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  1. I have a loaded 2016 MKX Black Label. The car has the automatic windshield wipers. You don't have to touch them, they come on & off when needed. The problem that is driving us crazy is that when the wipers are in pulse-wait-pulse mode the wipers will randomly jump to the fastest speed possible and stay there for several seconds. Then it returns to pulse mode. The dealer has told us that the system is not throwing any fault codes so there is nothing they can do...... They claim to have called Ford Corporate and spoke to an engineer that said there was no known problems with the system. Anyone else have this issue with their Ford? Was the Dealer able to fix it? If so, what did they replace? Dan
  2. That little button is so small I didn't see it. Kinda obvious now.... Good info on the double tap neutral button, didn't know that either. Thanks guys for the info, Dan
  3. I am a very happy new owner of a 2016 Lincoln MKX Black Label. It was a short term (12 month) executive lease return with 11k miles on it. I live in the Chicago suburbs and a lot of salt is used on the roads here. So I like to run through the auto car wash with under spray every chance I get (temps above freezing). My only problem is that I can't figure out how to make the outside mirrors fold in during the wash. I am afraid of damaging them. Is there a way to electrically fold them in? Maybe something in the settings? Or does it not matter that they get beat by the rollers? Dan