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Fusion wheels will fit on a 2016 MKX!

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I did a whole lot of searching around on this subject and couldn't find any good answers, so I thought I'd share for posterity's sake.


Right now several Fords run the 5x108 bolt pattern - 2015-up Edge, 2016-up MKX, Fusion and MKZ, 2012-up Focus. They also have the same 63.4mm center bore. Offsets are all very similar for the 18" wheels, 52.5-55mm, close enough not to matter.


I like using factory wheels for snow tires - I think they're probably stronger than most dinky aftermarket wheels, I think they look better than most aftermarket wheels, and they're available for cheap as plenty of people don't agree with me on point 2.


In theory these wheels should easily swap vehicle to vehicle. However, the cars use a 12mm wheel stud while the SUVs use a 14mm stud. After quite a bit of searching, I found that it's fairly common in the VW world to drill out 12mm wheels to fit on 14mm studs, so I figured I'd do that if I needed to. If I lost too much of the taper by enlarging the hole, I'd get a 60 degree countersink bit and get some back.


So I grabbed some 18x8 wheels from a 2018 Fusion for $300 and brought them home.




I measured the bolt holes and they were already 16.5mm. I offered it up to the MKX and found that it fits! The bigger MKX lug nuts still work great, no problems with clearance or getting a socket on there.




Now I'll be able to run a reasonable 18" snow tire this winter.


Oh, and if anyone has the 20" Black Label wheels:




I'd trade my perfect 21" set with brand new tires straight up!

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I get a good deal on Bridgestones, so I'll be going DM-V2 on the MKX.


I ran 17" WS70s on our Edge and driving in the snow felt like it was on dry pavement. Unfortunately the WS series doesn't come in the right aspect ratios for an 18" SUV tire.


The DM-V2 performed well vs the iG51v. https://www.tirerack.com/tires/tests/testDisplay.jsp?ttid=205

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Probably my next set when I get my next Nautilus (waiting for next generation).



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We're happy with the MKX, but I am jealous of the Nautilus gauge display and the new 8-speed transmission. Neither would quite be worth the $25,000 premium though!

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From what I have heard on the Edge/MKX  forums, you might be disappointed with the 8 speed auto.  In essence, Ford inserted a new 2nd gear (without changing the other gears) and added an overdrive gear to the 6 speed auto to get the 8 speed.  The resulting gearbox has suffered a number of erratic shifting issues.

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2016 Ratios:



2019 Ratios:



  MKX Nautlius
1 4.48 4.48
2 2.87 3.15
3 1.84 2.87
4 1.41 1.84
5 1 1.41
6 0.74 1
7   0.74
8   0.62
final 3.39 3.65

You're right, the new 2nd is between the old 1st and 2nd, and 8th is a second overdrive, the other ratios remain the same. But they also changed the final drive ratio from 3.39 to 3.65, which would have the effect of making the vehicle feel much peppier given the same ratios, and the closer 1-2-3 would really help it crack off the line. Instrumented tests are showing the Nautilus a few tenths faster to 60 for the same power, proving that point. The extra overdrive counteracts the higher numerical final drive, putting 70mph at 1800rpm vs the 6-speed's 2000rpm. EPA ratings are up 2mpg for all highway/city/combined, extolling the virtues of more choice of gear ratios and lower RPMs on the highway. Sounds like a win all around.


My experience with the 6F50 has been low speed clunkiness, sluggish shifts, and general confusion about what gear to be in. Thankfully the 6F55 in the MKX has been much better so far. No doubt the new trans could have teething issues, but the 6F50/55 is 15+ year old technology that Ford has clung to for far too long while other automakers have gone to ZF 8 or 9 speeds and thoroughly thrashed Ford's acceleration and fuel economy numbers. The Acura MDX with the ZF 9 speed has three rows of seating, better towing capacity, and an NA 3.5 V6, rated at 45hp and 113ft-lb fewer than the 2.7TT - but it is just as fast to 60 as the MKX and gets better fuel economy. What good is all of the complexity of the twin turbo setup if you're getting outrun by stock NA Acuras that are also getting better mileage?

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Winter wheels are on! I bought these TPMS sensors, part number F2GZ-1A189-A. I had them mounted up at the tire place and had some Blizzaks put on the M3 at the same time. I could fit all four bare wheels in the trunk of the MKZ at one time, but with the tires installed, I could only fit a single wheel in the trunk, so I had to put a couple in the backseat of the M3.


Goodbye stock 21s.




I started swapping the wheels over, only to find out that the trunk of my MKZ wouldn't open, which is apparently a thing that happens.




And the only manual release is actually inside of the trunk. I did the battery disconnect sequence recommended in the owner's manual but it didn't help. I had to just pound on the button for a while and finally the trunk popped open and I could get the MKX tire out.


Tires installed, they're a 245/60R18 Blizzak DM-V2. 




I dropped the car back on the ground and torqued the lug nuts. Then I used this TPMS-19 programmer to teach the car the new sensors.


Immediately I noticed a decrease in steering effort vs. the 265-width 21s. The snow tires are definitely a bit more squirmy when turning, and there's more noise at highway speeds, but they're smooth and the car rides great. I did find a hill covered in solid ice to test them out, I'll have to post that video. It clawed its way up the hill pretty well, and the traction control actually let it get quite a bit of wheelspin after a few seconds. When the trans shifted to second gear, it really seemed to take off.


Pleased so far.

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