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battery light back on

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my 2007 mkx has 68000 miles. the battery light came on and the car started shutting down soon after. put in new battery and 2 new alternators and new belt. multimeter said 14.5 volts.  set for 8 hrs  and

battery light came back on and now11.2 volts.   ant ideas? thank you

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Check to ends of your battery cables for corrosion and tightness (not just at the battery). 


It may be possible that a parasitic drain is killing the battery. One way to confirm is to put an VOM (set to amperes) between the positive terminal and positive lead. Its ok it it draws a few milliamps, say 50 or less, but if it's drawing an amp or more, you have a parasitic drain killing the new battery. (Could be intermittent).


Also remember that the power points are hot at all times (incase something is plugged in). Have you installed any aftermarket electronics or did any rewiring? 



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