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2018 MKX no radio audio and volume control

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Hello. We bought a 2018 Black Label MKX. After three days the audio went out and nothing would change the volume. Let set for an hour started and it was working. Happened again 2 days later. Audion goes out suddenly volume shows 9 but will not change. So far it hasn't come back on yet. Did soft reset twice (Power & FF). Haven't done hard reset. Anyone have an idea?


Need more info?




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I know that Ford had a problem with 17/18 radios which had problems with speed compensated volume problems. The fix was to have a dealer hook ul his scan tool and download a software fix. Yours may be a related issue. 


There are several reasons that come to mind for the volume to be silent.

1. Head unit going through a download to update. On mine this happens around once a month, but usually lasts less than 2 ninutes. Posdibly the radio is stuck in a download?

2. Head unit switched to another input port (is switched into USB input, no audio until its present through USB input). Is anything plugged into any USB  port? 

3. Head unit thinking its getting input from phone. As its used, try removing preexisting connections from previous owner. (Unrelated, remember to remove old door codes).

4. Try hard reset. Pull fuses #10, 28, 32 & 33. Leave out for several minutes. Or, disconnect vehicle battery for a few minutes. (This will reset all vehicle modules, may take a few minutes of driving for them to relearn car).


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