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  1. I have an unused set of Goodyear 17” snows with the right diameter for the 2017 MKX. 18” wheels are standard for the Lincoln, 17” wheels for the sibling Ford Edge. Offset and bolt circle are the same. Will 17” Edge rims give enough clearance for the brakes? Thanks for advice, Z
  2. Just acquired a 2017 MKX Reserve, which is great. But the seat has a fairly short cushion, and I have fairly long legs. I know the 22 - way seat alleviates this problem by allowing the cushion to lengthen. I have a line on a suitable seat from a salvage yard. Do I need anything besides the seat to make this work? Or is it essentially plug-and-play?
  3. 2.7 liter. 380 lb-ft of torque. At GM the engineers had a quip, “Horsepower sells cars. Torque moves cars.” So true.
  4. I have a set of unused 17" snow tires from my outgoing VW Touareg that I would like to use on the new-ish 2017 MKX if possible. The standard wheel on the MKX is of course the 18", and Tire Rack does not list a 17" ("minus-one") substitute. But I did notice that the contemporary Ford Fusion -- which the Edge/MKX is based on -- has exactly the same bolt circle (5x108mm), center bore (63.4mm), and offset, and does have a 17" wheel fitment. Has anyone tried to put a set of those on a '16 - up MKX or Nautilus? Does it work?
  5. Just bought a new-to-me 2017 MKX Reserve to replace my trusty-but-aging 2006 VW Touareg. The Lincoln seems equal in acceleration and superior in almost every other aspect, including ride comfort, cabin quality, noise suppression, sound system quality, and safety/tech features. And significantly better on fuel. The one thing I will miss is the towing capacity (the Touareg could tow anything; the MKX will be limited to the occasional U-Haul or boat trailer). The Touareg's instruments were also simpler and slightly more readable. However, the MKX is easily as good as any other comparable SUV available now. It was a close call between the MKX and the contemporary Cadillac SRX; the greater cargo capacity, the much better rear-seat space, and the features like the 360 camera tilted the field to the Lincoln. Overall, very pleased with the choice. The only Ford products I previously owned were a Maverick in my youth and a pair of minivans (Windstar/Freestar) in my early Dad years. This is a definite improvement.