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  1. Southerngravy

    Some recent updates

    So hit a snag on the wheel and tire package. Looks like another 4-6 month waiting period for the ones I want. As for performance options I am going to now start looking at a tune that I can switch back and forth from stock to custom when my wife wants to drive. I will keep this running with weekly updates if I have any.
  2. Southerngravy

    Some recent updates

    Good evening friends and enthusiasts. I have been going on a soul searching journey of my MKX. I have had it now for 3 years and in the past month I felt it was time for it to start to come out of its shell. Well x pipe was needed, still have yet to pull the trigger on the new mufflers because I kind of like a deeper throat of the 2.7 be getting rid of the resonator. I followed that up with cross drilled and slotted rotors to go with my wheels that come in next week. Along with the wheels, I ordered some HR sport springs to drop it ever so slightly on 22's. My goal in this journey is to see what will work and what will not work for my tastes, hopefully you all enjoy this process.
  3. Southerngravy

    Tire Wear / Replacing MKX Tires

    Mine just hit 35k Miles and I have had it since August of 2015, been to Florida and in and around DC a few so...
  4. Southerngravy

    Adaptive LED headlights conversion

    Well folks I can vouch for this "Adaptive LED" misquote by Ford/Lincoln. I receive a letter early 2016 that said that is was a miss-print, along with a few other things. This conversation was started in 2015 pertaining to the MY16's. I am still floored by them offering that as a sales pitch but hey I paid cash for mine so I guess I'll deal with it. I originally bought it for my wife who then gave it to me, for which she got real "Adaptive LEDs" in the 2017 MDX. So here is the original conversation starter, enjoy. http://lincolnmkxforum.com/topic/777-hate-being-stonewalled/
  5. Southerngravy

    21" Wheels - Clear Coat Flaking Off

    Same as CBALA, had 3 messed up Lincoln replaced all 4.
  6. Southerngravy

    Apple CarPlay Upgrade Help

    So this may sound obvious but did you have Sync 3 with your 16? Mine came with My Lincoln Touch. So did they change out the whole system or did yours comes with Sync 3 2.0?
  7. Southerngravy

    Digital Speedometer question

    I complained about this last year when I became an early adopter of the vehicle. It was said in the owners manual to have the feature then Lincoln would later say that it was a typo and not a feature intended for the vehicle. Like many have said before, once you've had this feature its hard not to want in on a modern day vehicle...
  8. Southerngravy

    Performance Options???

    Maybe its because he doesn't have one of ours with a somewhat performance oriented engine.
  9. Southerngravy

    Performance Options???

    Well I was hoping to actually hear a little exhaust vice the quietness of our 2.7 Don't get me wrong I understand that the market Lincoln was aiming for was a little more upscale, but listening to the SQ5 at the light next to me had me thinking that a throaty exhaust is definitely needed. As for the CAI, I know its an easy install especially from AFE and maybe K&N. I am looking into Livernois(I might have spelled that wrong) and possibly something from AFE for tuning. Either way just wanting a choice.
  10. Southerngravy

    Performance Options???

    So I've had my 2.7 Reserve now since August 2015. With the sellback of my 13 Passat TDI complete I have about $27,000 to play with, well not really just maybe $7000 really to play with. With that said is there still no aftermarket performance option specifically designed for the MKX 2.7 AWD and Edge Sport? I remember asking this about a year ago around this time and there were still no real viable options. All Im looking to do is CAI and Catback Exhaust.
  11. Southerngravy

    New Warning To All Ford Ecoboost Owners!

    Yeah these videos are old news, saw this a few years ago and it has always been an issue with turbo engines. With that said this is not the case with Ford/Lincoln Ecoboost engines of recent. The 2.7 built from CGI material and ports have dual injection, one to cool and the other to ignite, thats why compared to V-8s they get the same power just at terrible V-6 economy imo.
  12. Southerngravy

    Wheels are taking a Beating

    LOL, this guy lol.
  13. Southerngravy

    Nav not Working Anymore

    So I picked up my MKX from the dealership and everything was fine. Well 30 minutes into my drive I wanted to check for traffic and my Nav screen would come up. It says to insert SD card. Im like, did they take it out? Well no its there but Nav isn't recognizing it, so I take it out, stick it in take it out stick it in and so on for about an hour. Then I read on another site to do a master reset, so I do and still "insert SD card" is on the screen. So before I go back to the dealer, anyone have any bright ideas???
  14. Southerngravy

    Wheels are taking a Beating

    Well this thread took a sharp left turn. Update I received the replacement wheels last week, but as most of you have said, this doesn't bode well. No I am having new issues since picking up, like Navigation not recognizing my SD card so I have no Nav now?.?.?.?.?????
  15. Southerngravy

    Lincoln Loaner reviews

    Recent swing by the dealership netted me a 2017 MKC 2.3 Reserve. Took long enough to get one, just to change out my peeling wheels.