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  1. Dumby

    Build & Price is live

    When I "build" a 2018 Reserve with a 2.7 and awd, i get the same mpg as a 2019 Reserve with 2.7 and awd. Both list 17 city and 24 hwy. My guess is they just used last year estimates since the new 8 speed and 2.7 combo has probably not been tested by the EPA. That said, when I asked earlier on this forum what effect the 8 speed and auto stop might have on mileage, the ones who are qualified to answer said not to expect much more than a mile or so more per gallon.
  2. Dumby

    Build & Price is live

    Also noticed that the 2.0 states "Stop and Go" but the 2.7 does not list it. It sure would be nice if the order guide gets posted soon to see a list all of the changes. Not having the HUD is a huge bummer but the 22 way seats and the 2.7 will probably still push me to the Nautilus.
  3. Dumby

    Build & Price is live

    I don't see a HUD option even on BL. I was hoping it would be part of the Technology Package like the Navigator. It looks like they have changed the wording on the seats from "heated and cooled" to " heated and ventilated".
  4. That is very specific and helpful. I am now really looking forward to the 13th. Thanks again for posting this.
  5. I have 6/13 on my calendar for the new Nautilus Order Guide to be posted. When I went back and looked at a past Order Guide, it was lacking a lot of detail. It did not list what equipment was included in the different models like Reserve or packages like Technology or Driver's Assistance. Maybe I am not looking at the correct item - what I am seeing says fleet preview guide. If that is the same as the order guide, at what point will Lincoln put out a more detailed listing of standard and optional equipment by model and package? The 2018 internet site for the MKX was not updated until the models were already on the dealer's lots so I don't think that will help someone as curious as I am. The dealers probably like the delay so they can clear out last year models but the Nautilus holds a lot of appeal for me at this point. I would really like to get a new vehicle before I have to put some major money into my wife's 2006 CRV. She will inherit my 2014 Escape as she has little interest in driving anything new.
  6. Dumby

    What Nautilus needs to compete with RX snd XT5

    In answer to the original question but making it generic to what does Nautilus need to do to compete with other luxury brands (or get better ratings), I have gleaned some of the criticisms from some of the car review sites. Need LED headlights - done Need 8 speed transmission - done This may cut down on the poor gas mileage comparison to the peers. Like others, MPG is not a major consideration for me but another mile or so per gallon won't hurt. Often overlooked is the requirement some competitors have that you must use premium versus the fact that Lincoln says regular is okay. Not really mentioned as a problem by reviewers but done - even more sound deadening and acoustical rear windows - MKX was already listed as quiet. Need better tech - 12.3 digital instrument cluster - done. It could be great, if like Audi, you can choose what to display with an option for Google maps. I would like to see the navigation screen in a better viewing position but that won't happen with the refresh. If navigation can be shown in the instrument cluster or shown with HUD then the low position really does not matter. Reviewers mostly did not like the gull wing grill which is a personal like/dislike but, for the reviewer's sake, - done Need HUD - still waiting for Fredluke to confirm/deny. I realize it isn't important to everyone but most other luxury brands offer it, so to compete, Lincoln needs to offer it. The greatest items that seem to hold Lincoln back in the reviews are the amount of vinyl or plastic in the cabin. None of it offends me but seems to be held in great disdain by reviewers. Black Label solves the problem but with other brands you don't have to pay such a premium for a nice interior. Reliability seems to hold the brand ratings back but in reading this forum, I am seeing very few problems with 17s or 18s. Resale value is a problem but perhaps with the success of the Navigator and hopefully, the future Aviator, maybe all Lincolns will benefit. It seems that Lincoln is cutting back on rental fleets to help in this area as the following link explains: https://www.motorauthority.com/news/1116231_lincoln-taking-steps-to-protect-resale-value Reviewers also seem to dislike the braking(erratic pedal) and the steering (little feel). The brakes seem relatively easy to fix while steering feel is probably just preference. While the Lincoln has so many positives, some of the reviewers just can't get over the fact that the MKX/Nautilus is just an expensive Edge and that the Edge is a better value for the money. If Lincoln can continue to differentiate the two, maybe the Nautilus ratings will go up.
  7. Dumby

