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2017 MKX learns new trick Instrument Cluster Reboot

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The sync3 reboot problem was joined this morning for the first I have noticed by an instrument cluster reboot. :kookie:


Started the MKX and pulled out of my parking space.


About 90 seconds later stopping for a red light the entire instrument cluster went black for what seemed like a week but was probably 3 to 5 seconds. :sos:


It came back on with trip 1 still on the left

The right was back to Select where it had been on navigation.


Anyone else had the pleasure of experiencing this one? :stirpot:

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Run your instrument Console information and diagnostic program, and recover any codes stored.


Don't know exactly about your MKX, but on my 2009, key off, hold both the RESET and SETUP keys, then turn the key to RUN (not to start). Instrument cluster starts in Diagnostic Mode.


From there you push the SETUP button to cycle through all of the various readings. What your looking for is the CDC screen. Record the codes it recorded and take it to your dealer. (There's a LOT of screens, so don't give up too soon).


I believe on your car, instead of turning a key, you push the START button without placing your foot on your brake to enter the run mode.


I can't figure out what the majority of the various screen values mean, last I checked I had no codes and that's all I really needed.



Afterthought: Right now there about a hundred Edge's and MKX instrument cluster tests going on.

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