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  1. richy

    Damaged Wheel(s)

    Joe, I took it in about 3 days ago and received notification yesterday that Lincoln will be replacing them. I'm relieved I don't have to fight them on it!
  2. richy

    Damaged Wheel(s)

    Thanks Akirby. I'll be following this up with the dealer in the next few days.
  3. richy

    Damaged Wheel(s)

    My 2016 MKX was purchased new by me and was given the very best ceramic protection available to the paint, glass and wheels. In spite of that, one of the wheels has had the clear coat chipping off and at least one more is showing signs of damage. There has been no physical contact to the wheels (especially where the damage is located on the spoke). Has anyone had a similar situation and was the dealer co-operative or not? I'm expecting a battle on my hands for this..
  4. Joe, Does that mean that they will only come on if they were on when the ignition was shut off or does it simply refer to it is was the cooling or heating feature that was on?
  5. richy

    Side Sensor Issues

    I only get it when I'm entering my parking garage at work and it gets close to the side guard rails. Other than that, no false alarms.
  6. I always liked the idea of the Active Noise Cancellation. ANC is not new, but it is to MKX. The owner's manual does a really piss poor job of explaining how it works, other than using equal and opposite noise frequencies to cancel each other out. I understand the theory, but wanted some more practical questions answered. I emailed the Lincoln concierge and found a very helpful chap who researched my questions I posed to him and came back to me with the answers. My questions? For the active noise cancellation, does it work with the radio turned off? Does the volume level affect its performance? This is the information he provided: Rich, This is the response I got for the active noise control and how it works. It only works when the radio is off and there is no volume to worry about, the radio is off. Noise control does not use the radio it just uses the speakers and it does not produce sound it produces frequencies so there is no volume control. Yes ANC (active noise control) works anytime the engine is running and will not work when the radio on because the noise that is being cancelled is covered up by the radio. ANC is an audio system feature that eliminates a certain range of low frequency engine noise within the passenger compartment typically induced under wide open throttle or heavy part-throttle conditions. While the engine is running, all 3 microphones pick up certain frequencies and deaden the sound using multiple modules and then out through the speakers. Hopefully that clears up any question you folks may have had about ANC. It did for me.
  7. richy

    Horn chirping when locking car

    It sure as Hell honks loudly if you have exit the vehicle with it running and close the door! I have to remember to leave my door open when I exit the vehicle to go to my mailbox on my way home...scared the life out of me the first time!
  8. richy

    Diamond Blue

  9. I just love the Lincoln welcome mat light that greets me in the morning. I have been thinking of trying to get a picture of it. Here's a couple I banged off with the tripod of both my Lincoln and my wife's Explorer:
  10. richy

    Just joined.

    Sounds like dropping it fuk'd it up.
  11. richy


    Whatcha got for classics??
  12. richy

    Fixed A Problem With Manual Update

    The lady at the Sync help line told me it typically takes 3 weeks for an over the air update to complete.
  13. richy

    Fixed A Problem With Manual Update

    And guess what I did akirby?? Exactly like the instructions said...extracted the files. It specifically said NOT to extract them directly to the USB from the website. It specifically said that, so I did not. It said to download the file onto the computer and extract the files from there. That's exactly what I did. Exactly. When the files were extracted to the USB, that first level of folder showed up from the download and remained even after the extraction. Therein lies the problem. Had there been no HN1T folder, the contents would have been immediately accessible to the car. They were not. Hence the need to remove that folder that accompanied the files WHEN they were extracted to the USB from the computer. Got it??
  14. My 2016 MKX was running Sync version 1.0 and I needed to update. The Automatic (via wifi) update is a joke and was not working, or at the least, at a bloody snail's pace. I went on the website and downloaded the update. When I extracted it, the update was contained in a folder named HN1T-14G381-SA. I extracted that file onto my USB stick. When I loaded the stick into the USB slot in the car, it did not work. It just gave me a message saying "recognized device" or some such nonsense. I tried it in both USB slots. I took the stick back to my computer and looked at the site again. The file folder HN1T.. is NOT supposed to show, even though it does if you follow the website's instructions exactly. The fix was to open the folder which contained two files and one folder and cut and paste those to the desktop. Next I formatted the USB again and then cut and pasted those 3 files back onto the stick (Sync My Ride folder and two other files). When I plugged that back in, it updated the system as it should have. Nowhere on the Sync website does it tell you about this extra folder that it adds that makes the update not work. Be aware of that and how to overcome it. Cheers.
  15. richy

    2013 mkx speaker question

    No idea. My '11 MKX with the THX sounded great.