    2019 Lincoln Nautilus

    While we didn't get the " XMAS TREES lighting fixtures" (see post 61), below are the changes I have gleaned from all the different write-ups. There may be more that I have missed or maybe some of these could be wrong. Feel free to add additions or corrections. I'm still hoping Hud will be an option. Nautilus name replaces MKX New grill/ front end from A pillar forward led lights shown in all photos "Up front are completely redesigned full-LED headlights", Drivemag.com totally flat folding rear seats - Thecarconnection.com only 2 engines. 2.0 standard, 2.7 available Inductive charging pad 5 new wheel selections evasive steering lane keep Slightly different rear end Redesigned 22 way seats 8 speed transmission Frameless rear view mirror - NY Daily News All digital 12.3" instrument cluster Added acoustical glass to rear windows? - Car and Driver New steering wheel with new layout for multifunction buttons - Carscoops.com 3 new BL interiors All wheel drive only applied when needed - Motor Trend "Switch from standard front-wheel drive to optional all-wheel drive, and a new rear axle decoupling function also helps to maximize your mileage". NY Daily News Added sound deadening material - NY Daily News Favorite headline so far: "2019 Lincoln Nautilus surfaces in L.A." Automobilemag.com
  8. I know the HUD is not high on everyone's list but it is a desired option for me. An encouraging fact is that on the 2018 Navigator, it is standard on the BL as a new feature. There has been some speculation that it might be a BL feature only but it is also included in the optional Technology Package for the Select and Reserve models. Hopefully, they will do the same for the 2019 MKX. I realize there is no guarantee since the Navigator is a whole different price point, but at least there is some hope they would want to keep things consistent across the models.
  9. if anyone wants to see the 3 new colors for 2018, the Navigator and MKT have both been updated to the 2018 models on the Lincoln web site. The colors are available in the "Build & Price". To see the Rhapsody Blue, you will have to select the Navigator Reserve model. Iced Mocha and Blue Diamond seem to be available for all of the MKT and Navigator models.
  10. For the few changes Lincoln is making, it sure is taking a long time to update the Lincoln website. The 2018 Ford Edge has been online for several weeks. I understand taking care of the Ford models first since that it where their sales are but they really seem delayed in updating the Lincolns.
  11. AkIrby: You are right about the 22 way seats. I was thinking there were not as many presets on the passenger side. However, the 10 way seats only have the memory presets for the driver's side. "10-way power front seats with 2-way power lumbar and driver’s side memory feature" Enigma-2: Have I missed the fact that there is not a mini spare? Also, there should be no more 3.7 engine problems as FredLuke has reported the death of that engine for 2019.
  12. I am in the market for a new SUV and am considering the MKX. I am curious as to what current owners would like to see regarding new features/options in the 2019 update. Certain items like a 9 speed transmission, a new grill look and different HP engines seem certain from FredLuke’s reports. As I shop, it is surprising to me that there are not that many items missing from the MKX. Personally, I would love a HUD at least starting in the Reserve models. I think separating the LED headlight option out of the Luxury package would be a nice change. I am tone deaf and do not need to pay for an audio experience that I can’t appreciate. However, those that have LED headlights seem to think they are great. They seem to be more of a safety/vision need than a luxury item. Having a virtual cockpit in the driver’s dash like Audi would be great. It would also be nice to display Google maps. My wife’s comfort is just as important as mine. Lincoln needs to add as many presets to the passenger seat as they have for the driver. I have seen others in this forum say they would like a larger gas tank. Not that any of this will have one bit of influence on Lincoln but maybe it will show where they need to go to continue to stay competitive with other luxury SUV brands. Anyone else have things they would like to see added or changed?
  13. Extended warranties are basically insurance. Like all insurance policies, the insurer wins based on odds. However, if you have a major problem and you haven't budgeted for it, then having the policy makes sense. With the complexity of cars today, repairs can be expensive. I put a scratch in the metal surrounding my Escape navigation screen. It was obviously not covered by warranty but the part only came with the navigation unit for a cool $1200 not including labor. (The scratch is still there.) You will probably not have a major problem and would likely come out ahead not buying the warranty. If you do decide to buy, stick with the Ford ESP only. Dealers can set their own price above cost so there will be a lot of variation in price. When I shopped, I found two or three Ford dealers willing to sell the ESP for a good bit less than the going rate, so, be sure to shop. I tried to offer my local dealer a chance to match but they were only interested in offering a non-Ford ESP. With the Ford ESP, it is registered with Ford , so no matter which Ford dealership you go to, it will show up in the system under your VIN. I did a quick search on the above 2016 MKX with 23,000 miles. Assuming a $100 deductible, an additional 3 years and 100,000 miles (7 year/150,000 miles) for a Premium Lincoln ESP would run around $2350 in Georgia. Being able to buy a discounted genuine Ford ESP is one of the reasons I am considering the MKX.
  14. Dumby

    2019 Lincoln Nautilus

    I may have used the incorrect term when I stated the air bladders may be cutting the air flow. I picked up the idea from this forum under a topic heading discussing the cooling of the 22 way seats. Someone stated the following "I have the 22 way seats and the ventilation works great on the bottom cushion, not so much on the seat back. I wonder if all the air bladders in the 22 way back get in the way... ". Having re-watched the Lincoln 22 way seat video, it does not mention air bladders. It just shows 4 seat bolsters and 3 larger back bolsters. No mention is made of "air". At any rate, it seems a possibility that the change to the 22 way seats could deal with making the cooling function more effective.