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  1. careercadaver

    A/S Tire Recommendations

    In the past I'd always run A/S tires on Subies and an Audi S4 I had for a season (similar AWD set-ups). Both got around fantastic in the snow...even lowered (4" or less ground clearance). This past winter, however, I had a set of tires fail me...slid for over 30ft on icy level pavement at 25mph when someone locked up their brakes and collided with them nearly totaling my car. After looking up reviews on these alleged A/S's I would never put that tire on any car that would see snow again...they handled great in wet and dry but Yokahama Avid Envigors are possibly the worst tire I've ever ran in that circumstance...I instantly opted for Bridgestone Blizaks and the difference between any A/S tire I had driven on was night and day...cornering improved, comfort and the added peace of mind was a nice addition as well.
  2. careercadaver

    A/S Tire Recommendations

    Blizzacks are great! I have them on my Subaru for the winter months...I don't, however, have a second set of wheels for the Lincoln...so I'm gonna have to stick to an A/S here in MI.
  3. careercadaver

    A/S Tire Recommendations

    Looking for tire recommendations/reviews for the MKX. I'm in Michigan and we get plenty of inclate weather. Any impressions good or bad would be appreciated!!
  4. My wife and I are looking at a 2011 Lincoln MKX to replace her 2008 Grand Cherokee Limited. Wanted to touch base and see if anyone could point me toward an FAQ section for the vehicle or pre-purchase questions thread. If such a section does not exist I do have a few questions... Any issue with the engine/drivetrain? I have read that the trans can be a bit "finiky" and could use some elaboration. Any SYNC issues I should be aware of? Anything in general I should watch for with this year? Tire recommendations? I am told tires are marginal. I will be replacing right away and wanted to see if anyone has recommendations on tires in either 18's or 20's as I'm not certain what it has on it. Thanks in advance for any responses. Your time and input is appreciated!!