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  1. I had Michelin’s that did this at 21-24k miles. Went back and was told that that's normal. The way they achieve a smooth and quiet tire is to use soft rubber on the outer tread layer. (Tires are constructed of several different layers of rubber, each with their own specific characteristics. Anyway, after the soft layer it wears off, (>20k), it goes into a hard rubber layer to give tire a long life. But hard rubber is noisy and rides hard. Nothing you can do about this. I'm running 20" Pirelli Scorpion's now. Nice and quiet. When they get noisy, I'll just replace them. One brand I've used, a little noiser and a little rougher, are Bridgestone Duelers. Excellent longevity that doesn't change when they age.
  2. enigma-2

    2012 reflection on driver window

    Professional photographers will use paste wax on chrome for car commercials to prevent glare. They just leave it dry & dull, and don't polish it. You could try this and see if it helps (quick but temporary).
  3. enigma-2

    Oil separator yes or no?

    Carbon build up usually not a problem for 70-100k miles (then walnut blasting, $600). This post my help you with your questions: https://www.fordedgeforum.com/topic/29170-catch-can-single-or-dual-valve/
  4. enigma-2

    Hope it's not a lemon ...

    Have you ever considered an extended warranty?
  5. Suspect the connectors at the actuators are corroded. (Usual cause of intermittent electrical equipment).
  6. enigma-2

    Drivers side carpet mat

    It looks like FA1Z-5813300-AA is now obsolete and has been replaced by FA1Z-5813300-AD. I'd try calling these people as they sell OEM parts. FordParysGiant.com at 888-788-9341. You may have to shop the junk yards to find a replacment. https://www.car-part.com/mobile/
  7. enigma-2

    reset climate control

    Discussed here:
  8. enigma-2

    Drivers side carpet mat

    Those are OEM and fit Black Label, Premiere, Reserve & Select. What model do you have?
  9. enigma-2

    Drivers side carpet mat

    Is this what you're looking for? https://www.oempartsquick.com/oem-parts/ford-floor-mat-fa1z5813300ad
  10. enigma-2

    Drivers side carpet mat

    Color? Used ok?
  11. enigma-2

    Front Seat Cooling

    Module is under the passenger seat. Usual problem is the connector gets too hot and partially melts. Have you checked the fuse? Blown fuse is usually a result from shorted connector.
  12. enigma-2

    Static on sound system

    The automatic noise control operates when the radio is off, so I'd say that it's the cause. Static is usually a sign of a corroded connection (or worn insulation on a wire barely touching ground). Easiest way to verify is to turn on the radio with the volume turned all the way down (radio on but quiet, turns off the ANC). If the static goes away, it's the ANC. Probably a connection at one of the three microphones (but that's only a guess).
  13. One clevat is the disclaimer "if you meet all of the following conditions: • You have maintained and operated your vehicle according to the instructions on proper care in the Owner’s Manual and this booklet." And, "• Your vehicle has not been tampered with, misused, or abused." I knew someone years ago that had his engine warranty cancelled, not due on having oil changes at the proper interval, but rather the TYPE of oil he used. He used 10W40 and blown his engine. The argued 10W40 was not one of the oils listed. If you haven't had your oil changes and mechanical work done at your local Ford service dept, you can be forced to prove that you met all maintenance requirements before they honor the warranty.
  14. enigma-2

    Steering wheel

    Great. Now I can't unsee it.
  15. enigma-2

    Touch screen

    Check fuses 19 and 29 in the cabin fuse panel. When you press the media button on the steering wheel do you get a "listening" bing? (Radio and sync are on fuse 29). Do you get any audio out of the unit when switched to FM radio?