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  1. greyfox47

    Front Accent Grill Hole

    A couple days ago, I was giving my '17 MKX Reserve a well deserved bath when I discovered this damn hole in the driver's side front bumper area. Lincoln wants $525 to replace the plastic piece that runs across the entire front running light to running light. For the record, I haven't accidently thumped anything that would have done it, especially this clean. Consensus seems to be that a stone (?) did the damage... or something similar. The part itself is $275 if I buy direct. Anyone have any thought of alternative repairs? I'm actually considering buying a piece of black ABS 1/16" plastic, cutting it to a rectangular size and epoxying it over the hole and calling it a day until something else happens that would drive replacement of the part. Any thoughts out there?
  2. greyfox47

    GPS Strange Behavior

    See my reply to Lisa directly above this one. TL (greyfox47)
  3. greyfox47

    GPS Strange Behavior

    Hi Lisa, What I would suggest is to monitor the GPS carefully. Going back to my original posting, I eventually got my dealer to authorize replacement of the APIM. I then had one other occurrence (see post of May 15). The next time that I had a normal service, the dealer installed a maintenance release of the SYNC software. And I haven't experienced the issue since. I was told by the dealer that the SYNC version they installed was a newer release than is available on the website. Going back to my original suggestion to monitor. Everytime you see the issue, call your dealer and tell them. It shouldn't take too many calls to get them to reprogram. Replacement of the APIM requires the dealer read a particular error code in order for Ford/Lincoln to authorize the module replacement since it carries a $1500 price tag. One more suggestion if you don't get results but the issue persists is to open the issue with Lincoln Client Services, who opened a case number that I "think" was helpful in motivating the dealer to resolve the issue. Good luck!! Here is contact information from my experience: Les Crone Concierge Service Manager Lincoln Customer Relationship Center Phone: 888-214-2155 ext:77901 | eFax: 1-855-646-6867 Email: lcrone2@lincoln.com
  4. greyfox47

    Window Shattered

    I had a head light assembly replaced under warranty because it was blinding oncoming traffic. The consultant at the time reported it was a $1500 part! Ford, or anyone else, supplies at the component level anymore. They buy from suppliers at the assembly level and that's how their system keeps parts. I can remember replacing an interior mirror that was auto dimming and had a compass for about $200 on a Toyota Tundra pickup about 15 years ago. Shock me - how much is a Lincoln mirror ....? Outside or interior?
  5. greyfox47

    Window Shattered

    Car was inspected by my local dealer and pictures taken of the window, then submitted to Lincoln. I received a call this morning from a dealer service consultant with good news. Lincoln will pay for the repair under the terms of the warranty. Whew!! He also said it's not a simple fix and requires a couple days. I think that's more a function of the infrequency of how often they do the job. I'll update as all this progresses. I asked for a Mustang GT loaner car..... 😎
  6. greyfox47

    Window Shattered

    The problem is that you can't replace just the triangle window!! You buy the entire door window gasket assembly which happens to also include the small window....... $465 plus labor if it comes out of my pocket.....
  7. greyfox47

    Window Shattered

    In my 2017 MKX, three days ago, we were driving in WY on a relatively smooth road, no wind (believe it or not... WY with no wind), when all of a sudden the small triangle shaped non-operational window next to the passenger door outside mirror shattered. We found a small auto glass shop in Jackson, WY that I called. He checked with LIncoln and to my dismay said the glass is part of a larger assembly (?) and cost $465, but they didn't stock the item! I explained that we were just driving through so I wouldn't be able to wait. He invited us to stop by the next day anyway and they would put a protective plastic cover over the glass it wouldn't completely fall apart. I called my dealer in Lakewood, CO and made an appointment for them to take a look at it. He said they would have to take pictures and submit for a warranty fix. The next morning while at the glass shop in Jackson, I asked the owner to take a look at the window. He said there was no evidence of a rock or anything else hitting it. I've attached a pic. So... not that I'm anticipating a battle... but you never know. What could cause this?
  8. greyfox47

    GPS Strange Behavior

    So, it's been 9 months since my last entry where I had the elusive GPS issue again. That time I had a the GPS in a red-crossed circle but navigation didn't seem to be in error. Figure that one out. The dealership installed a Sync update and I haven't seen the issue since. I still have 9000 mi left on my warranty so I'm actually not too concerned right now.
  9. greyfox47

    MKX Battery Warranty?

    I have a 2017 MKX with about 32500 miles. I had the car serviced today and on a "Multi-point inspection report," I see a section named "Declined Services." Under that heading, it reads during the Battery Capacity Test that the "battery tested bad" and needs to be serviced soon. I've been looking through all my documentation on what's covered and what's not. There's no mention of the battery anywhere except for instructions on how to replace it. I took delivery in Feb 2017, so my bumper to bumper warranty is still in effect. I know wear items like tires, wipers, etc are not covered by warranty but nowhere does anything say the battery isn't. So.... it begs the question of who warranties the battery?
  10. greyfox47

