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  1. enigma-2

    2015 MKC

    Try pulling the fuse associated with the radio for a minute. Once the caps discharge, the radio will reset next time its turned on. Sometimes an electronic component gets jumbled and just needs to be reset. I don't know which fuse it is on yours on the Edge it's #33.
  2. enigma-2

    2011 mkx driver door hard to open

    I would agree with NOTMY about spraying a lube. I had a similar problem years ago. It was the plastic door strap. Had become dry and crud encased. Plastic strap sliding into a plastic guide. It also was warped. Cleaned it with solvent, lubed, and run in and out until it freed up. I'd be tempted to use a penetrating oil on the hinges.
  3. enigma-2

    2011 mkx driver door hard to open

    Do you mean "harder" as in binding? Or that it's catching during opening (such as the weatherstripping sticking?)
  4. First have the battery tested USING A CCA test (not a voltage test). Determine if the battery is actually good (or just not capable of holding a charge). If you actually have a parasitic load draw, the usual procedure is to run an isolation test. Connect an ammeter between positive cable and battery pos terminal. Parasitic draw will be about a 1/2 amp or greater. (The cars circuits are always drawing a small amount of current even when the car's shut off). Start pulling each fuse in load center (fuse box), one-by-one and monitor when draw stops. That's your circuit. As each circuit usually serves several components, it becomes a simple process of disconnecting each device. If nothing in the load center causing the draw, do the same with the Smart Junction Box (fuse box in cabin). If no circuit is responsible, suspect the regulator in the alternator.
  5. enigma-2

    Water leaks unknown

    ▪︎Water in back cargo bay probably traced to clogged moon roof drain(s). Can be cleared by blowing out with air from the outlet at bottom of car. ▪︎Bubbling sound in HVAC core probably due to clogged A/C housing drain. Easy fix, can be cleared by blowing outlet with air. Believe outlet is in engine compartment on your car. Recommend using antibacterial foam designed for this purpose as a follow-up to kill any mold in housing. (Standing water, etc.) ▪︎Speakers, you cab put the ACU (radio) into test mode and check each speaker, one-by-one. May determine if speakers defective or ACU. One known cause of speaker failure is water getting into door cavity. (Not too expensive nor difficult to fix). ▪︎Navigation failure could be failure of the GPS receiver. (These are not expensive and fairly easy to replace). $1000 is around $900 too high, imo.
  6. Mist have gotten caught in the rotary brush. I've noticed that my local car wash puts a plastic sleeve on rear wipers. Must be the reason. When I replaced mine, I used pb blaster and it still refused to budge. I ended up cutting through the wiper arm base with a dremel. Even after splitting the round base in half, I still had to cut through from the back to get the back half off the stem. If you have the same problem, I'd try a great puller (I didn't have one).
  7. It should be fine. It simply presses on, screws down and fastened with a nut (the hardest part is actually installing the blade to the arm). This is one case where aftermarket is as good as oem. I had to replace mine and ended up having to cut it off with a dermel tool. What's curious is why it came off in thd first place. (It's bolted on).
  8. enigma-2

    2018 MKX Rear turn signal assembly

    The following lights are composed of LEDs and are not serviceable: Brake lights Rear tail lamps Rear turn signals Rear side markers, and Backup lights. If you have a lamp failure, the dealer will need to replace the entire assembly. Probably in the $500-$600 range. (But, your car is probably still under warranty and probably won't cost anything).
  9. enigma-2

    2010 base audio

    Link to the owners manual is on the site, here:
  10. enigma-2

    Blacked out grill (2010)

    Read this. https://itstillruns.com/paint-plastic-grills-7675719.html
  11. Due to the age of the vehicle, my initial suspect is corrosion on the pins of the headlight control module. (If the HCM had actually failed, its designed to default to straight ahead position). The module is accessible from under the car. You pop loose the splash shield to access it. Now this is not the only possibility. It could also be the steering wheel sensor module or a defective sensor, HCM, network error from another module, etc. If you can pull codes, you would have a better chance of narrowing down the fault.
  12. enigma-2

    Hello From Mexico!

    Hi Luis. I'd try to research the previous owners maintenance on the car. Whats important are the plugs (book states 100k, but less is better, I'd recommend 90k); coolant (do a full flush and upgrade to new green; tranny flush and don't forget the cabin air filter. Also don't forget to check the pressure in all tires, especially the spare (which is often overlooked). If you have Sync 2, you can upgrade to Sync 3 with several widely available kits.
  13. enigma-2

    A toast.

    I'll drink to that! lol
  14. enigma-2

    Power Folding Mirrors got Stuck

    No, you can manually fold the mirror's by hand without harm. 1. Is the mirror completely folded out and locked? 2. Can you fold the mirrors using the manual switch on the door? 3. Is the mirror auto fold turned on? (In settings).
  15. enigma-2

    Sport mode shifting

    Still curious about the shifter, ran across an old review about the 2014 model. This review was written in August, 2014 "The 2014 MKX has some impressive gear under the hood: a 305-horsepower, 3.7-liter V-6—yes, that's the same engine as in the Mustang—and a six-speed automatic transmission, allowing 0-60 mph times in around eight seconds. It's closely related to the Ford Edge, although it's especially quiet here, with acoustic glass and thicker sound insulation. However the MKX is no conservative, floaty Lincoln of the past. The steering is hefty and relatively quick, and overall the MKX handles as if it were a class lighter. This is a vehicle that digs into its share of country roads with gusto. As for the transmission, there's also a sport mode, and a sport-shift button on the lever, as well as paddle shift controls for a modicum of shift-it-yourself control." https://www.thecarconnection.com/overview/lincoln_mkx_2014