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  1. Drove to dealership and purchased as per the manual so not to take chances. Wise advice, thanks Robert. Chris
  2. Thanks Robert. I was looking for the auto shop over the counter substitutes as I'm not handy to a dealership.
  3. My 2011 MKX is in need of a power steering fluid top up. I don't have time to run to the Ford/Lincoln service garage but can pick up power steering fluid at an automotive store nearby. There seems to me to be a mystery as to what I can use other than special Ford Motor Company fluids. Is there something I can use such as Automatic Transmission Fluid or a Prestone power steering fluid that is safe?? Thanks
  4. pepper

    Learning the Ropes.

    Noticed on the sticker reference to ambient lighting and have seen reference to color choices. How does one know if their vehicle is capable and if so how does one do that??
  5. pepper

    Matte White MKX

    Looks great and all it takes is imagination and the nerve to follow through. Well Done!!
  6. pepper

    Learning the Ropes.

    Thanks I was able to get the window sticker and quite impressed with the many options added to the vehicle. It has the Sight/Sound, Cargo Accessory, 20 inch wheels, Trailer package and the surprise to me of the wood package. Listed up here in Canada at $54,230. I purchased this year 2014 with 78,000 km. for $24240. It's a joy to drive and I find myself much like the chap in a Honda commercial I saw some time ago who was always looking for an excuse to go do an errand.
  7. pepper

    Learning the Ropes.

    Thanks will give that a try. Have a good one.
  8. pepper

    Lincoln Ownership Manuals

    Thank you Carr142. Appreciate you taking the time to assist.
  9. Being a new owner of a 2011 MKX which was lacking an owner's manual I have spent a number of hours studying what I can find online. What I find is a lot of promotion information on features but little that provides simple instructions on how to take advantage of these impressive features. Perhaps this is just me but although very impressed with my MKX I still find myself searching for simple answers to questions like how do I set favourite radio stations. Is this just me or is there something that I'm missing?
  10. pepper

    Learning the Ropes.

    Armen please check the link you posted as it did not work. Thanks
  11. pepper

    Learning the Ropes.

    Thank you Armen ... will do!
  12. pepper

    New proud owner 2011 MKX

    Congrats to you. Just purchased my 2011 MKX 3 weeks ago and love every moment I drive. Good acceleration, smooth ride, great look and so many features I'm still in the learning phase. Enjoy!
  13. pepper

    Dedicated snows

    Good looking set of wheels. I changed mine over today using the winter 18 inch Cooper Weather Masters from my Santa Fe on a new set of black wheels. Having been driving the 20 inch Pirellis I actually found the ride smoother but a slight bit noisier. Will post a picture of this look soon.
  14. pepper

    Learning the Ropes.

    In buying used I have found a lack of information with the vehicle. I had no second key, no code for the door locks and no manuals. Now into my third week of ownership I have through local dealer acquired a second key and key fob, the code for the door locks and spending much time online a fair amount of reading material oh the "how to" of the many features of this fine machine. I traded a very good vehicle in a 08 Santa Fe Ltd. for this 2011 MKX and have found it one of the nicest vehicles I have driven. When I say that one must note that being retired and having two friends with large dealerships I can be kept very busy driving vehicles for them. I enjoy that and have driven everything from Hummers to Mercedes, Acuras, Audis and everything in between. I have no interest in trading my MKX as it suits me very well even though I'm sure I have only mastered a percentage of the features it has to offer. I believe my MKX has the Elite package as it has the 20 inch wheels, nav., panoramic sunroof, blind spot with cross traffic and the most incredible sound system. Living in a snow belt area I have ordered 18 wheels with Cooper winter tires to assist the equipped AWD. I have no real point to this posting other than providing some background on how low my knowledge base is and notice that I will as time passes have many questions for those of you who have been kicking the tires of an MKX for some time. Anyway if you read all I have submitted in this post I thank you and will be seeing you around the forum site.
  15. pepper

    My Lincoln