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  1. oldfarmer

    2021 Nautilus front tire edge ware

    Tires hadn't been rotated. At over 75 I admit I'm getting lazy. That was what I was going to do when I noticed the wear. Rear tires look still look close to new. I didn't want to disturb anything before the dealer had a chance to investigate it while it was in for a right gasket on the back window. Tire size 265/40 R21 Continental CrossContact. 3 original LX sport and a replacement CrossContact UHP my guess is due to a box knife in the sidewall. Not the best solution. However, that's when I found the 21 Nautilus came without a spare. I will contact Continental and ask them if my problem is self inflected. Tire warranty does not cover this type of problem and I was stranded in a W/M parking lot. A detail I had forgotten till I went out to check tire size. Rear tires do not have a ware problem and are now on the front. Dealer did front to rear right to left. The last 3 Lincolns have had the front ends replaced shortly after delivery due to intermittent electrical failure. Shut off and restart the problems went away. 1 MKS & 2 MKX. The dealer rechecked the front end and decided an alignment would help. It's over 12K miles and 12 months so it was on me. results attached.
  2. I have a 2021 Nautilus AWD with the twin turbo 2.7L and about 18K miles. Both front tires have excessive inner and outer edge ware. Center tread is normal but outer look more like 50K miles I haven't used Sport other than testing it Performance is set at normal. Tires pressure has been kept at specified cold pressure on drivers door jam sticker. Onboard tire pressure monitor has been checked against both conventional and digital gauges Dealer checked alignment and says it is within specification. Handling is normal and AWD totally fixes the torque steer which is why I ordered the 2021 and got rid of the 2017 MKX. By now I'm thinking the software for the electric steering was tweeked and it is oscillating, has too narrow a dead band or some other problem. Is anyone else experiencing this ware problem?
  3. oldfarmer

    2021 Nautilus

    Call Lincoln. Your regional Client Service manager can sign you up for updates by email as soon as they have the VIN I tracked my 2017 MKX during the build and shipping. You can now track your Ford but NO LONGER your Lincoln.
  4. oldfarmer

    2021 Nautilus

    I ordered my Nautilus Reserve 2 with 2.6L V6 AWD, 22way seats, Class II trailer tow, Ice Mocha exterior and I forget what else. Order date Saturday 3-13-21 It was released for production sometime before my email from Lincoln on 3-24-21 Delivered to dealer 4-20-21 I drove off in it 4-21-21 Dealer fell off his chair. He had never seen that kind of turn around on an order. It took longer to get it to the dealer than get it off the production line. I too am IMPRESSED! Lincoln and the Ontario plant did what I would have listed as impossible!
  5. oldfarmer

    2021 Touch Screen default screen

    Has anyone figured out how to change the default screen? I can find no save settings as default which I would expect is somewhere. I really dislike having to get rid of the AUDIO screen every time I start the car. It was the least used screen on my 2017 MKX. At least I found the X beside it to get it off the right side 1/4 of my navigation display
  6. oldfarmer

    Tire pressure sensors

    July this year coming back on a 3K mile trip I got a low tire pressure alarm. About 38K total miles All 4 tires were under 27 PSI. Got back home and found a small nail in the tire that alarmed. Inner tread was down to cords. My fault for ignoring the tire pressure The other tires had advanced ware due to low pressure and were replaced with Goodyear Assurance Weatherready A swag is it cost me about 10K miles of tire ware. Sept all tires were low (30 PSI) again and returned to 33 to 34 PSI two days ago same thing again, but this time one of the Schrader valves wouldn't reseal after gauging untill I put some air in. BTW the tire monitor has been same as gauge pressure all along. It seems to have 1/2 PSI increments. Schrader valves are cheap. Looks like I will be replacing them. Heads up!!
  7. oldfarmer

    Key Fob Batteries

    Just replaced the wife's fob bats again My fob is still doing great on original bats She usually has hers in a fanny pack. Guessing the a button gets pushed in there.
  8. The sync3 reboot problem was joined this morning for the first I have noticed by an instrument cluster reboot. Started the MKX and pulled out of my parking space. About 90 seconds later stopping for a red light the entire instrument cluster went black for what seemed like a week but was probably 3 to 5 seconds. It came back on with trip 1 still on the left The right was back to Select where it had been on navigation. Anyone else had the pleasure of experiencing this one?
  9. oldfarmer

    Sync-3 Screen rebooting runnin' down the road

    Good one Got me The spelling checker changed it and I didn't didn't catch it
  10. oldfarmer

    Sync-3 Screen rebooting runnin' down the road

    No Cursing. Just worried that I might soon be walking. Not sure how many times. A number of times I think I noticed it part way through the reset. I have a Garmin and a Passport on the windshield - Don't like having to look down. It's one of those things you just figure you missed something until you are actually looking at it when it goes black. Point of reference: I'm a retired senior EE - 35 years of industrial fixin' it anywhere on earth. First time I was positive about it was about a month ago doing around 75 on I40 and it went black. Now I am pay more attention. Went in for the air bag recall ask the dealer. Did a 3.2K trip last week with no issue. This morning on a country road at about 55 heading into town I was also looking at it as it went blank. I do have the auto update turned on. Neither time I was watching as it went blank had I been near a WIFI for a long time.
  11. My sync-3 data screen now & then reboots at random running down the road. Wonder if anyone else is experiencing this? Hasn't hurt anything but it is disconcerting while driving to have the GPS display go totally blank. After a few seconds I get the Lincoln wake up screen same as on startup. Doesn't seem to matter cursing down a freeway or on farm roads. I ask the dealer when the air bag module recall was being done and got "yep they do it sometimes"
  12. oldfarmer

    Key Fob Batteries

    So far just the one. The bats in my fob test low but are still working. We keep a spare set of bats in the car now.
  13. oldfarmer

    2017 MKX 2nd Cabin Rattle/Noise

    Any chance of this being the ANC (automatic noise cancellation) going rouge? In their infant stupidity (one of the vary few times) there is no way to shut it off to check it out.
  14. oldfarmer


    Got another anomaly My RR passenger door. A few weeks after I took delivery I heard a thumping sound while driving that turned out to be the forward edge of the weather strip slapping outside of the RR door. I pushed it back into the channel and dropped past the dealer the next day or so. Told the SM it didn't bother me much. He spent a LOOOng time looking at it and pushing the rubber and said remember to mention this when you bring it in for anything else as long as you don't want to address i now. That was about 6 months ago. Two weeks ago I noticed the black plastic trim ( about 2" wide) from the rear edge top to bottom of the same door had pulled loose at the top and was warping out. Other doors are fine. The MKX spends most of it's time in a car port so has had limited direct sun expositor. It went in today for the driver air bag thing and they took pictures of the RR door to submit, ask what to do, and ordered parts. Anyone else seen this one?
  15. oldfarmer

    Headlight Horizontal (left/right) Alignment

    just out of curiosity do you have the normal or LED headlights? The LED option was $$$$ and the best $$$ I ever spent. They light up the road like aircraft landing lights high or low beam and in 7 months I've not had anyone flash lights at me. I had to drive ahead of it to prove it to myself. I live way out in the weeds so it's dark on moonless nights and I've driven slowly and watched the lights react. When I stop they snap back to neutral and at a slow roll they track steering. The way they light up the road edges as well as the lanes is a game changer.