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  2. Had my BLIS System checked at the Lincoln dealership on why my amber light is out in the mirror when a car is approaching me from behind on the drivers side. The dealer informed that the system is good, that the sensors on the drivers are working so they told me the harness from the drivers side mirror to the module needs to be replaced. Price for the harness without labor $2000.00. This is insane how expensive the parts are for the MKX. My MKX 2016 MKX just turned 90k miles. I replaced the 2 front struts and the 2 rear shocks, price for parts and labor $3200.00. It has the Continuous Control Damping Electronically controlled suspension. Wanted to replace my from LED headlamps, some scratches and one has a slight crack. Best price for two new OEM lens is $2500.00. I have seen the new headlamps for up to $4000 per side. Who in their right mind would pay $8000 to replace the LED headlamps. I can't believe the prices, they are crazily insane. Either that or a lot of scammers selling these Lincoln OEM parts.
  3. Hey guys, my 2016 MKX 3.7 Reserve with AWD, the yellow light for the Blind Spot Monitoring has gone out. When moving forward and have a car come alongside me on the driver side the light is out so not sure if the light is actually out or if it is the sensor behind the left rear wheel that may need to be replaced. Does anyone know about this or had the same problem? The BLIS light on the passenger side mirror still works when I have a vehicle on my right side approaching me from behind so the sensor on the right side must be working.