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    Blue Diamond

    First Shot I took the day I brought it home.
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    Oerheat Incident

    You are not the only one that is old school, saying that maybe we are the minority today. That is why everyone except Lincoln is chasing BMW and selling so much more. All my friends and relatives drive German and Japanese, my wife included. They all ask me why I drive an old mans brand. My answer is that I like to drive and not hear the engine , or feel all the potholes. Give me sheer comfort and quiet any day.
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    Oerheat Incident

    And that Ugly Lexus front...
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    Blue Diamond

    My MKX and Nautilus moving personal things from one to the other at the Dealership.
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    There shall be no agreement this is a forum and everybody is stupid...except me
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    Only have it two days but so far I love it. 2.7 L 6 with AWD. White Platinum with black interior (only black has the wood trim which my wife liked). It's got almost every option and the tow package. Rides smooth and quiet. Impressed with the lighting, lane assist and adaptive cruise. Overall a sweet ride.
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    Ordered today a Nautilus Reserve

    Stopped by the dealer to check it out and confirmed it's mine. Very pleased with Magnetic paint and Slate interior as well as the 21" wheels. Still finding it odd that it was delivered a month before its originally scheduled build date and was such a quick turnaround from the January 7 order date. I'm set to take delivery a week from today on the 21st when my existing lease expires. Sorry I only snapped a couple pics but it was parked between two other vehicles.
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    It finally arrived.

    Headed out to East West Lincoln (Lincoln-only dealership in the Maryland 'burbs of DC) yesterday and picked up my Choroma Copper Black Label Thoroughbred Nautilus. I originally ordered it in November and it was built in December, but the ordered vehicle got caught up in a batch that was pulled aside for extra inspection. So in January (unbeknownst to me) the dealer ordered a second Nautilus to my exact same specifications hoping to get one here quicker. The irony, of course, is that both arrived at the same time. The BL copper exterior is so distinctive (personally, I think it looks great) I expect I'll see it driving around the Washington DC metro area at some point. Ended up going with a one-payment lease -- first time in a long time I didn't just write the Big Check. Thanks to everyone on this great site for all the advice and useful information posted since I first started my search last spring to replace my Audi Q5.
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    Oerheat Incident

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    Oerheat Incident

    I remember in the mid 1970s the Mercury division had commercials running showing a jeweler working on a diamond ring in the back seat of a loaded Grand Marquis Brougham, then doing the same in the back seat of a Oldsmobile 88. The commercial showed the quality of the ride , as well as how luxurious the one VS the other. (I am showing my age). Lifestyle shots are nice to look at, they do not drive home the virtues of the car. This is what Lincoln needs to do , exactly as you said with the Navigator VS the long in the tooth Escalade. Brand equity does go a long way also , and Lincoln must rebuild all that was lost after such a long time of mailing it in.
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    Oerheat Incident

    I am always amazed by how many RXs Lexus sells as well as How many XT5 Cadillac sells and how few Nautilus Lincoln sells. The Nautilus is such good value and an even better car than the others if you consider comfort and the quiet ride it has. If Lincoln would only step up there advertising to show the virtues of Nautilus The sales charts would look different. I remember the days when Ford compared the competition head to head in advertising. This is the advertising that is needed, not showing famous actors playing pool.
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    Ordered today a Nautilus Reserve

    Finally. Some good new on my soon to be built Blue Diamond Nautilus Reserve. Build date of March 23. Ship Date March 26. Landing at the dealer April 1. I laugh when my contact at the dealer said 5 days transport for 45 minute drive from the factory.
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    Couple or three nits

