the patents. 7,198,706 6,875,336 6,331,243 6,046,515 These are dealer add-ons and very profitable for them.
  12. enigma-2

    Power transfer unit went bad

    Even though Ford/Lincoln does not have a recommended fluid change schedule, the fix for PTU failure is to have the fluid changed at 30,000 mile (or less) intervals. Annual change is better. About $80 for Ford to do this. Your dealer should be able to do this, otherwise any local transmission shop can do. Make certain they replace with Motorcraft OEM fluid. Maintaining oil changes also play a role, but most people watch this pretty closely.
  13. enigma-2

    Park Aid Speaker

    The module is located in the driver's side, rear, behind the interior finish. The speaker is part of the module. To access, you have to pull the interior finish on the rear driver's side. Are you having a problem with it or just curious?
  14. enigma-2

    Back hatch

    I'd recommend doing a liftgate module reset. Pull the fuse to the liftgate (#7 ?? in the power dist panel in the engine compartment) for 1/2 minute or more. Plug back in and see if the problem still exists.
  15. enigma-2

    Front Accent Grill Hole

    Insurance? (Under your comprehensive policy).