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  1. Dianna

    No radio

    "Entertainment Off" is on the dash....can't figure out what happened or how to turn "on" radio....nothing works. Any suggestions?
  2. Dianna

    Audio Off

    2016 MKX - 'entertainment off' was lit on the dash when I started the car today...and I haven't been able to turn the radio on....tried everything ! any suggestions please.
  3. Dianna

    New Member

    MKX 2016
  4. Dianna

    21" Wheels - Clear Coat Flaking Off

    '16 MKX---all 4 wheels are are flaking. Going to try and get replacements also. How long is the warranty?
  5. But the issue I had today where for some reason the battery was totally dead and all the icons on the dash were lit but car wouldn't start, couldn't unlock doors or open liftgate, etc. the glove box wouldn't open so I could not retrieve the manual to see what my problem was. Oh but the running lights stayed on and couldn't turn them off.
  6. Dianna

    '16 MKX

    Today went to start the car and dashboard lit up with icons....brakes, oil, traction control, lights and warnings...car would not start. Could not unlock doors, open glove box, lift gate, etc. but running lights and back lights were on. Found out battery was totally dead...no warning sign. Wondering if something drained the battery overnight?