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  1. JohnnyMN

    Transmission Clunking

    Following this, as I am also experiencing the hard shifts from P to D in my 2019 Nautilus. Scheduling a dealer service appt and will mention the TSB. Thanks for the heads up on that.
  2. My previous vehicle was a Mercedes Benz GLC300. It also had an app that also had a navi function, and I could send a destination to the vehicle, without being physically tethered, so when I fire up the car it’s in the navi and ready to go. Since the vehicle is internet connected it seems that having to physically connect phone to the car to do this is a clunky step to have to take. I might as well use CarPlay and Google Maps then. But I wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something in app or vehicle setup or usage that was causing this to need to be done. To me this is a function that should be possible, but evidently it isn’t, making it a feature gap that Lincoln should close IMHO.
  3. When I’m in the Lincoln app navi and try send a destination to the vehicle navi, the app is telling me I need to connect my phone to the vehicle via USB. That seems ridiculous and render that feature useless, so this makes me feel like I’m doing something wrong. Is is possible to do this without physically connecting the phone?
  4. JohnnyMN

    Only primary phone connecting

    Both my wife’s and my phones are defined and paired to the vehicle, with hers as primary. It seems that only the primary phone automatically connects; if the primary phone is not present my phone is not automatically connected, and I must connect mine manually. I find this annoying and lacking functionality. Is this normal behavior?
  5. Just took delivery this week of my very first Lincoln, a 2019 Nautilus Reserve, 2.7T AWD in Ceramic Pearl. Previous vehicle was a 2016 Mercedes GLC300. Decided we wanted to go a little bigger and glad we did; really loving it so far. Looking forward to learning all the tips, tricks, ins and outs from you all!