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  1. Lincolnski

    Outside Ambient Air Temperature Sensor

    After you bend the foam air flow diverter/deflector you can easily reach the outside ambient air temperature sensor. (sorry, had photos but the site won't allow me to upload.)
  2. Lincolnski

    Outside Ambient Air Temperature Sensor

    After the slash shield is removed one can see the radiator mount. In front of the radiator mount is a foam air diverter/deflector. ( I have tried multiple times to load photos but the site keeps telling upload failed.)
  3. Lincolnski

    Outside Ambient Air Temperature Sensor

    installation was an hour, one does not need to pull the front fascia as the workshop manual states. First remove the front splash shield from under the car, 7/32" socket and there will be about 18of those screws, two pop rivets and four star headed bolts.
  4. Lincolnski

    Outside Ambient Air Temperature Sensor

    I Found It!! On a 2016 MKX FWD 3.7L V-6 the outside ambient air temperature sensor is located about 17" BELOW the Lincoln star on the grille. If one looks through the bottom grille, it will be front and center. I'm quite sure I can get to it by removing the bottom front splash shield. More to come!! .
  5. Well, here I am again. My last attempt to procure information from this site had me reading old men arguing about the over engineering of glove boxes on European cars. NOW, I am here trying to find out the EXACT location of the outside ambient air temperature sensor and I'm reading about how fast one must drive to reset the temp sensor. I guess I missed the whole part about where it's located on the 2016 MKX.?? Anywho, I have a check engine light on and a temperature reading on the dash display that is not even close to what the outside temperature is. I have the code pulled and it's a P0073. The cost of the sensor is minimal however I'm just not sure where it's located?? Some say the front fascia must come off, others say it doesn't. Some say you can access the sensor by pulling the top cover where the radiator is but that is only for those who have a sensor on the top passenger side behind the grille. Some say the sensor is on the driver's side toward the bottom of the condenser?? 😵 Ahh, the inconsistency of internet data!! .
  6. Yeah, exactly as I've seen. A 111 page oil thread, SO typical. .
  7. LMAO!! I re-read that and was like, wow. 😯 All she knows is it smells pretty (got the Febreze one) and she is getting more air volume from the vents. Yep, $15 and she's smiling!!
  8. Well, considering the demographics, I can completely agree with you. If anyone makes the same mistake as I did, hopefully they can get the info to correct their mistake, quickly. I made it a point to keep a tight hold on the screws, that left side screw was intent on escape, I'm sure of it. I agree with you, I'm sure your post about oil and it's properties will descend into brand loyalties and high mileage trophies for said brands. .
  9. Lincolnski

    Newbie introduction

    Hello All. Came here looking for some info, didn't find it. After a bit of looking, found the info I was looking for and thought I'd share with the community! I've been around Lincolns most of my life, the old man had a Mark V, then a Town Car. My first Lincoln was a Town Coupe, then a Navigator, then a MKS and now a MKX. .
  10. Comedy of errors today. I was changing the cabin filter and removed the traction wire on the right side of the box, removed the electrical connector and it's securing device from the glove box itself so no wiring would be pulled while the glove box dangled. Yeah, all the greatest intentions. While removing the left side screw for the cabin filter cover the screw fell into the depths of, God only knows. I'm sure I'll get to listen to this wayward screw rattle along down the highway in the near future. While moving the dangling glove box up and down quite quickly (trying to find said wayward screw), I was a bit over zealous and the glove box slapped shut. Yeah, I just sat there and looked at the closed glove box. I knew I had to try the glove box button, even though I knew I had already disconnected the connector from the actuator. Time to google "how to open glove box 2016 Lincoln MKX". Many vids out there explaining how to "push the button" to open the glove box. Even ended up here wondering why I was reading some older gents argue about over engineering, BMW's, Cads and trunk lid switches with NO info how to open the glove box MANUALLY. Here is the info, with the passenger door open, remove the end cap (triangle shape) from the side of the glove box. There is a nice square hole that one can stick a pencil, screwdriver or whatever utensil you chose to push the locking dawgs for the latch in. I noticed it worked slightly better when I pushed in on the glove box door. Here is a website that has a diagram. https://www.manualslib.com/manual/977518/Lincoln-2016-Mkx.html?page=168 Everything is back together, working perfectly and my wife is satisfied with the fact that her cabin air filter is new, I'm glad I only spent $15 rather than $75 to make her satisfied. .