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  1. Vic W

    18" wheels on a 2016 MKX Reserve

    With todays road conditions more sidewall in a better idea, at least around here. My wife has factory 20's on her MKZ and all are bent, and we are not aggressive drivers. Years ago it was common place to change to a smaller wheel and bigger tire with some vehicles. Bigger wheels may have a more aggressive look and better performance at +100 mph speeds but my more immediate concern is to get past these chuck holes with as little damage as possible.
  2. Vic W

    Blacked out grill (2010)

    Excellent, thank you. Do you know what the articles is referring to as a adhesion spray? It sounds like something other than a primer.
  3. Vic W

    2010 base audio

    So my question is what replacement speakers should be considered?
  4. Vic W

    oil changes yourself?

    I unfortunately agree with getting old. I have always been a Mobil One fan and am a big believer in fully synth. It is all I use in my Thunderbird SuperCoupe or my wife MKZ 2.0 T. However it is overkill in a non turbo or non supercharged engine. A synth blend exceeds requirements in most all cases.
  5. Vic W

    Blacked out grill (2010)

    I have seen a few special editions posted with grills that are black and look great. My 2010 is black with a silver/chrome grill. Can I paint this with black trim paint? Does it need to be sanded first for adhesion? Or is there a better way to black out the grill?
  6. Vic W

    2010 base audio

    A week ago I became owner of a 2010 base MKX. Far nicer than the jeep it replaced but less features than my wife's nicely appointed 2016 MKZ. I have no manuals and am learning this car. Radio has a 6 speaker system (so it appears) with a 6 inch in each door plus a tweeter in the front doors, adequate is a stretch. I don't know if there is an amp (no sub). Crutchfield in not particularly helpful, their site suggests 5 1/4 coaxial speakers and their online assist tells me bigger is better and a 6/8 coaxial is better. I am thinking a 6 inch woofer components with tweeter (maybe 6 1/2) would be a better choice. Being somewhat old school, I am thinking MTX or Alpine for an amp of approx 4 x 50 but I don't know what is current.
  7. Over the past 35 years I have owned several Town Coupes, cars, marks and Continentals. My wife currently has a MKZ. My recently stolen jeep has been replaced with a 2010 MKX as it seems to have the Lincoln comfort and the ability of a jeep. I will be looking to upgrade my stock lighting and possibly ad a light bar as well as tires with on and off road ability.