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    The Revel system reveals (no pun intended) just how inferior Sirius sound quality is compared to other sources. Back in the early days of satellite radio it was fine, but people expect more now with the advent of Tidal and other high-res sound sources.
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    There is no way to improve the sound quality because it's due to compression by SiriusXM. They do this to squeeze as many channels as possible onto a single satellite transponder. It's like taking a 4 MB picture file and compressing it to 50 kb. You're going to lose information. That's just their business model. Most people don't care. It's possible they don't compress as much if you're streaming. You could sign up for streaming (digital) only and try streaming it from your phone via bluetooth and see if it sounds better. I stream all the time from my phone to a Bose bluetooth speaker but have not tried it in the vehicle yet.
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    Revel Ultima disappointment

    So you can listen to another system and see if yours is the same or if it might be defective regardless of what the dealer says. Have you listened to other vehicles for comparison?
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    Moving here from MKZ Forum Hi everyone!

    The 2011 to 2015 has slightly more headroom than 2016 onward. The legroom is about the same in them all i bought my 2011 new in Oct 2011 and I have just gone over 200,000 Kms. Other than the usual problems with SYNC the only things I have replaced is brakes and tires (I’m only on my second set of tires with lots of tread left) i am also an older driver, age 72.
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    Exhaust fumes in Nautilus

    It is my understanding from owning 2 Ford Edge's that both had this issue and here is what I learned. Under heavy acceleration or when going uphill as I do everyday. The engine requires a richer amount of gasoline to be sent to it. The computer dials up the richer mixture of gasoline and this is what causes the smell. When your car decelerates, the smell comes out of the exhaust pipes and into your car's climate control system even though the intake is up front. Just try it. Turn off the blower motor and see if you still get the rotten egg smell. My Toyotas also did this.
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    2007 MKX won't remote start

    If your key doesn't have the 4th button for remote start you don't have that option. From my reading it was separatly available at order n all levels of trim
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    I bought mine in February, and I've noticed the exact same thing, but only when starting off and the engine isn't fully warmed up. I'll be sure to have it checked out when I take it in for my next servicing.
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    Update to Android Auto with Sync3

    Well to be honest he didn't say one way or the other and hasn't logged in since he asked the question, so we may never know!
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    With no major changes I would expect them to start showing up at dealers late October. Build and Price will probably show up late September.
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    I purchased my vehicle in early March. In May, I reported issues with what seemed like a "gear slip" between 3rd/4th gear. Only when the vehicle had not been driven in awhile and the engine was relatively cold, the gear before it witched to 4th, would rev up to 3000 RPM and there would be a slight hesitation. I was told this was resolved by a technical bulletin. It was resolved until last week (August 14, 2019), when this gear slipping began occurring again. This is not acceptable. I consider it a potential safety issue when the vehicle pauses. FWD Nautilus Reserve 2.7 Turbo V6.
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    Transmission Clunking

    Got our 2016 MKX Black Label with about 20,000 miles on it back today after Lincoln decided to replace the entire transmission rather than repair it for the second time in as many months. The first time, the car simply wouldn't go into reverse, period! They replaced a bunch of parts including what they called the clutch mechanism. This time the transmission broke down driving along a major boulevard at 35 mph and my wife had to coast to the curb., all gears failed to function. The diagnosis showed that so much damage had been done to the transmission and the previous repair that it was more efficient (read: less costly) to replace everything. We just picked it up an hour ago, we'll see how long this lasts this time.
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    Transmission Clunking

    I have the noise documented on my phone now. Over the holidays the wife got out and stood next to the car while I shift the car from R to D a few times. Hopefully the dealership will be able to hear it..lol. I am going to make an appointment this week to get it picked up and looked at. I'll probably stop by this week and talk to a service advisor first and show them the video.
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    Transmission Clunking

    For a $50K car this should not be necessary.