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Hi From Calgary

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I own a 2013 MKX with just over 116,000 Kms., purchased in summer of 2014. Has been an excellent vehicle so far. I've regularly changed all fluids and filters  (except power steering) including the AWD transaxle fluid....aka PTU.


Other work I've performed:


1. Replaced drivers side AC/Heat module (car would continually only blow cold air). Not a fun job as it's tight under the drivers side door well.

2. Some corrosion repairs done by Lincoln dealer (replaced hood, right rear passenger door jam near top (minor) and rear hatch (minor). Subsequently have had Krown Rust control applied every 2 yrs....and no further issues.

3. Upgraded front brakes with Power Stop slotted and drilled rotors and ceramic pads. Excellent upgrade over stock! Pic below. Will do rears soon.

4. Replaced both outer tie rod ends.


I plan to hold onto this vehicle, and hope to help, and be helped in this forum. 👍


This past summer, I detailed the engine bay for the 1st time since I owned the vehicle. Really impressed at how well it turned out. Here's a before and after:





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That is absolutely a Calgary-winter-dust before picture. ;) 

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