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2017 MKX Oil leak-recurring

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We've had a problem getting an oil leak located and repaired at the Lincoln dealer where we bought our 2017 MKX. As a result, we've taken it to the other Lincoln dealer in our area. The first location replaced the gasket at the oil pan, and then when that didn't fix the issue, we took the car back to the same location and the oil pan gasket was replaced again and additionally the gasket on the front cover was replaced.

With the leak still occurring, we have taken the car to the other dealer- they say that they located a leak at the rear main seal- we are expecting to get the vehicle back in the next day or so.


Has anyone else experienced an oil leak in their '17 (or close) MKX? If so, how did the repair go? I'm told that it's possible that all 3 seals could have gone bad at about the same time; although I'm not a Lincoln mechanic, and also have no experience with MKX's and oil leaks, I am having a hard time understanding the chances that that scenario could occur, but because I have no experience or knowledge in this area, I'm not discounting this idea.


I'd appreciate hearing from anyone who has experienced an oil leak(s) in their MKX. Thanks very much! 

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Main seal leaks are pretty rare even on higher mileage vehicles.  Is it possible the oil wasn’t changed on schedule or that it ran out of oil?


There was a problem with the 2.7L oil pans on some vehicles.

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akirby, Thanks very much for the reply, and for the info that it is pretty rare to have a main seal leak, and the info on the 2.7 L oil pans.  (we have the 3.7 liter) We have had regular oil changes. Got the vehicle back a couple days ago, (Lincoln Dealership) and they said it was the rear main seal- and so far, no more leaks. I know I mentioned the recent attempted repair history in my original post ( 12-28) but will mention again, that this was the second Lincoln dealer I took the car to for an oil leak repair. I gave the first Lincoln dealer (where we purchased the car) two different "tries" on fixing it- they replaced the oil pan gasket each of the 2 times it was in, and also replaced the front seal once during the 2 times it was in. To me it appears they missed the leak at the main seal- and I do understand that often it is not easy to find the source of the leak. I think the only other possibility is that there was a leak at both the oil pan and front seal during the times it was in at the first location, and somehow between the time i stopped taking it to the first dealer and the time I took it to the second dealer, (about 2 weeks) a leak started at the rear main seal. I'm not a mechanic, and despite the fact that I know nothing about oil leaks, this "only other possibility" seems a little ridiculous to me.

I think they just missed the leak at the first place. Both times. Thanks again.

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