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    Off Topic for the older guys

    I know this thread is almost a year old but I have done this in a couple newer vehicles (87 Blazer and a 98 Blazer) that blew a head gasket and were all gummed up with the snotty oil/anti freeze mixture. Change all the gaskets first, clean the push rods and lifters the best you can and after everything is back together add 3 quarts of Kerosene + 1 quart of oil, let it run for 3 minutes at idle and out comes all the sludge. Change the filter and fill it up with oil, drive it for 500 miles and change oil/filter again. I would do this for a use car I bought. The worst it will do is nothing. The Kerosene clean method works!
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    window controls my mirror

    #1: You probably hit the fold button at the same time, they are pretty close together. #2: STOP LITTERING!
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    New Member

    Hi. This is my wife's 2017 MKX purchased in November 2017. Now has 56K. We use original 20" wheels for summer. and Ford Edge 19" wheels for winters.
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    New member. Have MKX for 4 years!

    What with these vehicles being so complicated and so computer controlled you would be very wise to purchase an extended warranty. I picked up a Certified MKX from the dealer three weeks ago. It included an extended warranty that only went to the end of 2021. Before I even sat in it I purchased an extended time warranty from Lincoln at the dealer. For $1800 I get my warranty extended to the end of 2025 or the included 100,000 miles. All it would take is one major breakdown to exceed the purchase price. For example.... it's been back twice for service! - The moonroof didn't close properly - Driver's side puddle lamp needed replacement - One day the car wouldn't start, it was completely dead (bad battery), had to call for Lincoln roadside help. - The other day it just quit on my while driving, TWICE! Turns out the start switch module was bad and would shut the car off. To fix they need to replace the part and module and nearly disassemble the entire console to get at it. They've had it for 5 days now and gave me a loaner. I think I got my money's worth already!
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    When replacing the rear wiper blade on my 2016 MKX, I too pondered the limited visibility available to align the replacement blade's notch with the arm's bar. Similarly, I considered taping a mirror under the wiper arm as you suggested. Then, it occurred to me that a better view of the alignment/installation was possible if I just opened the liftgate and viewed the installation from below looking up through the liftgate glass as I aligned the new blade's notch & arm's bar. It took only seconds to complete.