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  1. Richard Maccini

    Adaptive cruise control and 360 degree camera

    Hi all, does anyone know if Lincoln has plug and play options for the Adaptive cruise control and 360 degree camera? Two things I didn't care about, but now do. It's a 2016 MKX Reserve, so I'm guessing it's already wired for the options.
  2. Richard Maccini

    Performance Options???

    I know this is an old thread. I just picked up a 2016 2.7eb with 33k mi on it. Want a custom tune. Has anyone tried the Livernois tune and have reviews or results?
  3. Richard Maccini

    2016 MKX 3.7 Ecoboost mASSachusetts :-)

    2.7 Ecoboost. I don't see an edit button 😕
  4. Hi all, just bought a 2016 MKX with 33k miles from a dealer in PA. I pick it up next week. I'm hoping to learn something from you experienced owners. Anyway, I live in Westford,MA and work in Malta, NY. I just wanted to reach out and say hi. Do people even read these? Lol