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  1. enigma-2

    2017 Lincoln mkx

    Think they tracked this down to a part in the outside mirror that was either missing or out of place. Lincoln should be whisper quiet. (Mine is). Talk to your dealer, this has come up many times beforw.
  2. enigma-2

    2011 MKX will not start

    Wires under the passenger seat causes no start, headlights stuck on, etc. Incredible! Glad your problem was solved. I imagine a good part of the cost was labor cost for removing and replacing the seat.
  3. These are what I use for high beams. Have about 2-1=2 years on them and still going great. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01C5QY7DW/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_kctBFbB0BKRTT
  4. enigma-2

    Panoramic roof operation

  5. You can satisfy your wife for $15? Keeper!
  6. H11 are lowbeams. These are what I use in my 2009. Best halogen bulbs you can buy. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00U1OIESK/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_XtbBFbM2YMXWE
  7. enigma-2

    power ports not working

    Theres more than one fuse. Check fuse numbers #20 and fuse #27. I'd recommended swapping a known good 20a fuse with each of these as a check. Sometimes a small crack is near impossible to see.
  8. Personally I wouldn't think of doing it, but if you do, I'd recommend buying a service manual off ebay as there's usually a lot of safety involved in this system. As an example, I just had the power lumbar replaced on my passenger side (under extended warranty) and they had to keep the car two extra days waiting for one bolt to come in. This particular bolt has to be replaced with new whenever the seat back is removed. Safety issue. I would imagine there are many safety stipulations concerning the steering column. The fact that they can only replace it as a certified assembly is one tipoff.
  9. enigma-2

    08 MKX loud blower motor?

    The bearings may be running out of lubricant. Usually its best to just replace rather than try to relub. Mine make noise like this about once a year. I just let it run and it gets quiet again in a few minutes. Replacement is easy. I've had mine out to check it, think it took about 3 or 4 minutes. When it comes time to replace, I intend to use a Motorcraft blower, even though it cost double over the Chinese junk.
  10. enigma-2


    I know its old,, posting incase it happens yo someone else. Problem sounds like a blend door actuator. Try a reset first. Press the CLIMATE CONTROL power button and the DEFROST button at the same time. Hold for a second or two. Release and press the CLIMATE CONTROL button by itself again. This will cause the module to reset the actuators and should fix the problem.
  11. enigma-2

    2013 Passenger Side Blend Door Actuator

    Would it be possible to remove the radio and go through the radio cavity to reach the actuator?
  12. enigma-2

    2016 lincoln mkx motor sound behind dash

    Curious. I posted that in a different forum and it showed up here. The sound your hearing is most likely the squirrel cage fan rubbing against the bower housing. Or, the bearings are getting dry in the fan (mine does this about once a year. I just let it run and after a while - about 20 minutes last time - it gets some lubricant and goes quite again). Changing a fan is easy. There are videos on YouTube. When I decide I really need to change ill go with Motorcraft (only). None of thd cheap junk from China.
  13. enigma-2

    Sun Shade

    Global open is where you open the panoramic roof (aka bamr) with your remote control. Opens the front windows and pops the moonrise up to the vent position. To activate , hold the unlock button for 2 or 3 seconds. (Designed to get the superheated hot air out so you can enter without roasting). Have to close windows and roof manually however.
  14. enigma-2

    TSB 09M04S1 Cooling System Corrosion

    Could try it yourself. I'd allow around 3 hours for the soak (or maybe repeat 2-3 times) with a good quality acid bath. He uses water, I'd go with distilled. Dollar a gallon at the supermarket. Also recommend the new fomoco green for the replacement. Supposed to be better than thd original gold in your car.
  15. enigma-2

    2016 lincoln mkx motor sound behind dash

    Can you get to it by going through the radio compartment space?