    GPS Strange Behavior

    Update, I opened a trouble issue with Lincoln Client Services. The problem continued to be elusive. Lincoln client services suggested when it happens that I immediately go to the nearest Ford or Lincoln dealer and they could capture any error codes. Well.... it did and I did drive straight to a dealer (not mine). They told me flat out that they were too busy and blew me off, so I turned up the gain and wrote a long email to my purchase/servicing dealer with copy to Lincoln Client Services that they were creating a Catch 22 scenario and I considered the dealership network and Lincoln itself as somewhat unresponsive. Next time it happened I captured more video and a ton of pictures. I was emailed by client services who were about the clear the issue. In as nice as I could muster, I pretty much demanded that the issue could not be closed until I saw some sort of real resolution. Shortly after, the dealer manager called and assured me they would be responsive and encouraged me to make another appointment with the service department. I did and as a result they ordered a replacement APIM. That was last March and until a few days ago, I have had no issues. Then Tuesday, the familiar GPS letters with the red cross hatched avatar showed up again. Took another picture and immediately called the dealer. We decided to watch it until my next oil change in a little less than 500 mi. TO BE CONTINUED?
  11. greyfox47

    Duct Rattle

    My 2017 MKX had an early intermittent plastic rattle in the duct to the left of the steering wheel. It still rears its ugly head occasionally on streets that I wouldn't expect it to happen. The dealer has worked the area a couple times, mainly by refitting the parts(?). Having dealt with minor rattle issues like this in other cars, I've almost always been able to take care of them myself once I know who to remove the parts of the vent. Since popular convention is for us not to play with our cars, I'm running into a brick wall trying to figure out how to disassemble the duct. Anyone have a clue? There's gotta be a clip or something somewhere that holds all that together?
  12. greyfox47

    GPS Strange Behavior

    Feb 1 - third instance where I had a GPS failure (little GPS with cross hatched red circle around it). Per instructions from last experience, I went to the nearest Ford dealer to get checked. Basically, I was told that they wouldn't be able to address it for a few days. What a bunch of BS! It's not like I could drop the car off 30 miles from home. Making matters worse, after going back to the running car, I turned it off for minute to get my bearings. When I restarted, the error has cleared. Is this going to be another one of those damn problems that has to be caught in the act before anyone will do anything about it? The original Sync is the reason I got rid of my 2013 Edge.... now, the BS continues.
  13. greyfox47

    GPS Strange Behavior

    After reading your post, I called my dealer. The service consultant acknowledged that the issue is rather widespread. "When it does it again, and it most likely will, call us immediately so we can grab the code. We'll reprogram the APIM and when that doesn't correct it, replace the unit. It's a well known issue." When I told him that the Lincoln concierge folks said they had never heard of the issue, he laughed. Thanks.
  14. greyfox47

    GPS Strange Behavior

    No recent tire changes, but received normal service the week before that included a tire rotation. Where did you find the TSB?
  15. greyfox47

    GPS Strange Behavior

    I have a 2017 MKX with Sync 3 and Navigation. Last week I was traveling south on I-35 from Iowa to Kansas City, MO/Overland Park, KS area using the gps navigation. About 75 mi north of KC, I noticed an icon on the gps screen. It was the letters "GPS" with a cross hatched circle imposed over them. Yet, I was following the gps track. I pulled off at an exit and noticed that the gps did not update or calculate a correcting route. However, the vehicle arrow was following where I was. I attempted to select "Home" from the screen and Sync took about 15 seconds to respond. Then, I noticed the time between selection and response starting taking even longer. I turned off the vehicle, waited a few minutes, and restarted it. Sync 3 response was still terrible and Navigation was frozen. I attempted to call the Lincoln concierge service but got a auto message telling me to try again or leave a message. I left a message for them to call me. I managed to cancel the current Nav destination and then attempted to re-enter it. The system failed to respond, and all the while, the GPS with the cross hatch circle was still displayed. I was thinking at the time that for some reason, the gps had failed/malfunctioned? So, I went to Android Auto, put my destination in my phone, plugged in the phone and restarted the car. Bottomline, I used Android Auto and google maps to continue the drive. When I got to my destination, I received a call from Lincoln. I explained what happened and was asked to check the operation at that point (about 2 hrs after the incident). When I started the car, all seemed well but the rep insisted in transferring the call to their Sync 3 specialist. When I reconnected, the Sync rep suggested (more like insisted) that I do a soft reset that I was unfamiliar with. Basically, sitting in the car with the doors closed, you put the car in accessory mode, turn it off, open the driver's door, with the door open - hit the door lock button and close it, wait 2 minutes and do a normal startup. There was no change, which I didn't expect because all seemed well. I asked if they had any history of this phenomena before and got the expected answer, "no, I'm not aware of any issue." The next morning, I drove to a local gas station using the finder capability. After I filled the car, I selected my home from the Nav menu and noticed immediately a general unresponsiveness from Sync. I'm thinking, "oh $h!T, here we go again. I pulled away to a safe spot away from the pumps and went through the "reset" procedure provided to me the day before. Everything including Sync 3 and Nav seemed to be operating normally. I selected home (Denver area) and was on my way. That night, I stayed in western Kansas, got up the next morning, didn't experience any issues and finished the drive home without incident. Nor has the problem reappeared since returning home. My Sync 3 software/firmware is at 2.3, the latest version. Sorry for the long posting. Has anyone else experienced or heard of anything like this? I know if I contact my dealer, I'm going to get the "next time it happens, come directly here" answer.