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    I found this forum with Bing... does not mine your system like Google.
  2. Thanks for the reply. Also 72 here... wow! where did the time go? My MKZ has 0 headroom and I'm not tall (and shrinking with age ). That's good information, looks like a good '15 or earlier would fit my needs... and budget. Any suggestions on options I should look for? I'm not sure what the different designations mean (like reserve or sport model) Thanks to all with help.
  3. Hi, I'm an older driver with a 2012 MKZ living in the Southeast US. My XYL (ham lingo for wife) keeps bumping her head getting in and out of the vehicle. She's also a bit cramped in the passenger side. To give you an idea of what I'm up against, she loved the room (and everything else) in our older Ford van. I love the MKZ but as I get older it is getting harder to load and unload a month of groceries in and out of the cooler in the trunk. I'm looking for a 2015/16 MKX. After looking over the repair records and the forum, I'm moving toward the 2015 but haven't made any decisions. I sat in a 16 at a local dealer but no 15's close to look at. Can anyone tell me if there are any differences in front seat room between the two years? Any other comments or advice between the 15/16 or older models welcome. Thanks to all