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2013 MKX Front speakers not working...

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This is my first post and this is also my first Lincoln. Love it, such a nice ride!


However I can't seem to get the front speakers to work, there is absolutely no sound, fader is set to center, if I go all the way front there is no sound at all. Rear speakers and sub work fine.

I have upgraded sync to latest firmware, no change, did a master reset, no change, checked the amp fuse, it was fine, but changed it anyway.


Please help me, any advise is highly appreciated.


Thank you

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There is a hidden MyLincoln Touch menu thats used to perform a diagnostic test on the AMC (or Audio Control Module as Lincoln refers to the radio).


1) Turn on the Car (accessory mode, not running).
2) Select FM radio mode.
3) Hold down the Right Seek & CD EJect touch buttons together (until the screen changes).

You will hear a test tone as the system tests each speaker individually. (14 speakers). 


If the front speakers still do not operate, the most likely cause is a bad connection or broken wire.

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