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    Blue Diamond

    First Shot I took the day I brought it home.
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    A pillar vent

    Every time I look at this, I think Lincoln should have designed it with the Lincoln symbol.
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    Oerheat Incident

    You are not the only one that is old school, saying that maybe we are the minority today. That is why everyone except Lincoln is chasing BMW and selling so much more. All my friends and relatives drive German and Japanese, my wife included. They all ask me why I drive an old mans brand. My answer is that I like to drive and not hear the engine , or feel all the potholes. Give me sheer comfort and quiet any day.
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    Oerheat Incident

    And that Ugly Lexus front...
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    Blue Diamond

    My MKX and Nautilus moving personal things from one to the other at the Dealership.
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    There shall be no agreement this is a forum and everybody is stupid...except me
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    Stupid Me

    Today is sunny and mid-50° here. I had to get a new Hydralic Jack from Harbor Freight because my old one is just past due for replacement and I need a good one to change oil on my Classic Cars. On the way home, I opened the Moonroof for the first time, arrived home, took the new Jack out of the rear hatch and closed it. I then put my Car Cover on the Nautilus, went inside and about 15 minutes later, the alarm was going off and my phone notification from the Lincoln Way App beeped as well. So, I figured maybe the big Cargo Package Matt had slipped back and the rear hatch hadn't closed completely. Checked that and pushed it forward a little and closed the hatch again, locked it up and 15 minutes later, Alarm going again. It seemed like the Sound was coming from the rear of the car, not like my MKX which had sounded like it came from under the hood, and not as loud as my MKX was, but anyway, I finally figured out I hadn't closed the Moonroof...like I said, Stupid Me!!
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    No worries I respond to just about anything including hey you, dummy, dickhead, etc.
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    Ordered today a Nautilus Reserve

    Stopped by the dealer to check it out and confirmed it's mine. Very pleased with Magnetic paint and Slate interior as well as the 21" wheels. Still finding it odd that it was delivered a month before its originally scheduled build date and was such a quick turnaround from the January 7 order date. I'm set to take delivery a week from today on the 21st when my existing lease expires. Sorry I only snapped a couple pics but it was parked between two other vehicles.
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    Oerheat Incident

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    Oerheat Incident

    I remember in the mid 1970s the Mercury division had commercials running showing a jeweler working on a diamond ring in the back seat of a loaded Grand Marquis Brougham, then doing the same in the back seat of a Oldsmobile 88. The commercial showed the quality of the ride , as well as how luxurious the one VS the other. (I am showing my age). Lifestyle shots are nice to look at, they do not drive home the virtues of the car. This is what Lincoln needs to do , exactly as you said with the Navigator VS the long in the tooth Escalade. Brand equity does go a long way also , and Lincoln must rebuild all that was lost after such a long time of mailing it in.
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    Oerheat Incident

    I am always amazed by how many RXs Lexus sells as well as How many XT5 Cadillac sells and how few Nautilus Lincoln sells. The Nautilus is such good value and an even better car than the others if you consider comfort and the quiet ride it has. If Lincoln would only step up there advertising to show the virtues of Nautilus The sales charts would look different. I remember the days when Ford compared the competition head to head in advertising. This is the advertising that is needed, not showing famous actors playing pool.
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    Ordered today a Nautilus Reserve

    Finally. Some good new on my soon to be built Blue Diamond Nautilus Reserve. Build date of March 23. Ship Date March 26. Landing at the dealer April 1. I laugh when my contact at the dealer said 5 days transport for 45 minute drive from the factory.
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    Couple or three nits

    After having a Nautilus loaner for ten days, I mostly loved it, but a few things were disappointing compared to my 2017 MKZ. No dedicated steering wheel heat button. The MKZ has one between the heated and cooled seat buttons. It took me a few days to even discover how to turn on the steering wheel heat on my loaner. Putting it on the LCD screen seems like an afterthought on the Nautilus. No dedicated air flow buttons for directing air to main vents and/or floor vents. The MKZ has them. On the Nautilus you have to go to LCD climate screen to select. Ambient lighting is much better on the MKZ. There are lighting strips along each door as well as above the glove box and instrument panel. These are very cool. I would have expected the Nautilus to have these strips. On the MKZ if you open a door while the car is running, the strip for that door turns red. Hopefully, these oversights will be addressed 8n the redesign in a couple of years. .
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    2020 Lincoln Corsair (MKC)

    It’s still a super nice vehicle. The Black Label won Ward’s Auto 10 best interiors award.
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    New Member - ThatMikeGuy

    Hello! I'm new to the Lincoln family. After having grown up with my father always purchasing Lincoln Town Cars (He owned an 86, an 88, an 89, and a 95), I've taken the plunge and just upgraded from my 2009 Volkswagen CC to a 2016 MKX Reserve - specific details about the model are below. I hope to be an active member of the community here and do my best to help as well as add value to the conversations being had. 2016 Lincoln MKX Reserve - Black Velvet 2.7L Turbo, AWD, Climate Package, Revel I Audio, and 21" Wheels (FWIW, swapping out the wheels for 18"s each winter). Thanks!
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    Hi Jeff. What can you do , sh... happens. I do get frustrated by it , yet it is only a car. Thank gd not a health issue. Either way I will end up a happy camper.
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    I am going to take a real close look at it when it arrives and see which option is the better of the two. Keep the entire installation in tact, or loose the hitch and have the notch. I am thinking the notch is not so bad , as many bumpers do have a notch . 10 days or so and we will see.
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    Blue Diamond

    This was when it was getting cleaned at the Dealer the day I bought it, and it took the cashier both hands to hold the check, since it was full payment.
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    Check Engine Light - Ford Engineering???

    I stopped by as they just completed the issue. Looks like the Nautilus has a faulty turbo sensor. They told me the car will be ready to be picked up on Monday.
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    Nautilus / early 2016 MKX comparison

    I could be more than that. When I said the same features, I meant the Lincoln Drive control (adaptive suspension). That was in the MKX as well. It is quite possible that Lincoln made other improvements to the Nautilus suspension that alter driving feel in a positive way.
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    Nautilus Dealer Trade

    80% of the Nautilus inventory at Landmark are AWD and all are 2.7 engines...no flatlander vehicles.
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    Ordered today a Nautilus Reserve

    The 2.0 gets the joint GM 9 speed converted to 8 speeds. The 2.7L gets an updated version of the old 6F55 with 2 more gears.
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    That explains it. Thanks. I forgot about that.
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    2016 MKX vs 2017 & 3.7 vs 2.7 question

    With no intent to appear confrontational, I suspect many common folks would feel that the 0-60 time difference of 0.5 seconds and 1/4 time difference of 0.3 seconds (Car & Driver) between the 2016 Acura MDX with a 9-speed tranny and the previous model with a 6-speed tranny to be something less than a "significant performance improvement".