    After having a Nautilus loaner for ten days, I mostly loved it, but a few things were disappointing compared to my 2017 MKZ. No dedicated steering wheel heat button. The MKZ has one between the heated and cooled seat buttons. It took me a few days to even discover how to turn on the steering wheel heat on my loaner. Putting it on the LCD screen seems like an afterthought on the Nautilus. No dedicated air flow buttons for directing air to main vents and/or floor vents. The MKZ has them. On the Nautilus you have to go to LCD climate screen to select. Ambient lighting is much better on the MKZ. There are lighting strips along each door as well as above the glove box and instrument panel. These are very cool. I would have expected the Nautilus to have these strips. On the MKZ if you open a door while the car is running, the strip for that door turns red. Hopefully, these oversights will be addressed 8n the redesign in a couple of years. .
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    I must say Lincoln really did a nice job with the Nautilus. The new front grill looks great and the ride itself is much better and quieter and although the cabin is basically they same as the MKX it feels a bit different but in good way. I got the Nautilus fully loaded as was my MKX. Only difference was this time I made sure to get the upgraded 19 speaker stereo system. I love it! I drive in LA and traffic is never good so having a good stereo system is a plus. The Revel 13 speaker system on my MKX was nice but the upgrade is much better and well worth it. I got the 2.0L I4 ECOBOOST engine and it seems to have plenty enough pick up. Its much better then the V6 engine I had in the MKX. The start / stop feature is interesting. Not sure I like it but it might just take getting use to. I did again get the 22 way power seats but honestly its not the end of the world if you don't get this option. I hardly ever used this in my MKX. They only thing I wish Lincoln would have added is if the side mirror rotated down when in reverse so curb parking is easier. It's annoying having to move the mirror manually when trying not the curb the 21 inch sweet looking rims when parking. Well if you are in the market for a new car definitely give the Nautilus a try. Its got an amazing amount of bells and whistles that make the time spent in a car each day fun! Here are the options I got and would recommend. LINCOLN NAUTILUS TECH PACKAGE - $1,720.00 DRIVER ASSISTANCE PACKAGE - $1,590.00 ULTIMATE PACKAGE - $5,160.00 22-WAY PWR MULT CONT DRVR SEAT - $1,500.00
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    New Start/Stop feature

    It stays off until you restart the vehicle. I leave mine on 98% of the time - it works great.
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    Bad tone

    22 Way Ultra Seat Design

    I did the reverse; had a 2016 with the 22 ways and it was acceptable but I didn't really like them. So I ordered my Nautilus with the standard seats and am much happier. That was good of the dealer to allow you to reorder anaother. If the standard seats had the bottom extension adjustment they would be perfect for me.
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    Transmission Clunking

    Got our 2016 MKX Black Label with about 20,000 miles on it back today after Lincoln decided to replace the entire transmission rather than repair it for the second time in as many months. The first time, the car simply wouldn't go into reverse, period! They replaced a bunch of parts including what they called the clutch mechanism. This time the transmission broke down driving along a major boulevard at 35 mph and my wife had to coast to the curb., all gears failed to function. The diagnosis showed that so much damage had been done to the transmission and the previous repair that it was more efficient (read: less costly) to replace everything. We just picked it up an hour ago, we'll see how long this lasts this time.
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    Transmission Clunking

    I've had that happen a few times, learned to shift slower, pausing slightly at N bewteen R and D. Allows the hydraulics to neutralize.
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    Check https://www.automobile-catalog.com/car/2019/2746355/lincoln_nautilus_2_7t_awd.html for much detailed tech info, e.g. gear ratios, speeds per rpm, etc.
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    My main reason for a Nautilus is my Lincoln dealer. They have gone out of their way over the years to make sure I am pleased with my Lincolns. Never have issues with service. And their dealership is close to my home. That means a lot to me. And I like the vehicle.
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    The materials are better, the standard seats are much better, the interior is completely different and so is the exterior styling. I don’t see how you can call that badge engineering just because they use the same engines. Maybe a bit less differentiation than others but that should be fixed with the next gen just like Explorer/Aviator.
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    Sync 3 Background Color

    It was worse with earlier versions of sync, with no icon on the home screen. This is an example of how I think Ford phoned it in on the refresh. This was an annoyance that could have been easily fixed but they didn't bother. I don't use the heated wheel much (too warm out here) but I'd be mildly irritated if I lived in a folder climate. Fortunately, most of the other ergonomics in the cabin are first rate (imo).
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    Ordered today a Nautilus Reserve

    In the Pacific Northwest market (primarily Portland-Seattle), a recent search of dealer Nautilus inventories indicated 63% 2.7 engines, 37% 2.0 engines with AWD dominate at nearly 100%. The numbers are to be expected with the region's topography (effortless cruising over mountain passes in 6th gear with no downshifting) and weather (occasional valley snow commuting, weekend mountain sports access). As for 2.0 vs 2.7 performance & fuel mileage comparisons, Lincoln has confirmed that although the transmissions mated to both engines have the same number of gears, each engine has a unique tranny version with different gear ratios and "...other mechanical changes."
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    Google is a life-saver on a lot of occasions.
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    Well thanks to YouTube, I found the answer! All set up now, working perfectly.