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Found 2 results

  1. Aquadoc

    Loud whining noise

    Hey guys thanks for letting me in. We need a support support group for sure. I have a question. ..... With my AC or heat on, i accelerate and there is a terrible winding or whining sound until i hit cruising speed. Kinda sounds like an old siren winding up. Doesnt do this with climate control off. 2 years its been doing this. Any ideas? I jave a video of the noise but cant figure out how to post it here. Thank you.
  2. kalmack

    high pitched whine

    We love our 2008 MKX, but the high pitched whine is horrible. On the Edge forums many folks have this same problem and it seems to be the fuel pump. Does Ford have a redesigned fuel pump to solve this problem or is A NAPA fuel pump different and not whine?